Aug 3 12 7:38 PM

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"Lauren Spierer would be 21-years-old Friday. She was last seen around 4:30 a.m.
June 3, 2011 just a few blocks from her Smallwood Plaza apartment in Bloomington.
Earlier in the night, Spierer had visited Kilroy's, a nearby sports bar that closes at 3 a.m.
When she left the establishment, she left behind her shoes and cellphone, police said.
After leaving the bar, Spierer reportedly went to fellow college student Corey Rossman's
apartment before deciding to walk home. What happened to her after that remains a
mystery. She was reported missing less than 12 hours later.

The Bloomington Police Department, Indiana University police, the Monroe County
Sheriff's Department, Indiana State Police and the FBI have all searched for Spierer.
But authorities say they do not know who is responsible for her disappearance."