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#21 [url]

Dec 9 11 12:52 PM

Sounds like you are projecting your feelings on to this case.  Seeing children smiling in pictures and the couple acting as though they are happy, happens frequently.  Keeping family secrets are part of the family's job.  Keeping the secret alive and reinforcing family behaviors happens.  Just like Susan's husband tried to hide his drug abuse and financing it through robbing their own accounts.  There were many secrets that no one knew about, this isn't surprising.  The truth is, we will never really know what happened in their marriage, but just because it finally came out in re-sentencing phase, doesn't mean it didn't happen.  Just saying.....

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#22 [url]

Dec 9 11 6:09 PM

this serves a very good point. there is perspective from both sides, and perspectives are not always reality. drugs confuse the matter further. overall, right or wrong what happened, truth behind her story and his untold story, and i mean this in a nonjudgmental way... is the fact that the children will also maybe have a better life if this had not happened. fact of the matter is that, and the reality of the extreme matter will effect their young minds as well.

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#23 [url]

Dec 9 11 6:14 PM

there is alot to say about her testimony close after what really happened. read what she actually said, about not actually understanding or knowing what she did fully, the truth of what she did, almost as if she had 2 personalities. many mental disorders happen from a part of a person splitting off because the person has lost their voice. i think it would have been nice if she had plead insanity and doctors spent time, without drugging her up, figuring out her actual problems and seeing if she could be their mother again, instead of these children now having to be raised by others for 20 years. does the crime fit the punishment?

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#24 [url]

Dec 9 11 11:19 PM

Funny how when a woman commits bloody vicious murder it's because of the men in their life. Why can't women ever take responsibility for being just plain evil? There is no excuse for this kind of torture. Wow.

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#25 [url]

Dec 10 11 12:08 AM

Wrong....................he was tied to the bed if she was so scared of him this was the perfect opportunity to get away why didn't she just leave? why did she leave out the room and come back in and continue to stab him? If things were so bad why no one ever seen any signs of abuse? No bruises. No scratches. No black eyes nothing?

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#27 [url]

Dec 11 11 6:44 AM

This woman was NOT abused!!! She is a cold-blooded murderer! IMO, she killed Jeff because he was going to leave her! Just finished watching the re-sentencing trial on TRU TV...this woman is evil-looking! In fact, I have never seen a more controlled, conniving, sinister looking murderer - she has the look of a serial killer! It's her eyes - cold, cold, cold!!! It's a shame that she wasn't sentenced originally to life without parole - she really is a menace to society! The mother is also a liar!!! She was never 'abused' - she just hates men!

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#28 [url]

Dec 11 11 9:48 PM

first off you are a idiot if u think u know what happened! know one was there except her so stop acting like you know for a fact that she was NOT abuse. because YOU DONT KNOW!!!!

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#29 [url]

Dec 12 11 4:09 AM

Millions of women (and men) are abused not only at home but at the workplace where most of us spend most of our time. There is no excuse for verbal or physical abuse. The problem is getting management to realize what is happening and doing something about it rather than waiting until the bully feels untouchable. Management is to blame when several people voice concerrns over verbal abuseand they do nothing. This situation damages not only the abused but the abuser shoots him/herself in the foot by the complete devestation of morale in the office, destruction of the desire to do a good job/be productive, apathy toward their job, and often complete destruction of one's self esteem and ultimately, downright fear.

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#30 [url]

Dec 12 11 11:29 AM

It's sad that she used d.v as her excuse because to many woman are really abused and do snap but not in that manner. She premeditated this murder and scared people don't plan on taking out there abususer they snap during the abuse she is a murderer. Children are aware of d.v and her child claimed they never fought if she was beaten repeatedly as she said someone would have been able to corrlaborate that allagation no one backed that claim up. Why? She was hit and Beat as well as scared of him but she killed him instead of leaving him. She left once why didn't she just leave again. He didn't beat her when she left that time. Why were the cops never called she killed him and then defamed him and used his kids as a tool to help her story by saying he was abusing them she made him out to be a monster. I'm sure he wasn't an angle but he didn't deserve death. Me n my wife both have been involved in d.v n drug use n we are both baffled as to why she received a new trial.

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#31 [url]

Dec 12 11 12:22 PM

Are you really that illiterate and gullible... first of all the statement was that the dog had unburied his arm and because of this it appeared as if he was trying to get out.. and You really believe that they fought so intensely that he allowed her to tie him to the bed... This bitch needs to stay in prison for life!!! There is always another way out, she was just lying the whole time!!!

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#32 [url]

Dec 12 11 1:40 PM

There is a gaping hole in her narrative of the events surrounding the murder. She claims that he came home and knocked her to the ground. She said that he was kicking her "in the stomach". She was very adamant that he was kicking her stomach. Why? Well, she was pregnant, and she knew that people would be more likely to accept her story if she had been a "hero" and was protecting the baby. The problem with that scenario is that it doesn't coincide with Jeff's personality and her prior pregnancy. Clearly the inclusion of this piece of information was included to engender emotionally charged support for her actions. "She didn't kill him because she was hoping to get out of the marriage and get the insurance money. No, she killed him because she was afraid for the baby." It reveals a scheming mind. If I had been on the jury that would have settled it for me. She asserts she was a victim of abuse, and yet she has absolutely no supportive evidence of it occurring. As someone else noted, this "I was an abused woman and I reached my limit" has become the new song of females killing males. The other aspect of the crime that is telling is her job as a stripper. I believe that she was severely abused as a child; more than likely a male relative. Her work in the sex industry, the S & M scene with the murder, and the crime itself. She stabbed him 193 times. EXTREME overkill. Clearly there was a whole truckload of unprocessed anger that she had been carrying around for years. She hates and resents all men, not just her husband. Somehow she was triggered and she stopped being "nice" and thought "okay, enough is enough" and Jeff was in the wrong place at the wrong time. What that particular trigger was will probably never be known. Remember, the only witness to the home environ is Susan. I think maybe, after living with her and putting up with years of passive aggressive behavior, Jeff was going to divorce her. She saw this as another man who was taking advantage of her. In extreme abuse cases, when the victim grows up sometimes they become obsessive about their appearance and in this case, this would explain the fixation on cleanliness and the house being perfect all the time. It wasn't Jeff that wanted this, it was Susan.

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#33 [url]

Dec 14 11 10:58 AM

There is no 'equal protection under the law" when a man's past can be talked about after he is murdered; but a woman's past can not be mentioned after she's been raped. It is disgraceful the way Jeff Wright was tortured in his life, and maligned in his death.

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#35 [url]

Dec 15 11 8:35 AM

Men who beat women need to realize that when they have had enough, a womans justice will come unexpected. Just like all the times they beat them for no reason. They are afraid, broken down, torn apart and burised over a long period of time. The men create the violence in the women when they mistreat them this way. Then everyone is surprised when the woman takes action. Its not like the cops or the court will prevent a man from harming his wife. If that were true she wouldn't have killed him. She knew nothing would be done if she called the cops. Just like every woman in the U.S. knows it. And because of our court system and lack of care to protect these women, this man is dead. The blame lies in many places and not with the woman. This womans story is true. Anyone that's been beaten this way or works with abused women would understand everything she is saying. She shows no signs of lying and even the cover up makes perfect sense. I hope he rots in ----.

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#37 [url]

Dec 15 11 10:08 PM

I met Jeff Wright on 3 or 4 occasions as he sold me flooring for my home. The first time I met him, he was so excited about the birth of his son. He talked with me at length about his "family" and how happy he was. A couple years later when I went back to his store, I reminded him how he was so excited about the birth of his son. He immediately wanted to share his pictures of his second child, a daughter, and talked all about his family -- even his mom and dad. He was a very nice person who respected his parents. When I had a problem with the people installing my wood floor, Jeff came out to the house and even though it cost him money, he made sure the job was done right. He might have somewhat abusive especially because the autopsy said he had cocaine in his system, but I can say that he loved his family and I don't believe for a second he "beat" up on his kids and her story is just too unbelieveable, her tears are fake, and he did not deserve to be tied up and cut into pieces. Especially when the medical examiner said there were "nicks" around his genitals and hot wax. She was cruel and was in her right mind. She did not have the right to do what she did. She deserves jail!

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#38 [url]

Dec 16 11 6:45 AM

The lady is lying 2 get away with murder there is no reports/evidence 2 suggest that her husband was the monster she claims. she has lied n has selective memory 2 suit herself. If up 2 me life without parole

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#39 [url]

Dec 16 11 10:26 AM

he was tied up is what gave her the opportunity to get back at him when he couldn't beat the crap out of her. you weren't there and none of you can judge her. she is the only one who knows. i was abused for 13 years and if given the opportunity in the right situation could see this happening exactly the way it did. but i wasn't there either.

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#40 [url]

Dec 16 11 10:28 AM

I just can't think of any other reason for that much rage... and unless you are a psychiatrist then you cannot understand rage either. you can beat me all you want to and i'll take so much, but don't mess with my kids.

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