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Nov 23 08 6:06 PM

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CHERICA                                              CHANCELLOR

Cherica Adams is remembered, loved and missed by her mother Saundra, and by her family and friends. She was looking forward to having her baby, Chancellor, who is now being raised by her mother.

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Mar 30 10 11:00 AM

I must truly say that Ms. Cherica Adams has lived on in spirit and in the hearts of all who has loved her. I didn't know her,but it feels like I did.I followed this case in it's entirety from begining to end. I admired her fight and determination to finger point her killers.I had just had my son in October of 1999. So I knew the will and fight that she had to protect her unborn child and also to get the man that was responsible for this tragedy. My prayers are still with this family I am so happy to hear of Lee's progress.. He is a true miricale baby..I believe that his fight and will is inherited from his mother .. She fought a hard battle herself and I believe that her spirit is inside of Chancellor still fighting..I shed tears for the young and beautiful Cherica Adams. I still these many years have to tell myself that she is at peace and is living in spirit.. but my pain comes from the son that will never get a chance to meet his mother. The woman that loved him so..I do feel that she is dwelling inside of her son... So may you forever rest in peace Ms. Adams for you are deeply missed and loved..

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