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Christopher Wilder

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Jan 21 12 7:03 AM

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I need information about Australian-born spree/serial killer and sexual sadist Christopher Wilder as I am writing a new book.

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Feb 8 12 2:57 PM

For those wondering who Christopher Wilder was:


Christopher Bernard Wilder (13 March 1945 – 13 April 1984) was a serial killer
 who abducted and raped at least ten women and killed at least eight of them during
a spree across the United Statesin early 1984. His rampage began in Florida and
continued across the country through Texas, Oklahoma, Nevada, California, and
New York before he committed  suicide during a struggle with police in New
Hampshire on April 13.  He is also believed to have raped girls aged 10 and 12 in
Florida during 1983. For many years since his death, Wilder has also been considered
the prime suspect in the unsolved Wanda Beach murder of two teenage girls in
Sydney, Australia in 1965.



FREE LIBRARY - A Teen's teriffying days with a killer in 1984, an L.A. area girl became
one of the targets of a hunted man who took her on a cross country nightmare.'S+TERRIFYING+DAYS+WITH+A+KILLER+IN+1984,+AN+L.A.-AREA+GIRL...-a0179511757

"On April 4, 1984, when 16-year-old Tina Marie Risico vanished while shopping at the
Del Amo Fashion Center. 
n Torrance, authorities wondered if he'd claimed
another victim. 

He had.

Over the next week, while driving back across the country, the 39-year- old Wilder
abused and terrorized Risico. He also kidnapped and fatally stabbed another woman,
but spared the Torrance teen. "He liked her," Torrance police Lt. Lee Turner said at
the time. "Because he was ordering her around and she was complying ... I guess
he thought that was friendship or something."


BOOKRAGS - Christopher Wilder Biography

"Attempting to flee, he was shot fatally in the heart. But thereafter, the victim count
climbed: two pre-teen girls identified him in police mug shots as the man who had
abducted and sodomized them. Investigators ultimately linked him to as many as
ten more unsolved deaths and disappearances in Australia in the 1960s and in the
United States during the 1980s, all of them teenaged girls.

GOOGLE NEWSPAPERS regarding the family of Wilder; disposition of his remains etc..

GOOGLE NEWSPAPERS -  regarding claims on Insurance payoff of $50 million.

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