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Oct 21 08 6:57 PM

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Jennifer Corbin's family stuck with bill for her funeral even though Barton Corbin allowed them no say in arrangements.

Jennifer Corbin's parents had no say in the funeral arrangements for their daughter. Barton Corbin by law, even though suspected of killing his wife, was the only one authorized to make the arrangements.
By the time they were told about the arrangements, they were also told they had less than an hour to say their goodbyes.

Now the family has been stuck with the bill for her cremation, a service they didn't want.

Norda Barber, Jennifer's mother: Barton Corbin made the arrangements without telling the family.

"We went down to the funeral home expecting to make arrangements for her funeral. "I kissed her little head, and I hugged her and I said goodbye to her ...and then they took her and they cremated her.
The cremation was going to be at 3 o'clock," she continues, "and it was then 11:30. We were then in shock. I said but I'm her mom, this is her dad, we don't want that."

"It is not about a funeral bill for nearly $5,000 --instead it's about not having any say in their daughter's final services. "Why he would have been so cold and so uncaring, how could this have happened, how could this occur? And there's no answer."

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Oct 21 08 7:47 PM


Jennifer's father, Max Barber: "Barton, what you did was the right thing to do. Admitting to the murders of Jennifer and Dolly. The broekn hearts of the Barber, Hearn, and Corbin families you can't imagine. The hearts are going to mend. But I don't know about ours. I want you to know that Dalton and Dillon will get the love they need to grow. God may forgive you, I never will. I just virtually hope you burn in hell."

Jennifer's mother, Narda Barber: "I knew it, we all knew it."

"She is angry over many things. The way defense attorneys threatened to bring up details of her daughter's online affair, but how they barely mentioned Barton's longtime affair. The way her daughter's death was set up to look like a suicide. The fact that it took almost two years to get a key witness to come forward.

But she is especially hurt over how Barton Corbin's family defended him for so long and how they never personally offered condolences to her family.

"Jennifer was a part of that family and after nine years of cooking and cleaning and helping them, in her hour of need, she was deserted by the Corbin family."

"She said she did not look at her former son-in-law much during the proceedings. As her husband Max delivered the withering address to Corbin, Narda said she focused only on the words, which she said Max had not prepared in advance. "He said it straight from his heart and it was a small token of our family's sorrow. Justice is never going to return our daughter."

Jennifer's sister, Heather Barber Tierney said, "I just can't believe it's all over."

"I feel like an elephant was just lifted from my chest." "In her heart, she'd known all along. But to hear him say it. To hear her former brother-in-law, Barton Corbin, stand in a packed courtroom on Friday and say, yes, he'd pulled the trigger, well, it brought relief but also a hollowness. This man had stolen her best friend."

"Jennifer was a woman that touched a lot of people's lives, the healing can now begin."

"I just want to say, this was my sister. This is Jennifer Barber. She was a mother, she was a sister. She was a daughter, she was an aunt. She was a teacher, and she was a dear friend to a lot of people. And she was murdered by Barton Corbin."

"We did get a small bit of vengeance today. Nothing's going to bring Jennifer back. Our hearts are never going to heal from this."

"But we're going to pick up the peices today. We're going to learn to rebuild our family. And we want to thank you guys, the press, for helping us facilitate this."

"Heather Tierney and her husband, Doug, intend to seek permanent custody of Jennifer and Barton Corbin's sons, Dalton, 9, and Dillon, 7. Since the murder, the boys have been in the Tierney's temporary custody. "Jennifer Corbin's two children have been in the care of her family since her death and the two children will be given every opportunity to succeed in life."

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