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Dec 18 11 7:31 PM

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2012 - January 4 - JURY SELECTION TO BEGIN
BACKGROUND:  Sheila Davalloo had been having an affair with
Nelson Sessler who was unaware that Davalloo was married. He broke their affair
off and returned to his girlfriend, Anna Lisa Raymundo. Shortly after, Raymundo
was murdered. Anna Lisa had been stabbed 20 times and her head bludgeoned
with a blunt object.

Sheila Davallo stabbed her then husband, Paul Christo, 3 times in the chest. He
survived and divorced Davalloo.

Sheila Davalloo was convicted of Attempted Murder February 2004, Westchester
County Court, and sentenced to 25 years without possibility of parole.

2007 - November 6 - Sheila Davalloo was arrested for the murder of Anna Lisa Raymundo.
                                Davalloo pled Not Guilty.

2011 - November 28 -Sheila Davalloo to represent herself in court. 

Former Pleasantville, NY resident Sheila Davalloo, charged with the murder of Stamford
resident Anna Lisa Raymundo, has announced that her public defender will not represent
her, according to a report by The Journal News.

Allegedly, Davalloo killed Raymundo on Nov. 8, 2002 in Raymundo's Stamford
and then resumed an ongoing affair with Raymundo's boyfriend Nelson Sessler. Davalloo,
who has a degree in biochemistry, worked at Stamford's Perdue Pharma with both Sessler
and Raymundo.

A Westchester judge sentenced Davallo to 25 years in prison for the attempted murder
of her husband, which occured four months after Raymundo's death. In her first trial,
Davalloo was accused of stabbing her husband during a sex game, eventually driving
him to the hospital, and then stabbing him again. vFormally charged in 2007 with the
murder of Anna Lisa Raymundo, Davallo has awaited trial for several years while being
a focus of media attention within the region.
2011 - 22 July
Filipino Reporter - Photo of a smiling Anna Lisa Raymundo at top of article
                             and a photo of Sheila Davalloo in court at bottom.
 "STAMFORD, Ct. — Pre-trial hearings have began for the upcoming
litigation of a New York woman accused of repeatedly stabbing to
death Filipino-American pharmaceutical executive Anna Lisa Raymundo

Raymundo, 32, daughter of of Drs. Renato and Susan Ramos Raymundo
of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, was a Harvard University graduate who
earned a master’s degree from Columbia University. A rising executive
in pharmaceutical industry, she worked at Purdue Pharma in Stamford
for several years before taking a job at a company in New Jersey about
a year before her death.
She was allegedly brutally murdered by Sheila Davalloo, now 42,
an Iranian-American from Westchester, N.Y. and who is reportedly
suffering from bipolar disorder, after both women simultaneously
dated research scientist Nelson Sesseler, a co-worker at Purdue
 Pharma in Stamford.Police said Sessler dumped Davalloo, who
was then married, to pursue a serious relationship with Raymundo."

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Dec 28 11 4:58 PM

2011 - December 26 -  Court Ruling

"Secretly recorded conversations between former Pleasantville resident Sheila Davalloo
and her ex-lover can be played for the jury when Davalloo goes on trial next month in
the slaying of his girlfriend, a judge has ruled."

Davalloo did not implicate herself in the Nov. 8, 2002, killing of Anna Lisa Raymundo
when Nelson Sessler taped her several months later. But she did deny visiting
Raymundo’s apartment in Stamford in 2002 — and prosecutors may want to
juxtapose that claim with DNA evidence they contend links her to the crime scene.
After Davalloo’s arrest, Sessler began speaking with her. Stamford police put a wire
on him so he could tape their conversations to see if she would admit to the killing.
Davalloo, who is representing herself, opposed the admission of the tapes in court,
arguing that Sessler was acting as an agent for the police when they could not
question her because she had invoked her right to counsel. 


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Jan 16 12 7:34 PM

2012 - January -                 JURY SELECTION BEGINS


"Prosecutors and Davalloo, who will represent herself, selected three jurors Wednesday
morning -- two women and one man -- from a 24-person panel in state Superior Court
in Stamford. Twelve jurors and two alternates are needed before the trial begins Jan. 24."

"Judge Richard Comerford told jurors he expects the trial to take 3 1/2 weeks."

"Davalloo asked whether jurors believed she was presumed innocent despite being on
 trial for murder and whether they thought police officers always told the truth. Jury
selection continues on Thursday.Davalloo faces 25 to 60 years in prison if convicted
of murder."

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Jan 18 12 6:11 PM


Convicted prisoner Sheila Davalloo is against having cameras during her trial for murder.

"A Pleasantville woman going on trial for murder doesn’t want cameras in the courtroom
because she claims to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder after living through the
Iranian Revolution as a child. Sheila Davalloo, 42, who is representing herself, said her constitutional rights would be violated if she had to question witnesses with the cameras
“It’s akin to performance anxiety,” she told Superior Court Judge Richard Comerford
Wednesday. “I don’t feel I’ll be 100 percent if the video is on.”
The judge was unmoved, saying that Davalloo’s objection was not compelling enough
to deny the public’s right to see the judicial system in action. He ruled in an application
by The Journal News that the media would be allowed to photograph and videotape the
trial, which opens on Tuesday."

More at link

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Feb 8 12 3:49 PM

2012 - February 7 - Davaloo rests her defense case.


"A central witness in Davalloo's defense, Gary Riley, a former Stamford resident who
served a five-year prison sentence for burglary, testified to seeing a man and woman
arguing outside a Harbor Drive housing complex before police found Raymundo dead
 in her waterfront condo from multiple stab wounds and blunt head trauma on Nov. 8,

The prosecution, in turn, picked apart Riley's credibility, casting him as a drug-addled
alcoholic who changed his story several times in order to cut a deal."

"Comerford scheduled closing arguments for 2 p.m. Wednesday, giving Davalloo the

morning to prepare. Each side gets an hour to pitch their case to the jury. Davalloo

motioned for an acquittal just before court adjourned."

Much more at link

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Feb 9 12 7:54 PM

2012 - February 9 -  Jury has begun deliberating.

"A jury ended its first day of deliberations this afternoon...."

"During closing arguments yesterday, Davalloo listed 15 examples of what she said
was reasonable doubt in the case. Among the examples was testimony from Gary
 Riley, a convicted burglar who said he saw a man and a woman who looked like
Raymundo fighting inside of a condo the day of the slaying, while another woman
crouched down near the condo steps outside. Davalloo suggested that the unknown
man may have been the killer, and the woman, likely a maid, made the 911 call.
But prosecutor James Bernardi, in his closing arguments , said Davalloo’s witness
was “not worthy of belief,” accusing Riley of being a drug addict and alcohoic and
said Riley gave conflicting acocunts of what he saw. “His testimony doesn’t mean
anything,” Bernardi said. “There is overwhelming evidence of guilt in this case.”

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#6 [url]

Feb 10 12 10:50 PM

                               SENTENCING - SCHEDULED FOR APRIL 27, 2012

"The victim’s father, Dr. Renato Raymundo, closed his eyes and exhaled deeply when

the verdict was read; her mother, Dr. Susan Raymundo, bowed her head and wept as

relatives and supporters comforted her. The couple hugged each other as Davalloo was

handcuffed and escorted from the courtroom. “We got what we were asking for through

all the years of suffering,” Renato Raymundo said.


Davalloo, 42, now faces an additional 25 to 60 years in prison when she is sentenced

April 27 for the Stamford slaying.


Outside the courtroom, Christos, who with Sessler testified against her, said he was

happy and relieved to see his ex-wife convicted."


More at link

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#7 [url]

May 5 12 8:39 PM
"A former Pleasantville resident was sentenced Friday to 50 years in prison in the killing
of the other woman in a workplace love triangle a decade ago in Stamford.

Sheila Davalloo, already serving a 25-year sentence in New York for trying to kill her
husband in 2003, will be eligible for release when she is 110, if her conviction is upheld.
Prosecutors had asked for the maximum sentence, or 60 years, after Davalloo’s conviction
on murder charges related to the November 2002 killing of Anna Lisa Raymundo. Her
Connecticut sentence will be served after she finishes a previously imposed 25-year 
sentence for the attempted murder of her ex-husband, Paul Christos."

Davalloo expressed no remorse during her statement before the court, adding that she
planned to appeal."
More at link

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#8 [url]

May 27 12 11:07 AM


"A New York woman convicted of the 2002 killing of her co-worker at a Stamford
 pharmaceutical company was given a 50-year prison sentence Friday in Stamford
Superior Court. Sheila Davalloo, 42, was convicted in February of the Nov. 8, 2002
murder of Anna-Lisa Raymundo, her one-time co-worker at Purdue Pharma. Davalloo
is currently serving a 25-year sentence for the attempted murder of her ex-husband,
Paul Christos, in 2003. Davalloo’s sentences will be served consecutively, according
to court officials."

More at link

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