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Dec 12 08 3:20 PM

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 Source: Seattle Times May 2001

Steven Sherer was convicted and incarcerated for the crime of murdering his wife Jami. Jami Sherer's body has never been found. Although Sherer has appealed his conviction, he will remain in prison serving his sentence.

Paying $80 for the ad, and submitting three 1998 studio portraits that show him "neatly dressed and well-coifed," Sherer placed the ads through prisonpals dot com.

"If you're willing to take a chance and look past the charge I'm being held for, which I did not do, then write me and let's see where this goes."  "My main goal for doing this is to meet a companion or a very close friend.

"What can I say to make you believe that I'm a good person despite the reason why I'm being held in prison?"

 "I'm a sun and outdoor type of guy" who loves sports and his son. Seek an attractive and honest woman who isn't very religious and has "no sexual hang-ups."

"So now it's up to you!. I hope to hear from you soon."

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Mar 26 11 2:09 PM

Steven Sherer had been sentenced to 60 years in prison. However, under the persistent
offender law, two convictions for the murder of his wife, the attempted murder charges
stemming from Sherer arranging to have his mother in law Judy Hagel's home burned
down, with her and Jami's son in it; and a felony assault charge from 1987, Sherer was
sentenced to more time.

Steven Sherer now will spend the rest of his life in prison.

According to book "When the Husband is the Suspect" by F. Lee Bailey and Jean Rabe,
"Inmates at the penitentiary had reported that Sherer repeatedly told them that he strangled
his wife because she was going to leave him, and that he hid her remains."

APPEALS: All of Sherer's appeals to date have been denied.

February 2008, a Federal Judge in Seattle Federal Court scheduled a hearing to
explore the issue of why some evidence reportedly uncovered by a tracking dog
after Jami Sherer disappeared wasn't introduced at trial. Sherer and his lawyer
believe it's powerful evidence, enough to prove his innocence.

Since Sherer is also serving time for the attempted murder of Judy Hagel and his
own son any reversal of his murder conviction won't get him out of jail.
However, it would remove his third strike which he hopes would enable him
to be a free man one day.
As of January 2009, I have been unable to find anything that provides the results
of that hearing in February 2008. I seriously doubt Sherer was successful.

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May 4 14 12:15 PM


Just saw the case on 'On The Case With Paula Zahn'.

What a coincidence, when they put another group of police detectives on the case few years after Jami's disappearance, they suddenly get witnesses saying: "Oh well I saw a shovel laying in Steven's car, spoke to him about it and he said 'You could easily get rid of someone with it' " and "Oh well I saw a large blood stain on their carpet". What a complete nonsense.

Steven, I still think you're guilty and should be nailed in jail, even if it's only for being an abusive husband. Little shit.


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