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Dec 12 08 2:45 PM

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David Temple's motion for a new trial.
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Jul 6 10 9:05 PM

2010 - January 13 - David Temple Fights For Appeal - Judges to rule in 60 - 90 days.
                             Three years after his conviction David Temple's appeal of his life
                             sentence goes before three judges of the Harris County Court of
Brian Wice (Legal Analyst & attorney to convicted murderess Susan Wright)
"DeGuerin is essentially asking the panel to buy what the jury did not three years ago.

"Anytime you make the argument in front of an appellate court that your client is not guilty,
it's an awfully tough sell. After listening to Wednesday's oral arguments, the chances of Temple getting his conviction overturned is not likely. I think, ultimately, David Temple needs to plan on spending the better part of his natural life in TDCJ."

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