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 KRISTEN FRENCH is remembered, missed and loved by her family and by her friends. Kristen was a precision skater, member of the precision skating team. She enjoyed athletics and was a member of the rowing team at Holy Cross Secondary School.


Kristen enjoyed helping people and is remembere as always smiling. Not quite 16, Kristen was enjoying being in love with her first boyfriend.


A younger Kristen skating (left) and (right) Kristen and the family dog Sasha.

While Kristen was missing, her family, friends, fellow students, teachers and others at Holy Cross Secondary School chose the Green Ribbon of H0pe as the symbol for their search. The school community gave the name to the Green Ribbon of Hope Campaign, which is a national campaign which is today operated by Child Find Canada, and other organizations to raise both awareness for missing children, and to raise funds for searches.

The Green Ribbon Trail in St. Catharines was named in Kristen French's honour. A monument to Kristen's memory stands at the beginning of the trail.  

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KRISTEN'S PARENTS DOUG & DONNA FRENDCH are second and third from right at the memorial dedicated in Kristen's honour in 1993.