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Riley Ann Sawyers murdered by her mother and stepfather

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Jan 9 12 2:53 PM

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Just watched a show on ID and it was about this story. This woman and man ( I use those terms loosely, because to me they seem less that human ) need to be strung up and hung from a tree, naked, covered in honey and left for the animals.

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Feb 8 12 3:16 PM

Sorry, but that would harm the animals!  The punishments they inflicted up that innocent
child to be visited upon them would suffice. However, justice has incarcerated them and
their lives outside of prison, with all that should mean, are o.v.e.r.

For those not family with the case:

Kimberly Dawn Treno (mother) and Royce Clyde Zeigler, Jr. (stepdad)
beat and dunked the innocent two year old child, fatally beating her to death.
They then tried to get away with their crime(s).
"They kept the container in a storage shed for approximately two months before
dumping it into Galveston Bay, where it was discovered by local fisherman Robert
Wayne Spinn on October 29, 20."

Police and media dubbed the then unknown child as "Baby Grace" until she was

Riley Ann Sawyers (March 11, 2005 - July 24, 2007) was a two-year-old girl from
Mentor, Ohio, who was beaten to death by her mother and stepfather, and whose
body was subsequently discovered in Galveston Bay. At this point police began
 a nationwide effort to identify her, and was known in the press as Baby Grace
while her identity was unknown. Her identity was confirmed after her paternal
grandmother, Sheryl Sawyers, notified police after seeing a composite sketch
of the child. The remains were positively identified through DNA testing on
November 30, 2007.
Trenor was convicted of capital murder on February 2, 2009. Trenor received a life
sentence with the possibility of parole in 38 years

Zeigler also faced charges of capital murder as well as evidence tampering. On
November 6, 2009, he was convicted of capital murder and received an automatic
sentence of life imprisonment without the possibility of parole, as the state did not
seek the death penalty."


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#2 [url]

Feb 8 12 3:19 PM


FIND A GRAVE: where you can leave a flower in remembrance and respect.
More photos of Riley Ann Sawyer are posted at the site.

"A little girl who loved the color pink, sledding, playing with her grandmother's make-up
and Elmo. Her cremains were buried in a hand-made coffin along with a pink dress and
her favorite Elmo stuffed animal."

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