Oct 30 08 4:28 PM

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SPROCKET IS ATTENDING THE TRIAL and you can see the updates at her blog:


In fact, Sprocket's coverage of both the first and second trial has incurred Phil and Rachelle Spector's ire.

Judge rules pictures obviously taken in court and posted on website owned by Rachelle Spector are illegal.

They were taken of Sprocket accompanied by comments regarding her coverage of the trial and her appearance.


January 9, 2009

The courtroom is lacking the wall to wall coverage of the previous Spector trial but it is still ongoing, and still drawing attention by court watchers.

This time around Phil Specter's Attonry is Doron Weinberg and the Prosecution team is Alan Jackson and Truc Do.

Steven Mikulan's articles on the Los Angeles LA Weekly are a good source for what's going on in the courtroom and the trial overall.