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Nov 30 08 11:50 PM

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 Bradley Cunningham was a banker.


First Wife

Brad was a controlling and abusive husband. He also insisted that his wife wear clothing she felt was inappropriate and uncomfortable. One day, she'd had enough of the abuse and although she took the children and moved far away from Brad, she was still terrified of him.    

Second Wife - Cynthia, that marriage didn't last long either.

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Dec 1 08 12:01 AM

Bradley Cunningham's third wife, Lauren, was a teacher. She was pregnant with their child
when he left her. Being the cruel person he is, he decided they were purchasing a home,
only once the papers were signed, he didn't move in with his wife. Brad had deliberately
tricked her into signing the papers and then told her that she was on her own. And he left.

Pregnant, without a job, and with a house payment she couldn't afford.

Cheryl Keeton had been a good friend of hers for a long time, years in fact. She soon
figured out the reason for Cheryl's odd behaviour, was Brad.

Brad's next wife was Cheryl.

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Dec 1 08 12:03 AM

Bradley Cunningham's fourth wife was Cheryl Keeton, who was an Attorney. She had three
sons by Brad Cunningham. He murdered her after terrorizing her with mental and physical
abuse for years. He was also conducting affairs outside of the marriage.

Later on he met Sara, who was a doctor and began to charm her.

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Dec 1 08 12:05 AM

Bradley Cunninham's fifth wife was Sara Gordon, a doctor. He began to tell her dreadful
stories about Cheryl, painting her as unstable and an abusive mother. Brad, being Brad,
continued his abusive ways and terrorized Sara amid his affairs with other women,
including a babysitter he hired after Sara left and divorced him. 

Sara had adopted and loved the boys as her own but Brad made sure they stayed with
him even as he became more unstable and violent. Once he was arrested she quickly
took custody of the children.

Sara has now retired and has raised Cheryl's sons as her own, providing them with
a peaceful and stable home.

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#9 [url]

Aug 24 13 3:20 PM

You are not able to fathom the depth of deception to which Ann Rule has taken you until you read the true story: Ann Rule Deconstructed (ARD). Everything posted on this blog that was either partially or directly based upon information received from Dead by Sunset (book or the movie) is statistically certain to be incorrect and likely, outright false. Go to for the truth -- I can also provide you itemized and detailed citations of Rule's fraud and deception upon you -- or, you can just read ARD. Please start with the Addenda, then the Photographs section; and Chapters 46 and 56 provide clear concentrations of examples of typical Ann Rule fabrications. Absent this information you have become her unwitting victims. Rule knows she can manipulate your thinking through her convincing writing style. ARD is the true story. My Chapter 58 is a conversion chart for all the fake names you are now using (as if they are realj. Here is a short list (so you may contact the individuals):

SARA -- Jeanne Marie Hermens, McMinnville, OR LONI -- Marylynn Harriet Cunningham, Portland, OR DANA -- April Ann Arwood, Kirkland, WA or Stuart, FL Cynthia -- Joan Huston, Seattle, WA

Lauren -- Joan Keeney Rynearson, Bainbridge Island, WA


There are chapters in ARD devoted to each of these women (in their real names).

              You will be shocked.                                                                                     .


See my face book page as well,

Brad Cunningham

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#11 [url]

Nov 13 13 1:38 PM


ARD is better titled "The Adventures of Brad's Penis." He seems incapable of realizing a woman is more than her sex life. Ironically, ARD supports everything Ann Rule wrote about his personality, only he's not bright enough to see it.

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#12 [url]

Dec 21 13 9:36 PM

If bcunningham is truly Brad, his missives posted for him online by someon else, posters are entitled to see
your side of the story, however, don't expect any sympathy from me or many posters. We've summed up
your participation, and your character.

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#13 [url]

Jan 4 14 6:56 AM

LeforaGuest2013 wrote:
ARD is better titled "The Adventures of Brad's Penis." He seems incapable of realizing a woman is more than her sex life. Ironically, ARD supports everything Ann Rule wrote about his personality, only he's not bright enough to see it.

I totally agree with this post. I ordered ARD and it was not what i had expected at all. When i began reading the book I thought i had ordered a porn book, really :s
I was thinking: is he being really serious with this. 150 pages solely about sex.
I thought the story would be more around Cheryl and the contact between Brad and Cheryl versus kids. Instead of that one of the first chapters begins with a certain Joan  and then there are a lot of graphic sex details, about her nipples, trio's :s. you really think we want to read that? It just does not suit the whole subject of the matter. Do the readers care about the Bra's of Joan Huston?

He was mentioning that fact that he had complex relationships with women in his life, but it was more about sex, money and lust. I don't see how this is complex?? Anyone?
And he also mentions a lot of cars, money he had (no Brad we aren't impressed :s money isn't everyhing). Cars.... 10 out of twelve were Mercedes (whatever)
Boats. Dear Lord, this Brad man is so in love with his material possesions, it's crazy!
Dear Brad, do you have any of this material possesions left? You are going in your grave alone with only your deeds done. Not any stupid car, house or money. He mentions a hell of a lot about his possesions. But i never read about his loyal, understanding, compessionate, sweet side. Nothing about charities, nothing about helping other people. Only his lust, his needs, his problems.

Somewehere in the end or middle there was a short chapter around the murder of Cheryl. But still very little in compared of the 420 total pages of the book

I really think that Brad just doesn't realize what to say or write or do in some cases.  Ann Rule wrote about the fact that Brad Cunningham kept going about the sexual escapades of Cheryl in Court. It just doesn't fit in the whole subject of the Court, he is a person who is not capable of realizing that.

I was not enjoying reading the book, skipped a lot of pages. It was just weird. 


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#14 [url]

Feb 7 14 10:42 AM

Liar Thief Murderer

bcunningham ..... if you are Brad .... hows it feel ? ...... your sitting there rotting, while life goes on without you ... karma is a wonderous thing at times !! Ain't it ! ... 

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#16 [url]

Dec 31 15 10:38 PM

I've deleted bcunningham's posts on the other entries as they were the same as on this one. No point in cluttering up the place. I'll leave these two here for those who wish to read the garbage (or not!) Btw, the facebook page is no longer there.

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#18 [url]

Jan 26 16 7:57 AM

i am watching the movie on tv right now. I'm watching the moron noob defend himself. I am rolling the the floor laughing. Did He ACTUALLY defend himself? There is someone on the forum who said they were on the jury. How the heck did you not burst out laughing while he was speaking? I swear I would have been thrown off the jury for not being able to keep a straight face.

AFAIK, inmates do not have access to the internet so I doubt the above posts are actually him. Supposedly there's a twitter account too: The last post was in May of 2015 stating, "AFter 22 years my court ordered release will be imminent". I haven't found anything else online any more recent than that. It makes me wonder why, maybe it was someone posting for him and they realized who and what he was and stopped.

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#20 [url]

Jan 13 17 6:52 AM


If bcunningham is the real brad cunningham, which I doubt but just assuming you are, let me get to the point! It is males like you that give real men a bad name! You're so tough when it comes to abusing or killing women! I have to wonder what it would be like if you were to come face to face with a real man that like tormenting cowards like you! Ever heard of a suspect zero? Perhaps you do get released from the country club you're in, we WILL be waiting!

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