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Oct 24 08 10:06 AM

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Prison Address:
Patricia Columbo
# C77200 /
Dwight Correctional Center
Route 17 West
P.O. Box 5001
Dwight, IL 60420-5001

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#2 [url]

Jan 27 10 12:19 PM

I believe that Patricia needs another chance at life in the outside world after reading the book.


Why do you think she should be out? The killing of her brother was a horrendous
act as was the murder of her parents, and the reasoning for the murders was
ludicrous IMO.

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#3 [url]

Jan 28 10 9:22 AM

I truly believe that the things she endured as a child made her vulnerable when she hooked up with DeLuca & she has done many good things to improve her life while incarcerated. Everyone should have a 2nd chance.

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#4 [url]

Jan 28 10 11:48 AM

What things do you feel she endured as a child? From what I've read she wasn't
abused or neglected.  I agree that hooking up with Delucca when she was an older
teen wasn't the best thing for her. A lot of parents don't agree with their child hooking
up with an older, married man, but their children don't turn around and kill them.

There are many prisoners who "do good things" behind bars because it improves
their chances of parole. That doesn't mean they are doing them because they've

In 1979 Patricia assisted in organizing sex parties in prison. A lot of high ranking
people in the correctional system were fired or resigned. From accounts of prisoners
and guards alike, Patty is still manipulative to this date.

Doing good in prison IMO doesn't negate that 3 lives were taken. She had no right
to take them.

Pre-meditation: Patricia asked a couple of men to kill her family. She paid in sex.
The men didn't intend to kill anyone. Patty and Frank wised up and decided to do
it on their own.

Frank Columbo, age 43, was shot twice in the face and then bludgeoned with
a bowling trophy.

Mary Columbo, aged 41, was shot between the eyes and her throat slit.

Michael Columbo, aged 13, was sleeping and had slept through the murders
of his parents. He was woken up from his sleep, made to stand up, and was then
shot in the face. His sister, Patricia grabbed her mother's sewing scissors and
stabbed her little brother 87 times in his torso.

How does doing good in prison stand up to that?

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#5 [url]

Jul 25 12 7:52 AM

Having just finished reading "Love's Blood", I am of the opinion that PAC's conviction for murder was a miscarriage of justice. This case is a true tragedy from beginning to end, and my heart goes out to ALL the victims of this sad story.

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