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Oct 24 08 10:26 AM

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The warden and high ranking officials at the Dwight Correctional Center prison were
forced to resign.

Patricia Columbo reportedly assisted in organizing sex orgies involving both guards
and wardens at the prison.

It's been alleged by former inmates and officers that Patricia Columbo is still highly
manipulative and calculating.

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Dec 20 10 11:41 PM

Trish did not arrange any sex parties. I know because I was there. She worked for Captain Klosterhoff and so did I. He did like attractive inmates and so he let us work for him. There were other attractive inmates who worked for him too. I also worked for Major Weakly. Now some of the inmates became jealous for the favors we were receiving. A girl name Debbie Huddleston was a pretty blonde and was my roommate on C-10. She was jealous of Patti's position. After i left Dwight, she started making trouble and caused a sex scandal. I suppose she wanted money. by the way, she wanted sex and told me she could get what she wanted from the captain if she let him do things to her.

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Dec 21 10 11:38 AM

 Somewhere between the authorities' version, and yours, lies the truth. There may have
been information of her activities that you weren't aware of. Tensions and jealousies
behind bars is common, as you've mentioned, making life difficult for many other inmates.
I used the words "reportedly assisted" regarding Patricia's involvement, and "allegedly"
regarding her continued manipulations.

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