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Dec 18 11 6:18 PM

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2011 - November 29 - Judge blocks reburials of slain family for now
"A downstate judge has temporarily blocked a family's quest to have the remains of a
 strangled woman and her two sons exhumed for reburial near her native Chicago, giving
him time to weigh arguments by the imprisoned killer and his parents that the bodies
should stay put.

Relatives of Sheri Coleman and her two boys had hoped to disinter the remains

Monday from a cemetery in Chester. The Randolph County community is the
hometown of Coleman's former husband, Christopher Coleman, who is serving
life sentences in the May 2009 killings.

Just hours before the planned exhumations, a judge there issued a temporary

restraining order sought by Christopher Coleman and his parents and halted
the exhumations pursued by Sheri Coleman's Chicago-area mother and brother.

"It's hard to envision that a murderer can dictate to the victims' family where they

must go to see their loved ones. It's malicious," Enrico Mirabelli, a Chicago attorney
who's a cousin of Sheri Coleman, said Tuesday. "We find the Colemans' actions
simply adding insult to injury, and we're confident the judge will reject their position."

Circuit Judge Richard Brown did not immediately set a hearing date.

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Dec 18 11 6:21 PM


2011 - July -7
"Much of the evidence used at trial to convict Christopher Coleman of slaying his wife and
two sons in Columbia, Ill., in 2009 was made publicly available Thursday in Monroe County
Circuit Court. Judge Milton Wharton arranged for copies of more than 100 photos and other material — including videos of the interrogation of Coleman by detectives and depositions
taken from televangelist Joyce Meyer and her son — to be released. The Post-Dispatch
and other news organizations filed formal requests for the material. Wharton held out
graphic crime-scene photos of the victims and sex-themed photos and videos made
by Coleman and his mistress Tara Lintz.

Material will be posted here as it is processed.

While the disclosure provides the first widespread public access to the material, it does

not include anything that was not already seen or heard by reporters covering the trial in

court in Waterloo in April and May."


VIDEOS at link
Joyce Meyer's taped deposition
Surveillance video (home surveillance) Gavin and Garrett




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