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                                    TRIPLE MURDER

Frank Columbo, age 43, was shot twice in the face and then bludgeoned with a
bowling trophy.

Mary Columbo, aged 41, was shot between the eyes and her throat slit.

Michael Columbo, aged 13, was sleeping and had slept through the murders
of his parents. He was woken up from his sleep, made to stand up, and was
then shot in the face.

His sister, Patricia grabbed her mother's sewing scissors and stabbed her little
brother 87 times in his torso.

                                       MOTIVE: Inheritance
REALITY CHECK: Frank & Mary Columbo had written Patricia out of their wills years

Patricia sought help in killing her family so she asked a couple of men to kill them.
The price? SEX. Patricia complied and serviced the men & their friends but eventually
wised up to the fact that they didn't intend to do the deed.

At that point Patty and Frank decided to do it on their own.

                                        REWARD MONEY

At first Patricia was questioned by Law Enforcement but was not a suspect.
That is, until Police talked to a friend who was encouraged by the thought of
the reward money. This led to the men Patricia had attempted to hire for the
murders. This led to Frank Delucca and thus to Patricia.

                                          THREATS & COVERUP

Delucca's employees told Law Enforcement Delucca was washing and burning
bloodstained clothes the day after the killings. Delucca had also threatened them
and their families. After he was in jail Deluccas tried to convince another inmate
to kill the witnesses. The fellow inmate spilled to Police.