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Ann Rules

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Feb 23 12 10:52 AM

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Ann Rule is awesome.  I've read many, many of her books, watched TV movies, etc.  Came here to get info on Debora Green ("Bitter Harvest")

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Feb 23 12 2:46 PM

Ann Rule is currently working on a book about Susan Powell.  Ann was working on the
book before the tragic murders of Susan's sons. She has recently met with Susan's

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Mar 14 13 3:00 AM

      Ann Rule really knew what she's writing about. Ann Rule is an American true crime writer whose notable works include A Stranger Beside Me, about serial killer and former Samaritans co-worker Ted Bundy. I like her books.

Method To Book Escort

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Jul 9 13 7:06 PM

I've been stuck on fictional mystery books for the past couple of years, Connelly and Sandford in particular.
I just read Ann Rule's Dead by Sunset.  The story was well written and very interesting, but a bit too much fluff.  I may have chosen one of her early works?  Anyone recommend anything other than Small Sacrifices?

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Sep 6 13 2:27 PM

Everyone of Ann's books are fantastic I've read them all. Too late to say goodbye, Heart full of lies and Everything she ever wanted are 3 of my favorites by her.

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