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Who killed Nikki LaDue January? 9 yrs no investigation, no arrests - Pass Christian, MS

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Sep 9 11 4:05 PM

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I am hoping you would take a look at this cold closed case from 2002. It is a very interesting case. A beautiful young mother found shot in the head with her 5 yr old with her body for several hours. There was no investigation.

Her site is she has a blog and a Facebook page with 3,600 friends and growing.

Right now an ex-cop is writing about her case LaDue January

He's doing a series on her case. Another interesting not about this case is  Gary Hargrove, Harrison County Coroner Gulfport, MS - said of Nikki’s case “no autopsy or investigation was necessary.” He is one of the subjects of a federal investigation into suspicious deaths at the Harrison County jail.  CNN.COM - transcripts Anderson Cooper 360 degrees, “allegations of abuse and torture surface at Mississippi jail."  7/27/2007

Also Lead Det Tom Pustay is now in prison for child abuse which occurred around the time of Nikki's death. The ex-cop Slam Dunk writes about him.

Nikki's Blog:

True Crime Diva wrtes about bullet and more

This story is ripe with mystery. Located on the Gulf Coast. Casinos, drugs and corruption. Who killed Nikki LaDue January??

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