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"She pleaded guilty to murder earlier this month and faced 30 years to life in prison without

parole. Prosecutors made no recommendation, but offered no mercy either. Duley will have

to serve every day of her sentence. "You have left no one involved in the case with a good

choice here today," Circuit Court Judge Edgar Dickson said. "Your family has the unenviable

task of deciding between the grief of losing their grandchildren and supporting their child, the mother who killed them."


"Duley's chance to ask for mercy came on March 16 when she pleaded guilty. She cried

as she apologized for what she did. She also said she was happy that God let her keep

her memories of her sons. "In spite of whatever I've gone through," Duley said, "I still have

hope and joy in my heart that one day I will see them again."







 “I couldn’t leave them behind,” she said. “I figured if I got to die, I got to take them with

me.”  "I couldn’t leave them, I really felt bad,” she said. “I wanted them with me no matter

where I was because I felt like nobody else was going to be mommy. My boys adored me

and I adored them.”


"She had given the boys their juice, which was laced with the pain reliever.
After sleeping for an unknown amount of time, Duley woke up. Her plan hadn’t
worked. Winfrey asked if she could have reconsidered in that time. Duley
said she did not. “That’s when I, uhm, I suffocate them, and....” Duley said before
pausing. “How did you do it?” Winfrey asked. “With my hands.” “You took your own
hands and you suffocated your boys?” Duley broke down in tears.

“How were you about to do that? How were you about to do that?” Winfrey asked.
“Who did you suffocate first?” “I don’t remember. I think Devean first.”
Winfrey brings up the coroner’s report that suggests Devean struggled with his
mother, struggled for his life. “When I read that it really pierced my heart, because
the thought of a two-year-old struggling with his mother, while his mother is suffocating
 him, is really unbearable,” Winfrey said. “Could you sense that he was fighting for his life?”
“He had to be.”