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Jul 4 13 2:55 PM

I tell you this. i am a domestic violence survivor and although I thought about killing him at times I chose not too. the key word here is chOIce. Susan wright had a choice aND SHE CHOSE TO MURDER HER HUSBAND INSTEAD OF GET OUT. YES i FEEL FOR HER BUT i AGREE IF SHE EVER GETS OUT BEWARE TO ANY ONE WHO PISSES HER OFF. SHE'S TASTED BLOOD NOW AND COULDN'T STOP BEFORE SHE WONT STOP AGAIN.

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Dec 23 15 7:33 PM

Susan Wright

You said you were abused but did not kill. Her mother lied first time round saying she wasn't abused but in the second trial she says she was after he was dead. The thing is she stayed married all her life and not once had the idea to stab him 193 times, taking a break to put her son to bed before saying were was I , oh 156,157,158 -193. I would have given her 45yrs and no parole.

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