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                                    ABOUT HERSELF


Patricia Columbo "Who I was at 16 and 17, 18 and 19 ... it was not at all who I am today.

                                     ABOUT PRISON

Patricia Columbo "I received credit for becoming a mentor and a voice for younger inmates. 

That voice says there's young women who made some terrible choices in their life."

                                     ABOUT THE MURDER

Patricia Columbo  "We didn't plan to kill my parents and brother on the night 
                               it happened. I take responsibility ... I can't give you details ..
                               I think it's probably because of the atrocity of what did
                               take place."
                                     I CAN'T REMEMBER 

Patricia Columbo "One of the things that people are asking for is the one 
thing that I honestly and I truthfully can't give them... I can't give you details.

I can't give you details because they aren't there.  And I think it's probably

because of the atrocity of what did take place. Just because I don't

remember doesn't mean it didn't happen that way."


Columbo now claims the reason she did the crime was because of "sexual
abuse" she suffered at the age of 6 by her godfather." She said "it set a pattern." 
At the time of the murders she made no such claim. (The godfather was
reportedly deceased by the time she began making these claims.)

                                  ABOUT HER FAMILY

Columbo called her parents "good" but "naive" people."
"I never, ever, ever, ever hated them. I don't care what people believe ...
I was so ashamed of the life I was leading."
Patricia Columbo  "He (Michael) was my baby brother and he didn't deserve this.

He should have had a chance to live a full life."

  Columbo says this now because it sounds good... for parole purposes.

                                    FRANK DELUCCA 
Patricia Columbo  "There was a lifestyle that Frank had introduced me to.
That included sex with other couples. With other people. He would come in
 for lunch. Flirtation, turned into fixation. He was smooth. He was flattering.
I was 16, I fell for it."


Patricia Columbo  "Any chance of leaving prison is "between God and the parole board."

 Yet, she seeks it every year, dragging family members of  her victims through
 the pain each time.