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The Secret Life of a Serial Killer Kendall Francois - The Beast of Poughkeepsie

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Apr 1 12 1:19 PM

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This extremely disturbing case has attracted some recent attention, as another unidentified women has been found with all the clues pointing to the beast of Poughkeepsie. Such evil is deeply disturbing and beyond  even animals.....animals socialize with more feelings than this cold, callous, Necro Serial Killer. Be advised, this is graphic and explicit content.

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Apr 14 12 11:25 AM

I hadn't heard of this case before and he certainly deserves to pay for his crimes. He'll never pay enough, or in a way that is as cruel as the manner in which he killed his victims.

Quote "Another disturbing fact had emerged as well. Kendall Francois was employed at the Arlington High School, just a few miles from the city. He was a hall monitor that was well known for inappropriate conduct among students and eventually let go from employment at the school. One can only imagine what potential that implies. " UNQUOTE

That certainly is a scary development out of the case.

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Jul 19 12 12:30 PM

I saw a episode of these murders on A & E not long ago. It really suprised me because I'm from NY and had never heard of this monster, it's not unheard of to here about your garden variety homicides, gangs and drug affiliated but Serial Killers, wow..However, although I'm not blaming his immediate family members, it is inconcievable for a family of three, Father, Mother and sister not to realize the stench in the house and, especially the mother since she worked in a mental hospital, I'm sure she's aquainted with the odor of death, but if not, how can you enter and exit a house daily and not realize there's a foul and unusal smell and inquire and investigate? I saw on the show how the house was filthy, who allows that? but the main question the hell an adult of his age lives there and does not work and you don't ask what are you doing all day and why does the house look like s;;;t if you're home all day? I think the whole family was/is dysfunctional as a result they ignored the signs of a Serial Killer in their midst.

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Oct 17 12 7:19 AM

I had a former co-worker who had a friend in New York who car pooled to work with this guy to work years ago. It is pretty creepy when you know of someone who knows about the actual person! It makes these serial killers all the more real to you!  This person did not suspect a thing.  He would just pick him up for work in front of that house.

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