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                                   TRIAL OF THE DECADE


Amidst the many notorious murders in Chicago, a murder case which was

eventually called the "Trial of the Decade" occurred which resonates to this day.

19-year old Patricia Columbo and her 37-year-old married lover & father of five children,

Frank Delucca met when she was 16, They were tried and convicted of killing the

Columbo family in Elk Grove Village.

                                       TRIPLE MURDER

On May 4, Patricia aka Patty arrived and was let into the home by her father

Frank Columbo. Delucca entered the home as Frank started up the stairs

and fired at Frank Columbo. Frank Delucca did the shooting and the mutilation,

stabbing and the bludgeoning of the bodies was done by Patricia Columbo.

Frank Columbo was shot in the head four times and bludgeoned with a bowling

trophy. Mary Columbo was shot in the head once and her throat was slit.

13 year old Michael was shot in the head once and was bludgeoned.

Also there were 87 pin prick stab wounds made with a pair of sewing

scissors on his body.

On May 7 the bodies were found by police.



1997 - July - Patricia Columbo is sentenced to 200 to 300 years in prison.
Frank Delucca is sentenced to 200-300 years.

Illinois did not have LWOP at that time so both are eligible for parole.
Delucca is eligible every three years and Columbo every year.