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Is Kristen Rossum really guilty??

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Jan 23 12 4:55 PM

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It is hard to say. C. Rother wrote a mostly very good book though with a couple of glaring mistakes and a bit of over identification with the prosecution due partly because of a past relationship with an "alcoholic" husband. She did at least disclose this. However as Judge Gertner implores why not look at Greg's body for metabolites to see what really killed him. This is a facinating case and does not seem to "add up" at least with some psychological dynamics. One glaring mistake Rother and the atrocious defense team made was not to discuss the history of mental illness in Greg's family and how this could have ignited suicidal depression. A young person with this tremendous marital stress often can become suicidal and without others really being able to tell. Now yes kristen was an on and off addict. It is easy to see her stealing/obtaining various drugs including fentanyle and then Greg takes these to relax/sleep without knowing what they really were. It is also possible the sample was spiked while left unlocked at the lab. The whole thing does not add up. Kristen's behavior seems to indicate his death was a surprise. She met with Michael at the ER!!!! Are either that stupid?? HaRD TO BELIEVE! wHAT DO YOU THINK?

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Aug 9 12 10:41 AM

I think what ending up convicting her was the type of "poison" (don't know the term) that was found in his system that wasn't available anywhere else but where she worked - medical examiner's office.  They made a lot of noise about the yellow rose that she bought that day at the drug store and I believe that was what was strewn around his bed (but don't remember). 

On another note, I heard she was pen pals with Scott Peterson these days...

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Aug 10 12 10:40 AM

Well, I mean someone that committs suicide could well take a rose that is in the house and arrange by their suicide the fentanyl could well have either been planted Because it was never proved to be in his system !! Remember her appeal was over ruled to check this...interesting..

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Aug 11 12 8:24 AM

True.  I forgot about the appeal and that issue.  I think there should have at least been a hearing to invetigate that further.  It has been awhile since I read anything about this case.

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