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Nov 30 08 11:53 PM

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Cheryl Keeton Cunningham and her three sons.

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Feb 6 11 4:03 PM

I am reading the book by Ann Rule.   I'm on Chapter 20.   There are no pictures
of  Cheryl Keeton's  face  in the  book that I am reading.    I was curious
and  Googled her name.    This was the link  I  clicked on  first.
I  was  stunned  to see her  come alive on the  screen.    She was beautiful.
What a horrifying  world  we live in.   I mean,  such  evil  people.

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Feb 7 11 11:47 AM

Cheryl was indeed a lovely woman. It's a tragedy that she was taken from her family
and friends. Our world has always been violent with evil people, it's only with the
coming of the information age with instant access that we really, truly, understand
just how violent it is, and how many evil people there are.

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Sep 7 11 11:29 AM

Patsy, I agree, she was a very striking woman. My heart & prayers go out to her family. I've read the book of her horrific and senseless murder, as well watched the LMN movie, Dead By Sunset, to say the least I was very angered by both, my heart went out to her children, those darling boys (smh). Although I quickly realized her ex-husband was a "hearthless piece of trash", what I don't understand, and maybe I missed it was, beyond reasoning, what was his point in killing her? they both were moving on with their lives, Cheryl was not interferring with his life nor relationship, she didn't stop the kids from having a relationship with their father, matter of fact, she seemed to encourage it (my opinion) Cheryl didn't try to warn off any of his female pursuits,so what was his motivation for his extreme behavior? I'd really like to hear others thoughts on this. ty

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#4 [url]

Jan 19 12 8:55 PM

Cheryl was murdered "just because he could;" "he didn't want her but didn't want anyone
else to have her;" "she'd escaped from his control."  The same reasons many abusers,
male or female have for murdering.  That's my two cents on it.

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