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Feb 7 11 11:57 AM

Thank y ou robynize! I think a lot of people "become involved in the drama of the lives
we will never touch" because each individual tragedy profiled teaches us something
about human nature, and sometimes about ourselves.

I agree, there are many who are born without empathy or compassion for others.
As for Sharee, I tend to share your assessment.

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#62 [url]

Sep 3 11 5:34 PM

The fact is the man though he was going to be a father..Because SHE LIED, He thought that she was being BEATEN , SHE LIED (BTW, Tell a man with a heart that & he'll be hurt enough to stand up for you.Tell a man who was formerly a cop, and has seen many domestic violence cases. That..ALONG with Doctored photos to make him believe you were raped and that the force killed the child you & he had made...WOW!!!
There's no reason she had to do that what so ever! Then She came back with "I'm pregnant with your twins" (she'd had a hysterectomy 3 yrs earlier.) If you want to cut off ties with a man who just won't let go..You DO not tell him your having his child, let alone tell him your being abused daily & afraid for your life whiloe carrying it! ("PLEASE HELP ME", NOT "Please stay away") & Finally tell him that you are pregnant AGAIN...With his TWINS!!! I read those letters..That man was thrilled! Writing, "I"m Goning to be a DADDY!"
There was no insurence money that's true! I think if all who read this look back we can all remember someone, girl/woman who's said..."I can make a man do anything for me!!" She had that power over Jerry Cassady and she enjoyed it. I think she played with fire, seeing how far she could push the envelope and what he'd be willing to do for her....After all when you play in "Fantasy  roles online" Think about how you might play? Would you really make your whole body up with make up to pretend someone was beating you? Not a fantasy of mine!
She pushed and pushed and when Bruce was killed I think it was easier to tell herself there's no way he did it," it's random."
I would like to know this however, If Jerry Doctored that chat session, to incrimnate her just because she did cruely break his heart in just about every way you can break a decent man.....How did Jerry know where Bruce worked, How did he know where the light switch was??
If I had an affair online, the last thing in the WORLD I would do...IS give my LOVER, my husbands work address!!! To play online is one thing, She went to see him in person...MORE THAN ONCE! That's when it stops being "play" &If she was trying to break it off after just a few weeks like she said, why did she helphim move, and visit at least two times before that also.???
She's guilty...She is...She manipulated this man's feelings, to do something awful. If you went to the police with those pics, with those letters saying she was raped while Bruce was alive...THE POLICE WOULD HAVE ARRESTED HIM! &  after investigation, HER! She would be guilty for lying to the police to possibley put Bruce in Jail and ruin his life. That carries a prison sentence too!!!
I think many forget Jerry was "The Police" Once and now did not have the resourses to do an investigation. Also clearly he'd met this woman, he trusted her, and could not bare the thought of his future child /children being killed...& her beaten until finally killed..Like so many cops see EVERY DAY! That's why his letters said many times.."Just leave& Come here"
I think Jerry was at a low point in his life, no doubt. His letters said he was going back to church, and how amazing that was! She screwed with someones feelings who was not emtionally confident and stable, and she should be held accountable for both men's death I believe!
She lied to get sympathy and reaction.....She got it. Now she must pay the price of it.

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#63 [url]

Sep 3 11 5:55 PM

Gotta agree with you there sociopath for sure..No remorse..Almost pride that she had two men that were so dedicated to her while she abused their love, kindness & trust, ON a side note...I wonder how her children were doing at that time. They had a good stable father figure in their life and then she carelessly took that away from them. I wonder how they feel about it all. My prayers are with them as well as Jery's Child and all family members put through hell for a bored, liar of a house wife. (quote, "I didn't have to be a stay at home mom of three") When explaining it was a "fantasy".. Sounds very much like she did not want to be that stay at home mom. I am a mom of three both worked and stayed home. (yes there aretimeswhen you wanna run...but I've never had the urge to do this! Seems, she needed Bruce's $ for her to live & keep a stable home for her three kids. Selling Mary K Does NOT pay the bills! When all was done &said she could not even let her kids have that!

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#64 [url]

Sep 3 11 10:01 PM

I agree as well with her being a Sociopath. I have read the book, watched the movie and Googled various articles on her crime and I've come to one conclusion. Sheree was a self serving manipulative user!! She was a down and out woman (not a Mother) with children, who saw a meal ticket (Bruce), there was never an ounce of Love for him only what he represented (money) I don't believe the children's welfare was ever apart of the equations. She used them to justify the means, she used her marriage to Bruce to satisify her belief that she was not poor trash and not just a bed warmer, but an upstanding well off wife and mother. Once she believed that status there was no need to hold on to Bruce (physically that is) it was time to take her show on the road. Bruce was much older than she, was never physically attractive to her, it was all a ploy, romancing a stone, so to speak. Because he was passive, unsuspecting and genuinely trusting she used those attributes to decieve him and ultimiately cause his death. A woman like that can never be trusted, she is the epitome of a Black Widow, if she were ever Paroled before her 55th birthday another Man will fall victim to her intent. I read somewhere that some guy Denynor (???) wanted to marry her after seeing her on the show Deadly Women, her eyes caught his attention and he fell in love with her..I do believe her eyes should have warned him of the dangers that lurk in her mind and heart. I saw a picture of her and true, her eyes are what caught me most...They are most evil, her mirrors to a black and empty soul, they laugh at you with deception that runs rampid. Thanks for reading, just wanted to share my thoughts.

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#65 [url]

Sep 6 11 11:01 AM

Here's the only part that amazes me...
Clearly Sharee was very smart and capable of manipulating this man's heart and conscience.  And clearly without his suicide note and evidence, this case would never have been solved.  Then WHY in the world would she diss him so completely immediately after the murder??  That was her only mistake.  If she had strung him along for another year or so (maybe pretending to seek comfort from her "internet friend") this murder would never have been solved.  I have to wonder if she, on some level, wanted to be discovered.  How could she overlook the posibility of Jerry's confession?  Perhaps subconsciously, she was proud of what she was able to accomplish and this was the only way for her crime to be discovered?

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#66 [url]

Nov 11 11 9:57 PM

Goes to show how intelligent you people are! I personally know Sharee's second husband & he DID not abuse his son which is why he was NEVER convicted!! He is the MOST caring, loving and giving person you will ever meet. His only down fall was getting hooked up with her to begin with. The only thing behind her allegations of physical and sexual abuse was because she wanted to hurt him like she was hurting for her misdeeds. Do NOT go making judgments about someone unless YOU know them yourself. I have known her second husband for over 7 years now and would never have thought once about letting him watch any of my children.

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#68 [url]

Nov 22 11 12:15 AM

Funny, I just read the court documents in Tuscola county, in Caro Michigan that states, "He crushed his cons head like an egg shell; causing six skull fractures."  Mr. Tribbey states he was angry because his wife was leaving him when he threw his child.  Maybe you should search the court records before you let him baby-sit your children.  They are PUBLIC records.

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#70 [url]

Apr 15 12 12:31 PM

    headed back to prison where she belongs.



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#71 [url]

Jan 4 16 1:35 PM

I watched him throw my brother against the wall repeatedly. And that wasn't all he did to my brother and I. So keep letting him watch your kids, dummy

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