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Sep 6 13 6:33 PM

Ann Rule has more integrity in her little toe then Liysa has in her whole body. I have read every one of Ann's books and if there is an author who investigates and tells the whole story she is it. Liysa apparently is worried that her reputation will be tarnished. It's a little late for that. How does someone who drugged a man and shothim between the eyes as he lay in a stupor in a sleeping bag have a leg to stand on? So Ann never said what a wonderful woman liysa was and she took offense. Boo Hoo. She's a cold blooded killer and should have been on death row. Of all the characters I have read about in TC books Liysa is one of the most despicable I've ever read about.

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#122 [url]

Sep 10 13 4:22 PM

Did Ann Rule put Liysa in prison? No, she wrote the book long after Liysa was put away for drugging, taking a stun gun and zapping him and then when it all failed she took a 38 caliber pistol and blew his brains out. Liysa is a fantasy girl and an extremely dangerous one. Liysa said Chris drank a whole bottle of Vodka and said he was going to kill her. Little did she know they test for alcohol and drugs. To bad for her she never threw her computer in the dump or the ocean for that matter. She thought she had it all figured out. Not everyone however believed her lies and she never expected to have detectives get to the bottom of Chris's murder. 12 years wasn't nearly enough. And there are many people who once believed Liysa that have nothing to do with her now. And she basically married Chris so she could get free airline trips. What a sorry excuse for a human being she is and a waist of oxygen. I hope she ends up back in prison and I'll be surprised if she doesn't.

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