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Jun 30 16 12:24 AM

TO POSTER NAMED: shesnobatteredwife

Rather than say anyone with your opinion is ignorant, let's give you all the benefit of the doubt and say that, if you researched and understood domestic violence; the infinite responses to it a human can have, especially a female; trauma; the fragiliity of the human mind and the ways it will respond as a protective measure, you would be able to cognitively evaluate and assess the situation intelligently.  But, spewing such disdain, disgust and hate when you have no understanding is not only a useless, colossal waste of time, but, unfortunately, it really does make you appear as ignorant as I'm unwilling to say you are.

Please people, before you run around spewing all your hatred and harsh judgments, make an effort to gain some useful knowledge.  You might be surprised at what it can do for your perspective.  The last thing the U.S. needs are citizens unable to engage in refinement of thought and precise thinking.