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#41 [url]

Dec 16 11 11:46 AM

I have to respond to all of the posts from "shesnobatteredwife" - just to let you know that you don't know what you are talking about! I don't know if she's guilty or innocent - what I do know is that I was in an abusive marriage for years (both physically and mentally) - and first off - I have albums of "smiling" family pictures - so YES - you can "fake that stuff" - you have to! Also - you repeated a couple of times that an abuser would NEVER let themselves be tied up - well....I beg to differ - when an abuser is using drugs and has all of these sex fantasies - then YES they will let themselves be tied up. You seem to know a whole lot about NOTHING!!

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#43 [url]

Dec 16 11 2:17 PM

Its a little hard to believe that it was self defense, especially considering that she buried him in the backyard and tried to clean up the mess she made killing him. Also, her son interpreted her mid-murder. Why didn't she call the police then, if she supposedly "came out of it". There.are witnesses that said that she called him, yelling at him. A battered wife wouldn't dare do something like that cause their terrified of their abusers, I know this cause my father abuses my mother. The fact is she lied to the police at the start saying he left after they fought. So you can't believe what she says cause she was trying to get away with what she did.

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#44 [url]

Dec 16 11 2:26 PM

A reply to shesnobatteredwife about this statement: "Tell me, since you claim to be an abused wife, do you have smiling family photographs like she does? No probably not. You see NO PAIN in any of those faces...An abuse family can't pretend that well." I grew up in a home with abuse, I wasn't abused but 2 members of my family were for years by another in the household and there are pictures like they show here, smiling/happy. Some people forget how abusers are. I got into an abusive relationship when I got older (thankfully got away from it) but after the abuse happens they do everything they can to make you think they didn't mean to and it won't happen again etc. Also, as a victim myself I know I believed him when he told me that, and sometimes people force themselves to shut down those things that happen. But THIS woman, with what she did there is something wrong here. She was mentally unstable before this I'm sure, whether from the abuse or just in general. To do that much to someone is sickening and I can't believe she got such a small sentence. I just hope his family can find some peace and the children will be able to grow up healthy and not have this lead them down a dark path. My prayers to his family.

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#47 [url]

Jan 3 12 8:44 PM

She is the greatest human being who ever lived and she should be treated as a hero. In fact, all women must follow her example and murder their husbands in cold blood (while torturing them with a slow painful death). No woman should ever go to jail for killing her husband or any man for that matter because abuse is an absolute justification! In fact, she should be rewarded by the State of Texas with at least $500,000.00 per year for the rest of her life. You simply can't understand unless you have been an abused woman. Murder is totally acceptable. It is a crime that she is spending any time in jail. Jeff Wright's entire family (only male members) should be tortured to death as well because Susan Wright has had to spend time in jail. That is an outrage!

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#48 [url]

Jan 7 12 3:42 PM

r u 4 real?    there wasn't any proof she has been abused, none.    "The greatest person that ever lived." ????? this must be a joke your trying to stir people up.  If not, your nuts.......


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#49 [url]

Jan 11 12 12:50 PM

Yeah,but couldn't she simply have left him? How about divorce? How about telling mom, friends or other family members about the abuse she said she was suffering? It appears that something's not quite right here.

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#50 [url]

Jan 19 12 10:34 AM

Anyone who says that Susan was not a battered woman don't know anything about domestic violence and abuse. The battered woman will not advertise her abuse, but will do the opposite, hide her abuse. In fear of retaliation and shame. In addition, the abuser's family usually minimize the abuse or are in complete denial, just like the Wrights.

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#51 [url]

Jan 19 12 10:52 AM

The abused person does not have to have a black eye everyday for us to know that she/he is abused. Many abusers know where to hit so it won't leave a mark. For example, punch the abdominal or the back. Also abuse occurs in different forms not just physical (verbal, mental, emotional, financial, sexual...) You are a prime example why domestic abuse and violence is not discussed openly.

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#52 [url]

Jan 19 12 5:07 PM

Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged! and Let Him Who is Without Sin Cast the First Stone


  Unless, or until you've walked a mile in my shoes.. don't cast your biblical quotations at me, or those like me who were abused.

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#54 [url]

Mar 4 12 10:14 PM

Honestly i think shes not guilty. People dont understand what its like to be abused she was SCARED of him thats why she didnt tell anyone, id do the same thing she did. Ive been abused by my father and by my ex boyfriend. I was just as scared as her it makes you so insane if mine kept going like it did, hell id kill my husband too if it was THAT bad as she describes hers. Self-Defense. yeah her face and smile makes her look guilty but shes prob confused and cant imagine what just happened and what she did she acted on pure hate and Adrenalin she had to prob kill him before he killed her.She was protecting her poor kids. Ugh... But nobody knows the truth except her so i guess we will never know. tho it is good shes spending a little time in jail to pay for what she did. If you went through all that suffering and beating youd do something about it if she simply ran away he could easily find her and kill her. think about what YOU would do in her position. prob the same thing.

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#55 [url]

Mar 4 12 10:17 PM

he would find her and kill her either way when your being abused its hard to get away. Apparently youve never suffered. They hide in fear and if they leave god knows what he would do to her. She would be the dead one.

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#56 [url]

Mar 4 12 10:27 PM

If you read , you will find that after her trial they found his ex-girlfriend of four years. She testified to continued abuse from him too. They took away five years of Susan's sentence after this. I'm not saying she was justified but pictures don't show abuse. We never know what happens behind closed doors. I really think the fact that she stabbed him so many times shows that she was angry and maybe scared. The human mind can do strange and awful things.

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#57 [url]

Mar 4 12 10:33 PM

I myself am a victim of DV. My son's father was verbally, emotionally, and physically violent. I suggest anyone who hasn't experienced such a horrible situation to be involved in check out a book called Men Who Hate Women and the Women Who Love Them by Dr. Susan Forward. This might help some people understand WHY women don't want to speak up about abuse or run away from it for good. To people who haven't been in this type of situation it seems so easy to say "Just do ________ (fill in the blank)". Fact is it's just not that simple.

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#58 [url]

Mar 4 12 10:37 PM

I lived in an abusive home--my stepfather used to beat the crap out of my mother; he decided to shoot her one night. She ran out the door, so I stood between him and the door for over an hour with a loaded rifle pointed at me trying to talk the gun away from him. He finally went to bed. I got my mother and young siblings and left. I was 18. If I could have killed him--I would have. My mother wouldn't let me.

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