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Pastor carolDaniels Murder UNSOLVED?

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Nov 3 11 10:26 AM

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How did the killers feel so comfortable on a Sunday Morning 1/2 block away from Police dept.!

Clue # 2 Hot summer day Church windows open?  Low traffic on Sunday area very quiet!

killers new how to cover all their D.N.A. all this done 1/2 block away from an Arrest?

A camera man not a Police officer found a unrelated knife across the st. from same loud Murder?

Sewers were not checked the next day?  Possibly never thoroughly checked?

Was the officer assigned on duty reprimanded,where was he at the time of the MURDER?

Why was there such a lack of effort on local Police Dept.?

Why wasn't all Police officer's not given a Lie Detector test by F.B.I.?

The Killers had plenty of time to make a mistake feeling free1

Why not send a Homeland Security Van into AnaDarko,Ok.?

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