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Dec 4 11 6:17 PM


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Dec 9 11 11:16 AM

Michi11..what did you have to gain by testifying? Did Susan really piss you off enough to have you come and testify against her in court.?? If you didn't want to testify then why did you? Really? I think YOU being on the stand was just a fishing expidition..

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#26 [url]

Dec 19 11 1:47 PM

Ok I have followed this new re-trial and am saddened to find that she didn't get less time and/or probation. All you negative nellies out there 1) learn how to write English and 2) mind you own business! I'm from NY and when a man pulls that shit cut his balls and nuke them! I hope she gets parolled in less than 3 years...

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#27 [url]

Dec 20 11 9:36 PM

I am interested in the letters she writes, I got one from her yesterday and the many posters talk about her asking for money. She has not asked me for this in her letter. Read more about her from another poster saying she tidy her cell up and is bi and cooks for the rest that on her block by the money that she gets from her tricks, even though she most likely gets money from her family.

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#28 [url]

Jan 1 12 2:36 PM

There is no need to make ugly comments about Susan Wright and any other felons who committed crimes. The Justice System is in place for us to trust them to do what they can do according to the state and/or federal laws. People do change every day. I am sure Susan Wright acknowledged her actions and asked for forgiveness to enlarge our future.

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Mar 17 12 6:47 PM

I searched at write a prisoner for the link and there now is none. It costs 40 bucks a year to maintain a profile on the "write a prisoner site," perhaps the inmate has no longer paid for her information to be on the site. PATSY

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#31 [url]

Apr 9 12 10:27 PM

I have written her once and have received one letter from her. The letter I received was relatively short but was cordial. She did not mention anything about prison life or anything about her case. Of course, I hadn't asked her about it in my initial letter. She invited me to write her back which I did. So far, I haven't received any other letters from her.

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#33 [url]

Apr 20 12 6:43 AM

yeah lol I also was in a TDC cell with her...she's crazy as hell....and I didn't even know who she was at the time but after meeting her in person there is no way in hell i believe she was even abused at all! She is a manipulative liar

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#34 [url]

Apr 20 12 6:49 AM

huh???? REALLY??? wow did u just say and I quote "after raping her and her father combined"??? wow really need to get true facts versus alleged accusations straight in your head. Meet her in person. Just go to Hobby Unit and meet her. I have. Trust you will get a real feel for just how crazy she is and you sure won't be saying any of this bs to defend her

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#35 [url]

Apr 20 12 6:51 AM

she gets money from her family yes...but also from male pen pals of which she has many...mainly she just wants visits not sure why but it seems to be some kind of infantile psychological complex she has to appear "popular" while in prison somehow

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#38 [url]

Apr 20 13 5:30 AM

If she were simply manipulative and "not even abused" as the poster who did time with her claims; she'd have plotted a much more sneaky & savvy way to kill him. Furthermore, he had a prior arrest record of assault on a former girlfriend and another came forward later and told that he brutilized her for all the time they were together. So a leopard doesn't change his spots. He clearly abused her. It's what he did with every woman. Yes, 193 times was overkill, but fear does a lot to a person. Also remember he was high on coke; so revved up enough that she probably kept stabbing until he stopped moving. No doubt he was a threat and dangerous.

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#39 [url]

Jun 14 13 3:28 PM

I was also in prison with her I worked with her in laundry she has a wife named Sam n laughs at the way Jeff died she is cold n crazy very flaky n not very smart she thinks every girl at hobbie wants her....ewwwww she is sick

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