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                                     FAMILY LIFE

Patricia's relationship with her family was contentious. Patricia was

When she was 16 she began working in a coffee shop next door to a store.
Frank de Lucca, a Pharmacist managed the Walgreens store. He hired

                                   A DEVIANT LIFESTYLE

Frank de Lucca was already married and had five children but he began a
sexual relationship with Patricia.

Patricia showed classmates pictures of her having sex with de Lucca's dog.
Police found Polaroid photos of Columbo naked with a German shepherd
named Duke.

Frank and Patricia started including strangers and other couples into their sex
life and kept a film and photographic records of these engagements.

As their relationship intensified, things got worse at the Columbo home.
Patricia moved in with Frank, his wife and five children.

                                    PARENTAL DISAPPROVAL

Frank and Mary Columbo were disapproving of this relationship. So much
so that they wrote Patricia out of their wills.

When Patricia told them she would be moving into an apartment on her own,
they funded her move. However, Frank Delucca left his wife and children and
moved in with Patricia.

Several altercations occurred between Frank Columbo and Frank Delucca.
In one altercation Frank Columbo used the butt of a rifle and knocked out
some of Delucca's teeth.