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Terry Nero Attempted Murder

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Jan 17 12 1:32 PM

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In the efforts to persuade a few more folks to add to the information already provided for this case, this discussion has been started to allow follow up and additional information to be provided to Henrico County Police to Chuck Hanna, the investigator for the case at
Henrico County Division of Police
P. O. Box 90775
Henrico, VA 23273-0775
7721 E. Parham Rd.
Henrico, VA 23294

Phone: (804) 501-5000


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Jan 18 12 6:21 PM

Would you be willing to share a few details about this case? Such as, who is Terry Nero?
It's apparent this case occurred in Virginia, but I've found nothing online regarding the case.

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Feb 11 12 6:42 PM

Terry Nero was fighting vigorously in court to protect his daughet that was apparently in much danger with any attempt at proper parental protection being dsimissed or diverted.

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Apr 14 12 11:40 AM

WTVR  2012 - March 9   Reward Offered

"Some people supporting me are putting up 5000 dollars,” Nero said.  “It’s not much,
but I hope it means something to somebody for whatever reason.”

Nero has a website where you can post
information anonymously.  It also has the history of his case and specifics about
the reward.  He’s hoping CBS 6 viewers and readers will take a look and help him
close the chapter on the darkest day of his life.  ”My whole purpose in life is to get
this case over with so I can move on,” he said."

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Apr 14 12 12:07 PM

For those unfamiliar with the case (as I was) the shooting of Terry Nero occurred
in 2010 - while he was standing in his own home.

NBC12  2
2010 -  March 12 - 

"Loved ones say Nero chatting with his mother, who was visiting, when the crime unfolded.

They were in the kitchen -- then, gunfire. Family members say the bullet entered one side

of Nero's cheek and came out the other side. "It appears as though the suspect, or suspects

were hiding outside the victim's home in his backyard just before the shooting," said Lt. Eric Owens."


"Police say seconds after the shooting a witness spotted someone running away from the

scene. The victim is separated with three adult children. He's a property manager at a

company in Glen Allen. Family members say Nero underwent one round of reconstructive

surgery overnight and that at least 6 more surgeries are expected."


More at link



DAILY PLOT  2012 - February 24 -

"On March 11, 2010, Terry Nero was standing in his kitchen talking with his mother

about his sons surgery. Little did he know that minutes later, he would be rushed into

surgery himself. A single shot from a high powered rifle came through the kitchen

window, hitting Nero in the jaw. “It shattered my entire upper jaw and 60 percent of

my lower jaw,” says Nero.

He goes on to say he’s had 6 reconstructive surgeries and the end of his facial

operations isn’t in sight. Henrico police continue to work on this case. Nero believes

someone close by has information that’s needed to put the triggerman behind bars."


More at link




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#9 [url]

May 5 12 8:41 PM

Hopefully there will be evidence for an arrest and trial in the case against the perpetrator(s).

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