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Jan 1 09 2:01 PM

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1997 - Susan Wright, former waitress (according to 48 hours tv), former topless go-go dancer, had met Jeffrey "Jeff" Wright on a Galveston, Texas beach.

"He smothered me with kindness. He would call two or three times a day. When he was around me, he would bring flowers and little gifts and stuff. He was very sweet.” 

When Susan was eight months pregnant with their first child, they married.  

Susan Wright claims that the abuse started then, that Jeff became "controlling, demanding, everything needed to be perfect. Their child needed to be clean and quiet all the time. The house had to be spotless, the laundry done, the cooking done." Wright claims that Jeff began to "beat her after smoking pot. This was a side he'd never shown her while they were dating."

A friend overheard Susan Wright castigating Jeff over the phone for not filling out and filing his insurance papers in a timely manner, which delayed the process.

Jeff Wright had pleaded guilty to drug possession and had assaulted a former girlfriend.  Susan Wright was at 18, a topless dancer.

  By all accounts, the marriage had its ups and downs.




The Wrights had been married 4 years and during that time had another child, a daughter. During this time Susan told her family that she was the victim of spousal abuse. She left once but returned. She never filed a complaint with police. 


Jeff Wright came home from a boxing lesson.  Susan Wright would later state that Jeff had been very high under the influence of illegal drugs. That Jeff had play boxed with their son Bradley. That the child came to her crying and told her that Jeff had hit him in the face after he got mad that he (Bradley) didn't want to do it anymore.

Wright states that she put the children to bed and spoke to Jeff about getting help for his drug use and his anger. She also states that she gave him an ultimatum. He got help or she would take the children and leave.

Susan Wright stated that Jeff became enraged and had "pushed her to the floor, kicked her repeatedly in the stomach, then dragged her to the bed and raped her."

 “He threw me back against the wall and he grabbed me by my arms and shook me up against the wall and then punched me in the chest. He made me feel like it was my fault, because I didn’t have a right to tell
him not to touch his son.”

She testified later that after he raped her, she heard her husband say "Die bitch" as he was hovering over her with a knife. "Driven by self preservation and maternal instinct" she was able to shove her husband aside and grab the knife in a frenzied struggle. She claimed that she "stabbed him over and over again out of fear he would kill her if she stopped."

She stated that their son "Bradley knocked on the door, and she stopped stabbing him. She was covered in Jeff's blood, she put on a robe, hid the knife, and opened the door. She went to the child, reassured him things were all right and put him back to bed."

She returned to the bedroom and continued to stab Jeff Wright. "I stabbed him in the head and I stabbed him in the neck and I stabbed him in the chest and I stabbed him in the stomach and I stbbed his leg for all the times he kicked me, and I stabbed his penis for all the times he made me have sex when I didn't want to." "And I couldn't stop because he was going to kill me and I couldn't stop." 

 “I was terrified because he was gonna kill me. I knew the  second that I stopped he was gonna get the knife back and then I was gonna be the one that would be dead. I was terrified. I was panicked. I thought that as soon as he woke up that he was gonna be mad and I had to get him out of the house.”

Susan Wright claimed to have moved Jeff's body out to the backyard by use of a work dolly "so he wouldn't fall off."

“I was so scared. I thought if I put him there and put some dirt on him that he would have a hard time getting out to come after me. I sat on the sofa waiting for him to get up and I watched all night, waiting for him to come back. 



At court a CPS caseworker testified and the jury viewed a video of Bradley Wright, age 4, being interviewed by a social worker. On the tape Bradley says "his father had "hit him four times in four days in January." (The month Jeff Wright was murdered.)  He also told caseworkers he "had never seen his parents fight."

Susan Wright, aged 27, lured her husband Jeff Wright to a romantic evening in their bedroom with the promise of kinky sex. She tied him to the bedposts with his bathrobe sash and neckties. Evidence of candle wax was found between the scrotum and his upper inner thigh, and the wrist and ankle ligatures were still present when the family dog and then Police dug his body out of the ground.

Once he was tied to the bed posts, Susan Wright used a knife to cut his genitals with superficial nicks and slashings. Then in a murderous frenzy, she repeatedly stabbed Jeff Wright in the eyeball, in the mouth. in the ear, and obliterated his facial features with cuts. She stabbed him so hard, a tip of the knife broke off and stayed in his skull.

During the stabbing frenzy, their young son Bradley came to the bedroom door because of the commotion. Susan Wright stopped stabbing Jeff, went to the child, (presumably bloody) and returned the child to his room, reassuring him that everything was fine.

After the brief respite, she returned to the bedroom and again began stabbing Jeff Wright over and over again. It took time and energy it took to stab him that many times. Even after he was dead.

The Medical Examiner testified that Jeffrey Wright had been cut from head to toe.  The tip of a knife was found buried in his skull. There were so many stab cuts that many overlapped each other. The Medical Examiner testified that Jeff Wright was stabbed more than 200 times. He had been stabbed 46 times in the chest, 23 times in the neck, 22 times in the stomach and seven times in the groin area. He had one significant stab wound in the back of one shoulder. There were also abrasions on the skin from his body being dragged.

The ME testified that the autospy did show that Jeff had ingested and was high on cocaine at the time of his death and that the stabbings had continued after Jeffrey Wright was already dead. He testified that each of the injuries inflicted would not have by themselves caused death instantly. Nor was there indication that Jeff had lost consciousness during the ordeal.

Thus Jeff Wright would have suffered a slow, painful and lingering death as he bledto death, unable to defend himself. 

Jeffrey Wright had been tortured to death.



Susan Wright attempted to cover up her bloody deed.

Jeff Wright had already dug a hole in the back yard in preparation for a garden fountain. Susan Wright dragged his body from the house across the stone patio to the edge, into the backyard and dumped it into the hole and placed his body in a sitting position and then covered him up with potting soil.

During the next week:

Susan Wright drove to the store.
She entered the store. She shopped for bleach and paint.
She drove home. Unloaded the bleach and paint and brought the items into the house.
Wright began to clean up the room and paint the walls.

It took time and energy to alter the scene of the crime, especially as there was still blood everywhere when investigators inspected the scene.

Wright cut and removed a part of the carpeting on the bedroom floor. She took apart the bed frame. She dragged or carried the bloodstained bedframe out into the back yard.She dragged or carried the bloodymattress out into the back yard.

Later she obtained more potting soil and placed it over the body. Investigators later found another stack of potting soil bags in the truck.

Wright removed the outgoing message with Jeff's voice from the answering machine.

She then proceeded to clean out their joint bank account.

Presumably the children asked for daddy, and Susan Wright spun them some tale.

Susan Wright protests that "she wasn’t trying to cover up a crime. The house always had to be perfect and everything had to be in order and straight and neat. And it wasn’t."


 2003 - January 15 - TWO DAYS AFTER THE MURDER

Susan Wright began to implement a cover up.

She told her friend "Jamie" that "she and Jeff had a terrible fight and he had stormed off." Jamie advised her to "call the police and file a report, and change the locks on the house." 

Wright drove to the police station to file and press charges against Jeff Wright for child abuse not only against herself, but against their two children, Bradley and Kaily.

Law Enforcement Officers had no reason to doubt her claims since they had no further information, nor were they able to speak to Jeff Wright.

Susan Wright had sustained cuts on her hands and bruises on her legs and  while killing Jeff Wright, and those injuries were photographed at the police station. "Deputy Scott Hall "She was very believeable to me, very believeable. She had bruises on her arms that were consistent as to what she said had happened. I thought she'd been assaulted and that she had a legitimate report she was making. I had no reason to suspect anything else." The deputy photographed her injuries.

A warrant for Jeff Wright's arrest was issued.

However, Susan Wright was uncooperative. She provided no information to LE where Jeff Wright could be located, where he had gone when he "left the home" as she stated. She didn't provide them information as to where Jeff Wright was employed or any other contact information,, friends, etc.

Harris County Family Violence Investigator, Scott Paul "She said things in the marriage were not working."  

Susan Wright completed the paperwork and applied for money from the crime victim's compensation fund claiming she was a victim. 

 Susan Wright never filed any abuse claims with Police while Jeffrey Wright was alive. 


Wright began telling her family that "Jeff had been angry after he'd "beaten her" and had taken off in a rage and left."

Then she phoned Kay Wright, Jeff's mother and told her that "Jeff had beat her in a violent tantrum and had stormed off. She told her that "Jeff was severely abusing cocaine, borrowing thousands of dollars to pay for the drug habit, causing them to be behind on their bills."  She stated that "Jeff wasn't going to his job very often."

The Wright family phoned Susan trying to find Jeff, but they also phoned her mother Susan Wyche. Then they would compare what they'd learned from the two women and decided things weren't adding up.
 2003 - January 16 -Jeff Wright was fired from his job when he hadn't shown up for work for three days straight.

                                            FIVE DAYS AFTER THE MURDER
The dog smelled his master under the loose potting soil and began to try and dig him out. The body was stiff but the dog managed to get a hand and arm, trying to pull him out. In trying to do so, he chewed off one of Jeff's hand's. He uncovered other items in the hole and dug those out too.


When it was apparent that things weren't going to go quite her way; that questions were being asked that she couldn't/wouldn't answer, and that Law Enforcement wasn't just going to take her word and leave it at that, Wright finally confessed to her mother.

Of course, perhaps seeing the corpse of her husband sticking out of the hole with his arm outstretched as if he was trying to get out, sans a hand may have freaked her out too.

Susan claims that "she had a horrible feeling that something was wrong, and talked to her mother about it."She asked if I killed him, and I just put my head down,” At this point, nothing was making sense to me."

"It happened in the bedroom and the kids were in bed." "Mama, it wasn't me. I snapped. I was up there and I saw somebody do it, but it wasn't me."

She continued to maintain that Jeff had been brutal with verbal and physical abuse and that was the reason for her killing him, in self defense.

Wright was promptly bundled off into a mental health psychiatric ward by her family and an attorney who had been engaged. Neal Davis, the attorney stated that "Susan needed help because she appeared to think her husband was still alive."

2003 - January 18 - Susan Wright's Attorney Neal Davis was noticeably shook up when he contacted the DA, having seen the body. He provided the DA with the Wright's address and information that a body could be found there, while safeguarding his client's rights and interest.  “All I did was write down an address on the back of my business card. It said "there’s a dead body at this address, and I can’t say anything else."

Law Enforcement drove to the house and discovered that the family dog had partially uncovered Jeff Wright's body. Officers quickly figured out that the body was of the Jeff Wright who Susan Wright had reported as "missing and as an abuser."  Jeffrey Wright's body was positioned in an almost seated position. The way his arms were positioned it looked as though he was trying to pull himself out of the hole. One arm reached up from the dirt without a hand. Officers soon found a knife, covered in dried blood, that was missing a tip.  
The bedroom still looked like an abbatoir, there was so much drips, drops and splatters of blood.
  2003 - January 20 - Jeff Wright's employer was informed of Jeff's death.

  Wright's family found out about their son and brother's death via the news on the internet.


Law Enforcement couldn't speak with Susan Wright because a) they didn't know where she was b) she had an attorney who didn't let them speak to her.

2003 - January 24 - Accompanied by her attorney, Susan Wright turned herself in and was arrested. She did not cooperate with LE in the investigation.

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#2 [url]

Dec 1 11 11:44 AM

This is crazy. I have never heard of this crime, but after reading this, I feel sorry for her. She was so used to being beat, raped and mentally abused that she finally snapped. When you black out you are aware of things around you, like her son coming into the room, but she was so scared that he was going to come back and get her that in her mind she had to make sure he was dead. They are saying it was an over kill, but from what this said he was still trying to get out. He wasn't dead so she didn't kill him. Yes she was the cause, but I guess you would have to be a victim of abuse to understand the will to survive.

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#3 [url]

Dec 2 11 8:18 AM

Domestic Violence will be the killer of men. Every time a women does not get what she thinks she deserves she claims domestic violence. The system is so bias, it allows men lives to be ruined based solely on allegations. I truly feel sorry for the women who live in these nightmares but this broad wasn't one of them. She should be punished like any man would be if they did those things. These social workers love to try to prove a point. If any person who believes this stuff isn't bogus look at the Mary Winkler case. These laws need to be changed bottom line. I have no sympathy for the dangerous women.

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#4 [url]

Dec 2 11 1:26 PM

To the guest who posted at 3:18PM on December 02......You can't say this woman wasn't abused, because you don't know what happened in her marriage. No one knows what really happened except two people, her and her husband. And he's dead and we will never know if she's telling the truth because if it isn't true, she's going to lie to keep herself out of jail. If it's true, I feel sorry for her. I know what it's like to be abused and to live with someone who's angry all the time. I am no longer in a sitution like that, but it's something you will always carry with you. I also know there's women out there who would claim abuse to get themselves out of trouble and out of jail. We will never know what really happened in this case.

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#5 [url]

Dec 2 11 3:44 PM

Domestic Violence will be the killer of men. Every time a woman does not get what she thinks she deserves she claims domestic violence.


On a general note this "is" actually a problem. A friend of mine experienced that her lawyer suggested that she should claim abuse in order to get custody. She fired him right way of course - however I have a feeling that this may be a not too uncommon strategy. Apart from being highly unfair to the men in question it's also a smack in the face of actual abuse victims because it dilutes this very serious issue.

Apparently the consequences for this kind of misrepresentation isn't serious enough...

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#6 [url]

Dec 5 11 4:43 PM

Think about it, what would cause a previously non-violent mother to have THAT much rage? Being abused, that's what. He would have killed her eventually, so it's self defense.

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#7 [url]

Dec 6 11 8:17 AM

I don't understand how someone can be found innocent when the victim was killed so brutally. If she was so abused before, why did she never say anything to anyone at any time. Furthermore, if she was not herself or insane at the time of the killing, why did she have enough sanity to try to hide the crime by burying her husband. I believe she killed him for her own selfish reasons, and became overwhelmed with the cover up and tried to plea or cry abuse!!

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#8 [url]

Dec 6 11 8:43 AM

She is NO battered wife! The kids are not abused either. She is lying and a cold blooded murderer. Look at the relaxed smiles on all those faces, this does not happen in a abusive home. She deserves to R.I.P. (rot in prison) for being selfish and murdering her childrens Dad. She is an insult to ALL women and children, a DISGRACE to the battered women everywhere, Hopefully someone in prison, will see through her OUTRAGEOUS LIES and administer justice! She does not ever deserve to walk amongst people in society. Im sure her family LIED for her when they said she left him once, and returned without making a police report. I hope her demons haunt her for the rest of her life. I PRAY Jeffs family has the children....

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#10 [url]

Dec 6 11 8:53 AM

I totally agree! This was not a battered wife, if anything, he was brow beaten. One person overheard HER  being condescending toward him, a battered wife would NEVER do that! I know, from experience...
This is for guest poster from 02 December 2011 10:18 AM

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#12 [url]

Dec 6 11 9:18 AM

Think about it, what would cause a previously non-violent mother to have THAT much rage? Being abused, that's what. He would have killed her eventually, so it's self defense.


The rage comes from being selfish and catered to her whole live. Tell me, since you claim to be an abused wife, do you have smiling family photographs like she does? No probably not. You see NO PAIN in any of those faces...An abuse family can't pretend that well. Those kids were never abused by their father. I'll go one step further in saying, SHE ran that home, and things weren't going the way SHE WANTED them, so she killed Jeff, so she would end up with what was left. 
 She wasn't drug tested, cuz she hid from police, long enough for it to leave her system. SHE was on a cocaine binge. She could have made Jeff ingest cocaine while he was tied to the bed. He was TIED TO A BED, did you hear that? DEFENSELESS....

 And finally, an abuser would NEVER allow his victim to tie him to a bed....

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#13 [url]

Dec 6 11 10:43 AM

she snapped over 200 times. abuse is never ok. i know domestic violence can lead to.devastating outcomes,but, to stab your husband repeatedly and then to take a break to usher your child back to bed only to continue to stab him is unthinkable. i cant feel sorry for this woman. my heart goes out to these poor children who lost their father in such a devastating manor, and now have lost their mother. i feel no sympathy for her only because of how she covered this up. she obviously knew right from wrong.

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#14 [url]

Dec 6 11 6:16 PM

anyone who thimks this crazed killer was abused in an IDIOT!!!... iam offended and disgusted. i was truely abused. i was fearful of my husband,and never called the police. however friends and neighbors called the police anonymously. my family called the police every time they seen me beat up. the police would take pitures make a report.same thing would happen when he would beat me so bad i would be admitted to the hospital. i always lied about how i was injured. my husband was mentaly,physicaly,and verbaly abusive he has been in prison sense 2008 for his acts of violence towards me. severe abuse does not go unnoticed!!!!!!

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#15 [url]

Dec 7 11 9:37 AM

Wow, another Casey Anthony only this time it's an adult who has been tortured. She sits there all meek and homely looking, compared to the earlier trial when all she did was smirk and flirt with the cameras. What a transformation. Let's see, she stabbed him 293 TIMES? This woman has anger issues for sure. And her mother's testimony was a fake farce. Sure mom, tell the jury what YOU want them to hear. I hate trials like this..

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#16 [url]

Dec 7 11 10:41 AM

You don't snap 200 times. If she was really that scared and in self defense mode she may have reacted and stabbed him.Then snap back to the reality of what you just did and call the cops, get help. 200 times though? Get real! Tied to the bed? THAT'S NOT SELF DEFENSE! I've known people who have been abused, and you see it on the expressions on their face in "happy family photos". This woman needs to stay in jail. She ripped a family apart, and brutally murdered him. Abused or not, stabbing a tied up person over 200 times=GUILTY.

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#17 [url]

Dec 7 11 11:21 AM

I was a victim of abuse and had two children with my abuser as well. I was physically, mentally and emotionally abused by him. But rather than kill him, I left. This is not a self defense case. It is straight up murder.

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#18 [url]

Dec 7 11 10:41 PM

I'm still asking     How is this in self defense? he was tied up.    I think he was going to leave her, or he said something that pissed her off, after the sex  and she killed him.   She's creepy,  she sits there in court looking so innocent and sweet, not buying it.


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#19 [url]

Dec 8 11 10:23 AM

Im a male.Grew up with an abusive father until my mother chased him out of the house with a knife.I spent a lot of time with a cousin and his wife.They were a good influence on me.If not for this couple i might have been an abusive husband and father.

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#20 [url]

Dec 9 11 12:45 PM

Having heard what happened as the case unfolded was very surprising.  I believe that people who are continually abused act the way Susan Wright acted.  There are many cases in which the marriages where murders take place have a secret life of violence.  I think the drug abuse, and robbing their account to pay for his drugs is a poor sign that what she spoke about really happened.  Hitting your child in the face several times shows that his father was not self-controlled however, very controlling I'm sure.

Kind of reminds me of the case where the pastor was killed by his wife because she was abused by her husband, but she got off to raise their children.  I think this is much the same thing that happened to Susan.  The brutality of the murder illustrates the fear that Susan was experiencing that she thought he would come back to life.  I think her treatment of the crime scene was not the work of a premeditated crime and just doesn't make sense.  Like no one would recognize a body in a sitting position in the backyard would go unnoticed.  She is coming a part at the seams long before the death of her husband.

His workplace never even sought to figure out where he was but fired him, speaks to his lack of work ethic.    Susan Wright doesn't seem bothered by the sentence she is now serving, I think, because even in prison she is safer then she was at home.


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