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Treyvonn Martin

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Jul 19 12 11:30 AM

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I am perplexed, all these months of coverage on the Treyvonn Martin case I find it strange no one has shared any opinion on CMM-concerning the death of this young man. This is the second time I've tried to get this case listed on this Forum..What gives, is he not worthy of your attention?? js. Remember, He could have very well been any of our Son, brother, nephew or your child's bes friend. 

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Aug 3 12 6:27 PM

destynationhapyness -the news has been saturated with coverage of Treyvonn Martin's death
and some may not have formed an opinion as yet, some have, but haven't posted their feelings
about it.

Yes, he is worthy of attention on CMM and other forums. I personally believe that the young
man's death was unnecessary, and that Zimmerman is guilty of murder.

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