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Jun 20 11 4:41 PM

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Tulsa, Oklahoma - Joshua Hilberling, a graduate of Victory Christian School in Tulsa,
                            a football player and native son of Oklahoma is pushed to his death.
Jeanne Hilberling (mother of Joshua)
"I want people to remember who Josh was, not how he died. I want them to
remember the kind compassionate friend who would do anything for anybody."
"Josh was "just a sweet boy. He was always willing to help others. He would help
others and neglect himself. He always had a smile and witty sense of humor."
"Josh just had a gift and love for everything. We just will never forget him. 
 He's one of a kind. Anybody that knows Josh is going to miss that smile, but
no one more than  his proud military parents who wanted the world for son."
                              In Loving Memory of Joshua Hilberling (Facebook)

                                        Owasso Reporter - Obituary

Hilberling Family statement:
"Our hearts go out to all the victims. We realize we are not the only ones that
have been affected by this tragedy. Amber Hilberling's parents "lost a daughter
as well. The lives of Amber's siblings and step siblings are forever changed too.
The many friends that were touched by Josh's life are grieving too. Our prayers
go out to everyone."

2010 - August - Wichita Falls, Texas - Joshua "Josh" Hilberling marries Amber.......

2011 - April -  Joshua and Amber Hilberling experience increasing
                      marital issues.

Patrick Hilberling (father of Joshua)
"I was aware of previous abuse, but Josh was trying to work through the
problems with his wife. I think that's why he stayed with Amber as long
as he did, because he thought he could fix it. I wasn't sure it could be

2011 - May 10 - Tulsa County District Court - Joshua Hilberling files for an
                        emergency protective order against his wife Amber Hilberling.

Joshua Hilberling's  Protective Order Filing  (PDF format)

 Joshua Hilberling
"My wife grabbed a floor lamp and "pushed/threw the lamp at me and
 busted me in the head." Paramedics took me to a hospital, where I
 received 10 staples and 11 stitches."

Patrick & Jeanne Hilberling
"Josh went to Domestic Violence Intervention Services (DVS) looking for help. 
It was difficult for him to admit he was a victim.  Despite filing a protective order, 
Josh kept going back to his wife for the sake of their unborn child."

2011 - May 24 - The case is dismissed because neither Josh, nor Amber 
                        appears at the court hearing. 

2011 - May - Joshua Hilberling is discharged from the Air Force at the end of his
                   service duty. He returns home to Oklahoma, intending to become a
                   registered nurse.
Patrick Hilberling (father of Joshua)
"Josh received a discharge from the Air Force and moved back to Tulsa in May.
My son was happy to move back home and was getting ready to go back to
school, where he wanted to become a registered nurse. He was glad to be home
with family and friends. You couldn't ask for a better son, a better friend." 

2011 - June 7 - Joshua "Josh" Hilberling (23) meets an untimely death at the
                        hands of his wife, Amber Hilberling (19). She is accused of,
                       & arrested for, pushing Josh from a 25th story window at the
                       University Club Tower, causing him to fall 17 stories to the
                       parking garage below.
A man in an apartment hears glass breaking, then sees Joshua fallling
telephones 911.
Mina White
"What I heard was big bang at first and I'm thinking it was an earthquake.
Then I looked out the window and I saw the person. My reaction was
what in the world is going on? Is the heat getting to people?" 
                4:00 p.m. - Shortly after 4 police officers are called.
                                 Police find Joshua Hilberling deceased.
Officer Jason Willingham (Tulsa Police Spokesman)
"Most of the time you have a homicide similar to this and typically the
woman is the victim. I don't recall any situation that is similar in recent
history, for sure."
When paramedics arrived, police questioned witnesses and those who
knew the couple, determining that Josh had been "pushed out the window,
breaking the  window and causing his death. It was a heck of a fall."
"The couple had a history of domestic violence and there had been
protective orders "on both sides." At first Amber Hilberling was arrested
on second-degree murder, but later police changed it to first-degree when
they looked at the evidence. It tipped the scale."
Sgt. Dave Walker
"Evidence at the scene was sufficient to arrest Amber Hilberling on the
murder complaint.  She "made statements to witnesses that she pushed
the victim and that caused him to fall through the window." 
 "Amber Hilberling is more than 7 months pregnant."
"An argument between the couple preceded Joshua Hilberling's fall.
The couple had a history of domestic violence claims. Each spouse's
family is accusing the other spouse of violence. "It depends on what
side of the family you talk to as to who is the more aggressive one."
"Tulsa police do not have any previous reports of domestic violence
between the couple. The couple apparently married and moved to
Tulsa recently."
"Detectives are looking into reports of domestic violence in other
"Police initially arrested  Amber Michelle Hilberling on a second-degree
murder complaint. That was upgraded to a first-degree murder complaint
Wednesday after further investigation."

Patrick Hilberling (father of Joshua)
"The day he died, Josh told me he was trying to leave for good."
"When I saw the (Tulsa Police Department) chaplain, I knew she killed him.
She finally did it."

Jeanne Hilbering (mother of Joshua)
"He was trying to leave her. He called his dad at 3:30 and said his bags were
 packed - he couldn't take anymore."
"That's the only thing people need to know is that when you're trying to leave,
it's the most dangerous time."  "We taught him to never hit a woman, but
what we didn't think to teach him was to get away."

"She admitted at the scene that she pushed him - no remorse - nothing. Even
smiled at the by standers."


2011 - June 10 - Bond Hearing -  Special Judge Dawn Moody orders Amber
                         Hilberling to wear an electronic monitor, ordered to surrender
                         her passport, granted a $250,000 bond, and in addition told
                         Amber Hilberling to not leave the State of Oklahoma.
                         These conditions are to remain in place until Prosecutors
                         charge Amber Hilberling.
Amber Hilberling was being held on a first-degree murder complaint.
Assistant District Attorney Michelle Keely is handling the case and filed
the bond motion.
"The Hilberlings formerly lived in Alaska on a U.S. Air Force base where Joshua
Hilberling was assigned. He filed a report in April with base security forces naming
his wife as the perpetrator of domestic violence. She left Alaska before the
investigation of that matter was complete, which showed that she is a flight risk."
"The defense disputes the prosecution's version of the events in Alaska."

 Attorney Jasen Corns and Attorney Mark Collier represent Amber Hilberling.

Jasen Corns
 "This is a tragedy for everyone involved and what it wasn't -- was a crime."
"I can say we have seen absolutely no criminal evidence of wrong doing by Mrs.
Hilberling. Josh Hilberling was the aggressor."
We will give her a full and fair  defense."
2011 - June 11 -   911 Tape is released.
                           A man in a nearby apartment complex informed 911 that
                           he saw someone fall out of a window at the University Club.
                           "Glass broke and then a man fell."
2011 - June 15 - Court date for Amber Hilberling scheduled.
Susan Witt (Tulsa District Attorney's office)
"Tulsa police are still investigating. When their investigation is complete,
reports will be forwarded to the district attorney's office for review and a
decision about charges."

Nikki Ross (sister of Joshua)
"Josh-my brother is gone way too soon, I am praying that justice will be served."

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#1 [url]

Jun 21 11 4:37 AM

This must have been a freak accident - there is no other explanation that makes sense.

He may have been planning to leave her and she may have gotten hysterical because of it and pushed him hard. But it takes a lot of strength to throw a person through a glass window so unless she was a female Arnold Schwarzenegger there is no way that she could be expected to assume that he would fall to his death from her pushing. At least not unless she had cut the glass beforehand to weaken it's strength but that will be very difficult to prove.

As bad as I feel for his family and unborn child I don't see a murderer in this sad story. She needs a psychiatrist - not a jury. 

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#2 [url]

Jun 21 11 10:50 AM

Odd that he was discharged from the Air Force after serving only 8 months. The USAF does not have an 8 month enlistment... Did he really complete his enlistment? Was he discharged for some type of misconduct?? Or did he request a discharge for personal reasons??

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#3 [url]

Jun 21 11 12:50 PM

I would think that he was stationed at the AFB in Wichita Falls when they married,
and then was sent to Alaska. He may have finished up a four year enlistment term.
I'm sure the details of that will come out.

She admitted pushing him out the window. Given the incident (protection order)
where she slammed (allegedly) a lamp into his head whereby he had to get
medical assistance (saying she hoped it hurt) I'd say she has some anger

I suspect those came into play when he said he was leaving. She wouldn't have
to weaken the glass first. All it would take is a rush towards him, pushing him
towards the window, knowing he could go through the window, his weight would
hit the window and out he would go.

From the witness description on 911, they heard glass breaking and then
saw the body. Then with her admitting she pushed him, I'd say it was
deliberate act, not an accident.

She wanted to hurt him. Whether she intended to kill him is a different matter.
Whether it was a freak accident that she hit him and he went towards and out
the window, or whether she deliberately intended him to go through the window   
is for a jury to decide, IF the prosecution charges her.

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#5 [url]

Jun 21 11 1:30 PM

Okay, that makes sense, since he was in Wichita Falls August 2010 when he married,
then he would be in technical training school. Then stationed in Alaska. Discharged in
May of 2011 - I didn't read anything  (yet) that showed he would have grounds (medical
or family situation) to be able to request a discharge, and so far, there's nothing to say
he was discharged for cause.

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#9 [url]

Jun 22 11 4:00 PM

Quote "You I guess did not see that there was a maintenance worker in the apt...
              Hmmm stranger things have happened...
            Well she had thrown a tv out the window and that is why there was a maintenance
             worker in the apt... HMMMM" Unquote
I was unaware of this. The articles I read didn't mention that.
Quote "its remarkable how we seek to excuse and explain violence from a woman,
            but we never do this if the agressor is a man" UNQUOTE
The stigma of being a battered man still exists. If this situation was reversed and she
had gone out of the window (pregnant or not) he'd be villified, crucified and blamed for
anything and everything.
She admits doing it, there's no doubt of that, but her intent is at question. Did
she intend to make him fall, did she intend to kill him?

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#10 [url]

Jun 22 11 10:28 PM


Murder Calls Attention To Male Victims Of Domestic Violence

"In court papers, Josh detailed a long history of abuse he says he suffered at

the hands of his wife Amber. Local domestic violence expert Kerry Hornibrook

says Josh wasn't alone. “We have been seeing more male victims,” D.V.I.S.’s
Director of Development said Wednesday. According to D.V.I.S., one in fourteen

men will be affected by domestic violence in their lives. Men, Hornibrook says,

almost always feel shame about being victims of abuse."“I do think there's a

stigma that men feel, being male the masculinity that males feel, coming out

and saying they've been affected by domestic violence.”

"Josh's mom says that her son did go to meetings for victims of domestic abuse,

but he told her he was embarrassed because he was the only man at the sessions."


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#11 [url]

Jun 22 11 10:32 PM


"Special Judge Dawn Moody, who reviewed some law enforcement reports and
 determined that a $250,000 bond was appropriate, has said that Hilberling's
pregnancy was no consideration in her bond decision. Moody said previously
that when she set the bond amount, she was unaware that Hilberling was

Hilberling is set for a June 28 arraignment, if a charge is filed by then.

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#13 [url]

Jun 23 11 1:36 PM

I had heard he requested to be discharged for personal / marital issues. Take his wife home & perhaps the issues in their marriage would fix themselves. But I'm sure that will all come out in what ever reports they get from the military on regarding incidents in Alaska.

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#17 [url]

Jul 9 11 6:55 PM

She threw a TV out the window earlier that day. There was a repair man in the apartment to fix the window when the argument between Josh and amber took place. She knew what would happen when she shoved him toward the window. His weight broke the rest of the window out.

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#19 [url]

Jul 10 11 6:55 AM

I still find it hard to believe that this could be anything but a freak accident. I don't know their individual sizes and body-masses but smashing a normal window with a soft object - like a human body - requires it to hit with a fairly high velocity. Maybe he was running towards the window already and she threw herself at him with all her weight.

 It will be interesting to follow the case though... maybe we'll get an explanation of how she pulled it off. And regardless of the result this girl definitely needs a few anger management classes.

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#20 [url]

Aug 17 11 8:35 PM


"A medical examiner stated in the autopsy report that the cause of death
was "multiple blunt force injuries" and that the manner of death was
Both of Joshua Hilberling's legs were broken; six vertebra were fractured; multiple
 ribs were broken, as well as his sternum and pelvis, according to the report.
He also had numerous cuts and bruises and injuries to internal organs.
The report states that the injuries "are consistent with a fall from the reported height."
Neither drugs nor alcohol was found in his body, according to the toxicology

A preliminary hearing has been rescheduled for a woman who is accused of
murdering her husband by pushing him out of a window in a Tulsa high-rise building.

The hearing that had been set for Wednesday for Amber Michelle Hilberling is now
reset for Sept. 7, lawyers and court officials said Monday.
Tulsa County District Attorney Tim Harris charged Amber Hilberling with second-
degree murder on an accusation that the pregnant woman pushed her husband,
"causing him to fall through a window and fall to his death."
The prosecution filed an alternative charge of first-degree manslaughter involving
an allegation that the death occurred while she was committing a misdemeanor
domestic assault and battery."

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