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Jan 16 12 8:56 PM

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 2012 - January - 14 - IT'S OFFICIAL - Joran van der Sloot IS a MURDERER.
                          Joran van der Sloot pleads GUILTY to strangling Stephany Flores in Peru.



"As Joran van der Sloot stood before a panel of three women judges in a Peruvian
court, he looked confident — and bored — just as he had two days earlier. He
even smiled as a judge began reading his sentence. But, then, when the words
“28 years” were read loud and clear, Joran’s demeanor suddenly changed. He
wiped the sweat from his brow as his eyes darted from side to side. And then
he wiped tears from his eyes. Joran cried for himself, not for Stephany Flores..."

"After his sentence was handed down, Van der Sloot was transferred to the
high-security Piedras Gordas penitentiary in northern Lima from the Castro
Castro prison where he’d been housed before and where it had been been reported
that he was enjoying special privileges of Internet access, TV, and cellphone use.
Apparently, that won’t be the case at the Piedras Gordas prison, where Joran is
expected to serve out his time in less than desirable conditions until the year 2038.
So be it."


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Jan 18 12 6:17 PM

 "Titled "My Personal Story", van der Sloot, w24 was asked to write
the document by forensic psychologist Silvia Roa Rgalado as part
of a handwriting examination after his arrest for the murder of
Miss Flores. Written on a crumpled piece of paper, he talks about
his childhood in Aruba, his relationships and the death of his father
in 2010."


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Jan 18 12 6:18 PM

Geraldo Rivera:

"Remember the old saw about the kid who murders his parents and then throws
himself on the mercy of the court because he is an orphan?

That’s what I thought of when Joran’s Peruvian defense lawyer begged the court for
mercy because his client was going through a period of “post-traumatic stress” at
the time he killed Stephanie. The source of the stress was being “persecuted
throughout the world” as the suspected killer of Natalie Holloway.

Having reported from several Peruvian and other remote, cold, high Andean prisons
over the years, I can say with confidence that Joran’s stress has just begun."


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Jan 18 12 7:34 PM

Well, if there ever was any doubt about his connection to the Natalee Holloway case I guess this takes care of that. The guy is clearly a very dangerous person and the world is a much safer place for young women now that he's locked up. 

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Jan 19 12 5:05 PM

His utter arrogance is at the root of who he is imo, and that is why Natalee disappeared, is
presumed dead, and Stephany Flores IS dead at his hands. Both of them decided NOT to
do something he wanted, or he decided to steal from them and get rid of any witnesses.
I'm glad the authorities moved him to Lima, up in the cold, cold mountains where he'll
likely be in general pop.

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Feb 8 12 5:24 PM

Joran van der Sloot's "angel" has resigned from his case and turned her attention
elsewhere, while van der Sloot begs her for more cash.

"A woman who once described herself as Joran van der Sloot's "guardian angel"
says she was duped out of $75,000 by the admitted murderer's lawyer. Mary hamer,
a Florida radiologist who visited van der Sloot in Peru before his trial for killing Stephany
Flores, says Jose Luis Jimenez told her the money would cover the 24-year-old Dutch
national's bail, according to Radar Online. Hamer later learned that van der Sloot, who
was sentenced to 28 years, was inelegible for bail. Now, Hamer is demanding a refund.
In addition to keeping the money she's already given him, van der Sloot asked her for
$1,000 to buy a new phone "so he can communicate with [her] again." Jimenez denied
that he misled Hamer about the funds and claimed that he returned the money, despite
van der Sloot's wish that he hold onto it, according to a separate Radar report. 

Hamer allegedly received an email from van der Sloot's mother, Anita van der Sloot,
that said "some lives are NOT worth saving," after the Peruvian judges handed down
their sentence, The National Enquirer says." 
More at link
January 31, 2012 

"He has been manipulating Hamer to give him more money to pay lawyer fees and pay
off prison staff, a source said. But it may be too late for van der Sloot, after Hamer turned
her advocacy efforts towards Amir Hekmati, the Iranian-American sentenced to death in
 Iran earlier this month for allegedly being a spy for the CIA, this weekend."

More at link

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