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Dec 8 08 7:28 PM

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Debora Green is currently incarcerated Topeka, Kansas, CF-Central
Maximum Security Prison, having been convicted of: Intentional, Premeditated
murder of greater than 1 person; Aggravated Arson; Substantial Risk of Bodily
Harm; Attempted Murder in 1st Degree; Attempted/Intentional/Premeditated Murder.
September 2010 in Kansas prison                  October 2008 in Kansas prison
                        Debora J. (Farrar) Green at trial.
Debora resumed her prior married name of Green after divorce.

1996 - June 6 -  Debora Green began her sentence after copping an Alford plea deal for:

Count I, the capital murder of Kelly Fararr, aged 6;
Count II the capital murder of Timothy Farrar, aged 13;
Count III aggravated arson; County IV, the Attempted First Degree Murder
 of her then husband, Cardiologist Dr. Mike Farrar;
Count V, the attempted capital murder Kate Farrar, aged 10.
In response the prosecution dropped the death penalty.
Green was sentenced to  two concurrent 40 year prison terms without
possibility of parole & other concurrent sentences.
                                        PAROLE ELIGIBILITY

Parole Eligibility: November 21, 2035

                                      DEBORA J. GREEN

Green had a volatile nature. She'd always been that way. Intelligent, aggressive,

she knew what she wanted and went for it. An Engineering Degree is what she
coveted. But when she achieved it, she was told that Engineering jobs aren't
that many. So instead of finding out for herself, and applying, she went into
medicine. Once she achieved her degrees in Oncology, she spoke
disparagingly about those who were Engineers.

                                    FIRST MARRIAGE

Her first marriage to Duane Green fell apart and she partied heartily.

                                    SECOND MARRIAGE

Until she met Mike Farrar, a budding doctor, who provided her with stability.       

Debora's behaviour was often contentious and it escalated over time. When he
was accepted to a practice and she wasn't, she blamed him, not her propensity
for drink, which outweighed her desire to continue pursuing her career.

Their first child was Timothy, and although he grew into a pre-teen with all the
hormones and teenaged angst, fighting with his father, there were signs he
would make it through all of it.

Debora was known to have abused Tim, the eldest child, both physically

and mentally while he was alive.
In death, she not only accused him of poisoning his father, but
of setting the fatal fire that killed him and his younger sister Kelly, that
almost killed his sister Kate. The same son, that when surrounded by
flames he asked her for help, for what to do, and she told him to wait
instead of saving himself.


What Mike didn't know at the time was that some of the trouble came from

Debora continually pitting their son against him. He wasn't the only one of
their children being manipulated. Their second child was Kate and their third
was little Kelly. They too came in for their share of vile stories about their
father, and the manipulation by their mother.

Debora once told a nanny "I didn't want kids; I never had. I am

doing it for Mike." The outward appearance of the "perfect family"
was important to her, but the reality was far from it. Debora deliberately
pit her children against her husband and filled their minds with vile
stories about him. When their mother drank, the children were afraid,
of her and of her threats.

Kelly, Kate, Timothy & Debora Farrar


Debora is a person who was used to getting her way at anything she desired,
Debora didn't react well when thwarted. When she didn't get her way she was
belligerent, violent and abusive.

Mike Farrar found himself keeping the peace in any way he could.


1994 - May - With a contentious marriage, Mike Farrar moved out and intended to
                   divorce Debora, who wants a reconciliation. Suddenly, in May of 1994,
                   their house is set on fire, causing the family to move in with Mike at
                   his apartment. Thus, a reconciliation of sorts was caused to happen.

Mike and Debora purchase a nice home and move their family in. Life settles
back into it's old patterns. Debora is just as histrionic as always, unless she
got her way.

1995 - August 7-  Debora went to the local Olathe Earl May Garden Center (receipt)
                          and purchases castor beans. She'd gotten the idea for the castor
                          beans from an Agatha Christie novel. Whether it was for the insurance
                          or out of revenge, she fails to kill him.

                          Mike becomes ill. As time progresses, his condition worsenes. 

1995 - September 20 -  Debora purchases more castor beans, this time at the
                                  North Kansas City Earl May store. She tells the clerk
                                  that it is for a school science project for her son.
                                  Evidence shows no such project existed.
Mike had become enamored of another woman, a widow and begins an affair.
Their relationship is amicable, unlike his marriage.
Mike decides that he doesn't want to be constantly living with the drama, threats
and yelling in his own marriage. The time has come for a divorce.

1995 - October - Mike Farrar moves out of the family home.

1995 - October 23 - Mike drops off the children that evening and goes back to his
                                  MURDER & FIRE
Evidence showed that Green had checked out several books on
intrafamilial homicide, as well as "Necessary Lies," a book with a plot
regarding an intentionally set fire which burned several children to
1995 - October 23/24
         12:22 P.M. (the morning of October 24, 1995)
Debora Farrar pours several types of accelerant around the home and to the doors
of the children's rooms. Standing where she can escape from her bedroom, she
lights the match and watches it flame. Then she touches it to the liquid pooling
on the floor.

Her hair is singed and she runs outside. Before she runs outside, Timothy calls his
mother on the house intercom asking for help. Asking what should he do. Debora tells
him to "wait. Wait until the rescue people come."
Timothy, instead of climbing out his window as he'd done before, trusted his mother.
And he waited.
And he died.
The house is so quickly engulfed, but Kate climbes out her window and with the
flames roaring behind her crawls across the garage roof. She calls to her mother
standing there and is relieved when she finally attracts her attention. Debora had
seen her crawling but she didn't race to her, she stood there, waiting.
Finally she held out her arms and told Kate to jump. Kate had no choice, the
flames were so close.
She trusts her mother to catch her.

But Debora doesn't.
 Kate falls to the ground. Luckily it is soft grass and she isn't injured.
She urges her mother to help her siblings but Debora does nothing except stare
at the flames. Kate then urges a fireman to save them.
But it is too late.

Mike is devastated at the loss of Timothy and Kelly, and Boomer their dog, who
was always inseparable from the little girl.
Kelly died in her sleep.  Boomer's body is found under the bed. Timothy suffered in
the flames.

Kelly & Boomer
                                   POISON & DEBILITATING ILLNESS

1995 - November - Mike's illness has continued unabated until finally the doctor
          sends off a blood sample to the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington,
          D.C.. It is determined that ricin, from the castor beans, is the cause of
          Fararr's illness.
The poison Debora had given him has damaged Mike's heart and his brain, and
he has to undergo multiple surgeries. 11 in total.
Mike is undergoing a surgery when Debora is arrested

Dr. Michael Farrar testifying at Debora Green's trial. He had undergone yet another
surgery prior to testifying and bore the marks of the surgery.

Mike & Kate Farrar

1996 - February 12 - Debora Green submitts to testing and interviews by
                              psychiatrists and psychologists and did not meet the
                              legal definition of insanity. She had known the difference
                              between right and wrong both at the time of the event and
                             in the months after.
1996 - April - Debora Green enters an Alford Plea in Court.
                                   "I DIDN"T DO IT"
Debora Green  "I'm sorry my children are dead. I'm sorry I'm here and not
                       with Kate. But what I'm sorry 'for' (my fault) is that I took a
                       plea bargain for something I didn't do and didn't fight for my
                       rights and my innocence through the legal system. I'm sorry I
                       put my parents through all this - they knew I was making a big
                       mistake with the plea, but I was so scared I didn't know what
                       else to do."
                                   SOMEBODY ELSE'S FAULT

1996 - August 27 - In another letter Green blames her attorneys, saying she
                            had felt "pressured."  
Debora Green "My attorneys were remarkably little help in my decisions.
                         They seemed to want to avoid a trial but provided little or
                         no guidance to me. Sean O'Brien, who joined my team of
                         attorneys relatively late, is a specialist in death penalty
                         cases. His orientation is simply to avoid the death penalty
                         at all costs.

                        "I wasn't in any shape during my stay in the county jail to

                        make any decisions, I was living in fear, fueled somewhat
                         by my attorneys' pessimistic attitudes.

                        I was also confused, which I think was due to the Prozac I
                       was on since my thinking didn't clear up until I got here
                       (Topeka Correctional Facility) and got taken off the
                                    I WANT A NEW TRIAL!

1997 - February 5 - In a letter Green is aware she is gambling with her life since
                            Morrison, the prosecutor stated that if she gets a new trial,
                            he'll seek the death penalty.  
Debora Green "My honest opinion is that I'm here because the legal
                     system is largely geared against women right now. If I
                     had committed a crime, I would own up to it -- I am an
                     honest person. I did not.

                     My situation in the county jail -- overmedication, fear,
                     and isolation -- prompted me to want things to be over
                     with, and I would have done nearly anything to have
                     that happen. I didn't receive very good advice.

                     I allowed myself to be frightened and bullied into pleading
                     to something I didn't do.

                     Maybe God wanted me to be here to teach or tell me something. 
                     I cannot believe this is His plan for the rest of my life...."

2000 - October 22 - Topeka Correctional Facility - Central R3gis. Use
                              of Pers. Property. 2 Infractions/Disciplinary reports.

2000 - Deborar Green hires Wichita Attorney, Kurt Kerns

                                       COURT HEARING

2000 - June 1 -  Hearing before District Judge Peter Ruddick. Debora
                         Green files to rescind her Alford plea agreement.
                         Attorney Kern's game plan is to show that Green was
                         incompetent at the time of trial to make the decision to
                         plea due to the combination of medications she was
                         administered at the time.

The Prosecutor in her case, Morrison, spoke for the State.

                            Request for a new trial DENIED.


2003 - February 21 -  Topeka Correctional Facility - Central Viol.
                                Statutes (Felony Crime) 1 Infraction/Disciplinary report.
                         Green was reportedly caught with escape plans in her cell.
2004 - March 22 - Green filed a motion to withdraw her plea as to all counts except
                           the attempted first-degree murder of Mike Farrar.
                           Request based on new modern techniques in fire investigation and
                           manifest injustice.

2004 - August 2 -   Supplemental motion filed to set aside her plea, stating that the
                            factual basis for her plea should be reviewed under a heightened
                            reliability standard because she had faced the possibility
                            of the death penalty.

2004 - September 16 - District Court-
                            Green filed a motion for a certificate of appealability. Green filed to
                            withdraw the no contest pleas on the grounds that they were based
                            on faulty fire evidence, and several other grounds.

               District court DENIED Green's application for certifcate of appealability.

2004 - October 12 - Preliminary Evidentiary Hearing
                              Hearing to discuss discovery; the district court limited the plea
                              withdrawal proceeding to "evidence that this could not have been
                              an arson fire."

2005 - January 3 -  Second supplemental motion, Green argued that the court should
                            declare the plea bargain void or permit her to withdraw her plea
                            because the death penalty had been declared unconstitutional
                            in Kansas.

2005 - January 10 - Hearing. Green argued that the central question before the
                              court was whether reasonable doubt now infected the factual
                              basis for her plea. In her view, the defense need not disprove
                              arson, but need only prove the State could not have proved it
                             beyond a reasonable doubt.
2007 - March 23 - Supreme State Court of Kansas court docket.
                            Green appeals the district court's decision denying her motion to
                            withdraw her no contest pleas.

Court ruling: Green did not meet her burden to prove the basis for her plea is so under-

                     cut by new evidence that the state could not have proved its case beyond
                     a reasonable doubt. The District Judge did not abuse his discretion in so
                     ruling. We conclude that the district court did not abuse its discretion in
                     denying defendant's motion to withdraw her plea. Affirmed.
 2008 - May 15 -  Green files petition challenging her convictions and sentences.
                         District Court denied her arguments for relief.

2008 - June 30 - District Court Petitioner application for certificate of appealability

Now an adult, Kate Farrar cares for both her parents and supports
her mother's efforts to win a new trial or have her sentence overturned.

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#1 [url]

Jul 9 10 8:42 PM

Kansas Supreme Court

Angela Keck (Debora Green's attorney) "Advancements in fire science
require a trial." "A Johnson County judge committed "manifest injustice"
by not letting Debora Green withdraw no-contest pleas after a fire killed
2 of her children." 
"In 1996 Green and her attorneys agreed to the murder and arson pleas
to avoid the death penalty. Since then, advancements in the scientific
understanding of fires and arson would allow my client to mount a better
defense. There has been a revolution in arson and fire science."
 Green's expert disputes the original findings that the house fire was arson,

how investigators assess damage caused by flammable liquids.
At a hearing in 2005, a defense expert said that a phenomenon known as
"flashover" could account for damage investigators attributed to combustibles
and that the cause of the fire should have been deemed "undetermined."
The expert described flashover as a buildup of radiant heat that ignites
objects around it and leaves burn patterns similar to when flammables are
Prosecutor Steven Obermeier "before pleading guilty, Green
had "the advice of not 1, not 2, but 3 lawyers."  

Experts testified  that even after applying the new fire investigation methods,
they concluded the case was arson."

Justice Carol Beier "There's still abundant evidence of your client's guilt."  


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#2 [url]

Aug 11 10 9:23 AM

That hag should just shut her trap & thank God she didnt recieve the death penalty. She makes me sick. 2 Innocent children lost their lives in a horrendous way, at the hands of their mother. I felt sick to my stomach when I read about this cowardly act of murder. Debora Green will one day face the fire pits of hell. She will then be with her own kind.

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#3 [url]

Aug 11 10 4:50 PM

Until then, I'd settle for her remaining in prison. I understand that he daughter
loves her and supports her, but what happens if/when she gets out, and
things don't go her way again? Who'll she take it out on? She doesn't
want to admit she's responsible for her actions.

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#4 [url]

Aug 13 10 9:22 PM

She will never admit it. We all know, her husband knows, God knows! She will, when her day comes answer for her actions. The outcome will not be pretty. I feel for her surviving dtr. I dont know, how I would react if my mom did what that b@%$h did, but she was a child and she is probably so confused. The only decent thing that murderer could do for her dtr, would be to confess the truth. She needs to own up to her responsibility for what she has done. Maybe, then it would give her dtr some closure, although, I dont know....Maybe it would make things more horrific for her. What a mess was made to this poor girls life.

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#5 [url]

Aug 14 10 9:51 AM

Their daughter had counseling for quite some time, as did her dad, after the trial.
She's an adult now, and if she chooses to support her mother and believe her,
then that's her choice. The rest of us don't have to. As long as Debora continues
to blame it on her medicine, or her ex. or whatever reason, she'll never admit
the real truth, that she's responsible for the death of two children and a dog
in a most horrific manner.

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#6 [url]

Sep 1 10 9:07 PM

I was in prision with her for a while and trust me, she is a hatefull , mean, rude, person, and she is getting less than she deserves, her daughter needs a reality check, Debra did do it, she has an attitude of its all about me, all about DEBRA....

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#9 [url]

Sep 16 10 7:27 PM

Thanks for the reminder, I just looked up the latest photo - I'll post it soon.

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#12 [url]

Oct 11 10 5:50 AM

I'm in the process of reading the book and can't imagine why Mike Farrar allowed his children to be with Debora Green after he realized that she had been poisoning him. Poisoning someone requires a truly sick mind and involves planning and premeditation. How did he convince himself that his children were safe wtih a woman whose mind went to such a dark place and acted on those dark thoughts? I don't get it, and I can't help but be bothered by his affair. Was he so preoccupied with his new sex partner that he pushed aside any thoughts of Debora hurting the children in his absence? I realize she would have hurt those children no matter what the circumstances because of her mental illness, I just wish that Mike had made more of an effort to take away her opportunity to do so. From what I've read so far he never even considered pursuing a case in either family or criminal court against her for poisoning him. I'm so sad for those children that I'm thinking in terms of coulda shoulda in hindsight. I hope Tim and Kelly found peace in their last breaths.

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#13 [url]

Oct 22 10 10:49 PM

I am also reading that book "Bitter Harvest" right now and I think Debora Green is one of the most inhuman criminals I have heard of. She is in the same category as Theresa Knorr and her looks are scarier than any Horror movie character I can think of ,even "Misery". Her picture gives me nightmares...

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#14 [url]

Apr 2 12 11:59 PM

Just reread this book & I'm STILL disgusted by Debra's cowardly acts. She might be brilliant but she was self-centered & never should have married let alone had any children.

It's tragic that her husband never realized her hatred included their innocent children but considering the mental & physical hell she out him through towards the end, it's understandable he wasn't making rational decisions.

I truly believe she played an active part in driving Dr. John Walker to commit suicide & I wouldn't be at all surprised to learn she went to their house & actually killed him.

Saddest of all is that Kate (Lissa in the book) clings to the fantasy that her mother loved anyone EXCEPT herself. Debra hated everyone & if she ever walks out of prison, I have no doubt she'd kill again.

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#15 [url]

Apr 14 12 11:11 AM

I am also reading that book "Bitter Harvest" right now and I think Debora Green is one of the most inhuman criminals I have heard of. She is in the same category as Theresa Knorr and her looks are scarier than any Horror movie character I can think of ,even "Misery". Her picture gives me nightmares...


A very cold individual indeed. I had to look up Theresa Knorr because I couldn't recall who she was. Another sociopathic individual that shouldn't be breathing the same air as the rest of us.

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#17 [url]

Oct 27 13 11:36 PM

Where is Kate Farrar now? (Lissa in book) I read this book long time ago or when it came out. Now that you can search anything on Google I came across this book again so then tried to find out the real name of Lissa and where she is now. I was able to find out her real name is Kate but I found absolutely zero info on her. Maybe she doesn't want any attention from the book or any interviews? I couldn't find a single shred of anything about her which is hard to stay completely anonymous online these days with social media and everything. The most I could find was the end of this article on this site that she loves both her parents and supports her mother. I found that interesting that she actually wants her mom out of prison. How does anyone know this? Has she ever given an interview? I guess if she still supports her mother she must visit her in jail? I just was curious how Kate felt about her mother, if she healed from the tragedy to be a well adjusted adult, if she had a good relationship with her father, what she was doing, like if she was married and had kids or graduated college? Don't want to sound stalkerish but whenever I read a true crime book about someone I always wonder "where are they now". Does anyone know? Same think about Mike Farrar.

About Debora, everyone describes her as a monster, but I always felt sorry for her in a way. Like she was in such emotional pain and had such emotional problems she didn't know how to deal with. Like she was some troubled child in the body of an adult. Of course what she did is unfathomable to any decent human. But it's like she was so lost emotionally that she was completely detached from real life and the only thing she could feel or see was her own emotional pain and problems. 

I also don't understand what attracted Mike to Debora in the first place. Out of all the women he knew, what was the attraction with her? She really had nothing going for her but her intelligence. 

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