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Jun 19 11 9:54 PM

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In 2010,  Linda Muggli, who loved nature, art, gardens, and her family, was
             denied her right to live. 


1986 - July 11 -Linda (Stranberg) Crandall marries Carl Muggli.
Over the years they ran a game farm and petting zoo and then created a business
carving and selling totem poles. Among their customers: Six Flags Theme Park,
Warner Brother's Television, the Princess Diana Memorial Children's Park
(London, England).


2010 - Oct. 23 - M. L.G. “I love you and want this all even to be the only one
                       within your life and I well Marry you I just do not want problems
                       we can handle this all but we will do it right for all parties. You
                       can always reach me as I can you justcarefully.”
2010 - Oct. 25 - Carl Muggli "In case you forgot, I LOVE YOU.”

2010 - November 14 - Carl Muggli receives an email confirmation from
                                the website.
2010 - November 17 - Carl Muggli emails Graces Real Estate, Texas.
                               "Hi, I'm looking for a home in Texas, something
                                could be a fixer, P ++++ even. 2+ bdrms, in
                                country, few acres. Would like to see what's
                                available around your area. Please help."

2010 - November 19 - Carl Muggli emails an individual:
                                  "Morning sir. I am considering a move to Texas!
                                   Thought I'd ask a few folks about propert+++/font>
                                   Would be interested in basic home on a few acres
                                   out away from things. Anything like that you know
                                   of? May you know someone I could contact? Hope
                                    all is well. Getting snow now here. I'm growing into
                                    "wuss from winters J.”

2010 - November 25 - Carl  Muggli to M.L.G.

                                  "Friendly reminder .Eveningstar-Bunny-MyWife.
                                  I love you with all my being. Every move, every though
                                  everything in my life is now for you, US. I want us together
                                  to live our lives as we seek. With all the Love, Passion,
                                  Affection, Emotion that we have. These feeling are directly
                                  from my soul. For I am with you. I am yours. We are one!”

2010 - November 25 - Carl Muggli emails United Country Real Estate, Texas.

                                 "Hi, I just tried a search on your web site. No results. 

                                 Thought I'd send e-mail. I am looking for a country home

                                  on 5 or more acres to rent or lease with option to buy.

                                  (my current situation - divorce - will not allow buying)

                                  Like a fair home, not fancy. 2 + bed rms. .2 baths

                                  garage or outbuildings preferred. Anything you can help

                                  me with is appreciated Happt Thanksgiving.

                                  Carl 218-240-4417.

                                     DEATH BY TOTEM POLE
2010 - November 26 - Artist and avid gardener, mother, sister, daughter,
                                  Linda Diane Muggli of Ray, Minnesota, is murdered.

Sheriff's Deputy Saari (Koochiching County) is dispatched to the scene.

Police Complaint - Serious Felony Warrant
"Upon arrival at the scene, the Deputy went to the garage where the incident
took place and found L.D.M., Victim herein, lying on her back on the floor with
blood pooling around her head. The Victim was still breathing, though labored,
and had blood coming from her mouth. The ambulance arrived and transported
the Victim to the hospital where she was pronounced dead."

"Later that day, Deputy Grotberg went to the residence to speak with Carl
Chester Muggli, dob: 12/10/1961, Defendant herein, regarding what took
place that day. The Defendant told the Deputy that he and the victim had
been carving a totem pole. The pole was not level lying in the cradle so the
Defendant had placed 2 or 3 "2x4's" under the pole to keep it level. They
were in the process of turning the pole with a cant hook when it suddenly
fell to the floor and on top of the Victim. The Defendant stated that he had
his back to her and didn't see how it happened, but that when he turned
the pole was layinig across her chest and shoulder. He also stated that
one of the arms on the cradle that holds the pole was across the victim's
neck. He was unable to explain how the Victim ended up under the pole.
He reported to the Deputy that the pole was pine and estimated the
weight to be over 2,900 pounds."
2010 - November 28 - Carl Muggli “I love you Eveningstar, we’ll get through this,
                                  I love you, house just got full again, will call soon.”

2010 - November 30 - 10:30 a.m. -  Linda Muggli's Memorial is held.
                                 Her interment is at Linford Cemetery.


2010 - November 30 - 2:02 p.m. - Carl Muggli sends M.L.G. a link for
                                                    property located in Palestine, Texas

2010 - November 30  - 3:30 p.m. - M.L.G "Hi Baby, you, U have been nusy,
                                                    this is good and yes I’ll look, thank U, I’m
                                                    loving it, all properties good, yes, very good,
                                                    you well know watch one feel it in your heart,
                                                    follow your heart as I havebeen doing. I love
                                                    you baby call when can, Hugs and Kisses,
                                                    holding you tight, I will not let you go, love
                                                    you my husband

                                     CONCERNED CITIZEN PROVIDES A TIP

 2010 - December 2 - A concerned citizen provides police investigators with
                                 information regarding the case.
Police Complaint - Serious Felony Warrant
Deputy Gray met with a concerned citizen regarding printed pages
from Facebook. Deputy Gray reviewed the pages and then met with
Chief Deputy Jsepersen. The pages were discussions between the
Defendant and M.L.G. from Alabama. The discussion appeared to
be very intimiate in nature. Chief Deputy Jespersen then submitted
a search warrant for signature to obtain the computer equipment
from the Defendant's residence. After review of the contents of the
computer by an agent with the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal
Apprehension  (BCA) the following coversations were found.
(The emails from November)

                              The agent finds Facebook messages on the
                              computer between Carl Mugli and M.L.G. from Alabama
                              from more than a month before, and days after, Linda 
                              Muggli's death.

2010 - December 27 - Sheriff's Deputies, a BCA agent conduct a recreation of
                                Linda Muggli's death.

Police Complaint - Serious Felony Warrant
On December 27, 2010, Chief Deputy jesperson, Deputy Grotberg,
and BCA Special Agent Gherardi executed a search warrant at the
Muggli residence for purposes of photographing, measuring and
attempting to recreate the incidents surrounding the death of the
Victim as described by the Defendant. Upon arrival at the building
where the pole was housed the Officers noted that the carving on
the pole had been completed and the pole had been stained or
polyurethane-coated since the accident. They found that the
length of the pole was 17 feet, the bottom of the pole had a
diameter of 19 1/2 inches, the top of the pole had a diameter
of 16 inches. With the pole lying in the cradle it was 13 1/2
inches off the floor. If 2 "2x4"s" were added to the top of the
pole as the Defendant states the pole is 16 1/2 inches off the

The bottom end was then 16 3/4 inches off the floor because
there was 1/4 inche of Teflon on that cradle to make it slide
easier. After the measurements the Officers then attempted
to recreate the incident. Deputy Grotberg first had to go to
the neighbors residence to borrow a cant hook as they were
unable to locate one at the Muggli residence. The Officers
attempted 5 different times to make the pole come out of
the cradle while rolling it and were unable.

                                      CARL MUGGLI'S VARIOUS VERSIONS

2011 - January 2 -  Investigators speak with Linda's family.
Police Complaint - Serious Felony Warrant
Chief Deputy Jesperson spoke with the owners of totem pole involved in
the death of the Victim. D.L.W. stated that the Defendant told her of the
death of the Victim and he reported that the Victim was working under-
neath the pole when it fell out of the holder and onto her.

2011 - January 18 - Chief Deputy speaks with Linda Muggli's brother.
Police Complaint - Serious Felony Warrant
"On Janury 18, 2011, the Chief Deputy spoke with the Victim's brother,
L.A.S. who stated that the Defendant told him that as he and the Victim
were loading a new log, not carved, into the bunk with the bobcat, the
cable broke causing the log to fall and hit the Victim.

Also on January 18, 2011, the Chief Deputy spoke with the Victim's
brother-in-law, M.H.N., that he was with the Defendant at the hospital
when the Defendant told the Medical Examiner that a cable had broken,
causing the log to fall on the Victim.

Again, on this same day, the Chief Deputy spoke with L.G.M.S. who had
been in the Muggli residence at approximately 1140 hours the day of the
accident. She reported feeling a lot of tension between the Defendant and
the Victim. She stated that she was very uncomfortable and left the
residence as soon as possible.

2011 - January 26 - The true weight of the pole is ascertained.
Police Complaint - Serious Felony Warrant 
 On January 26, 2011 at approximately 1345 (1:45) hours the Chief Deputy
met with Minnesota State Patrol Officers Schuler and Westom. A scale,
certified by the Minnesota State Patrol, was placed under the pole. The
total weight of the pole was 700 pounds.

2011 - February 2 - At approximately 1000 (10:00) hours the Chief Deputy,
Sheriff Youso and Deputy Kalstad met with Trooper Schuler again. This
time they weighed just the top of the pole. The total weight of the top of
the pole was 250 to 275 pounds.
                                     FURTHER INVESTIGATION

2011 - May 30 - Police interview via telephone with M.L.G. from Alabama.
Police Complaint - Serious Felony Warrant 
On May 30, 2011 at approximately 1215 (12:15) hours, M.L.G. spoke to the
Chief Deputy by telephone. She stated that on November 26, 2010 she was
on the telephone with the Defendant and heard him aruging with the Victim
about getting a divorce. The Defendant called her back 30 minutes later
after the conversation ended and informed her that an accident had happened
and EMT's were present and working on the Victim.

                                     MOVING ON

Carl Muggli has moved to Stockdale, Texas. On the website for his and Linda's
Totem pole business he posts his Texas address and a notation about Linda
Muggli's death.  Carl posts  "She passed while doing what she loved."

                                    ARREST WARRANT

The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, the Texas Rangers, Wilson County
Sheriff’s Office and the Guadalupe County Sheriff’s Office co-ordinated their efforts
in the investigation and an Arrest Warrant is issued for Carl Muggli.

2011 - June 7 - Carl Muggli (49) is arrested.
                       He is incarcerated in Wilson County, Texas on Second Degree Murder
                       charges, and awaits extradition to International Falls, Minnesota.

                                       EXTRADITION & BAIL

Carl Muggli is extradited and returned to the International Falls, Minnesota county jail.

2011 - June 10 -  Judge Charles LeDuc set bail at $1 million with no conditions
                           (meaning Muggli could return his home in Texas until trial).

                           Judge LeDuc also set a bail of $500,000 with the condition that he
                           not leave the state of Minnesota.
                            Carl Muggli is currently awaiting trial.

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#1 [url]

Jun 27 11 5:50 PM

2011 - June 23 -

"Ninth Judicial District Judge Charles LeDuc of International Falls agreed to a
third bail alternative presented by Carl Muggli’s defense attorney, Glen Peterson
of New Braunfels, Texas. Muggli, 49, now has the option to pledge the property
he owned with his wife in Ray, for the equivalent value of $80,000, plus post an
additional $500,000 bond, according to court documents. Under the terms of
this alternative, Muggli would have to live with his sister, not leave Koochiching
County without permission, pay for GPS electronic monitoring and be monitored
by an agent of Arrowhead Regional Corrections.The judge modified Mr. Muggli’s
bail over my objection,” said Koochiching County Attorney Jeffrey Naglosky.
“I argued that bail was appropriately set on June 10.”

2011 - July 25 - Next Court Hearing scheduled.

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#2 [url]

Jul 22 11 4:37 PM

2011 - July 22 -  Carl Muggli to be prosecuted for murder.
"Koochiching County Attorney Jeffrey Naglosky said Thursday that he has asked
the assistance of the Minnesota Attorney General’s office in handling the case.
Naglosky was elected county attorney in November and took office in January.
He has not prosecuted a murder, and his two-person office is kept busy by being
responsible for all of the criminal cases, child support collection and child protection
 cases in the county as well as civil matters and providing legal advice for county

“Because we’re a relatively small office and because this case is going to eat up
a lot of time and resources, I sent a request for their assistance and their help,”
 Naglosky said. “They’ve agreed to help in prosecuting the case.” The Attorney
General is the chief legal officer for the state of Minnesota. The office handles
felony criminal appeals, advises local prosecutors in the conduct of criminal
trials and handles cases at the request of local prosecutors."

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#3 [url]

Aug 9 11 3:44 PM

I used to live in Ray, MN and became good friends with Linda and Carl. Linda was a great, and extremely talented lady. How dare Carl. I hope you burn in hell. You will answer for your deeds in court but the biggest day of your life will be Judgement day. I hope God gives you what you have coming to you.

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#4 [url]

Aug 14 11 7:17 AM

I knew Linda myself... What a wonderful loving and talented woman she was. Carl you WILL burn in hell and I hope you realize now how unimportant you always were in comparison to the woman you MURDERED.

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#5 [url]

Sep 14 11 7:22 PM



"Koochiching County District Judge Charles LeDuc Thursday denied a request by
murder suspect Carl Muggli to travel to Texas."

"In his order, LeDuc said the risk in allowing Muggli to travel outside the court’s

jurisdiction outweighs Muggli’s interest in personally attending to the management
and disposition of his personal property. In addition, the order states that Muggli’s
need to travel to Texas is outweighed by the state’s interest in ensuring his
appearance in court by restricting his travel within the confines of the court’s
jurisdiction. LeDuc’s order also said that Muggli’s nephew, who had offered to travel
with his uncle from Minnesota to Texas and back, could assist Muggli in managing
and disposing of the Muggli’s property. The order also said that there were other
reasonable alternative means to manage and dispose of Muggli’s personal property."

More at link

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#6 [url]

Oct 31 11 6:25 PM

2011 - September 26 - COURT HEARING SCHEDULED FOR DECEMBER 1, 2011

"A contested omnibus hearing on evidence in the Carl Muggli totem pole murder case
 was scheduled Thursday for 9 a.m. Dec. 1.

"In a separate matter Thursday, Koochiching County District Court Judge
Charles LeDuc continued a temporary restraining order in a civil case against
Muggli, who is accused of entering the property where Linda Muggli’s death
occurred. The property has since been sold to new owners who claim that,
despite telling  Muggli he is not welcome on the property, Muggli has visited,
which the owners  say has been documented on surveillance camera. The
owners of Muggli’s former property said Linda’s death was described as an
accident when they purchased the property. Now, they said they have no
reason to have contact with Muggli. One of the owners said that the last visit
by Muggli was to show a friend the flower garden on the property.

They noted that their children are afraid to stay at the house because of
Muggli’s visits to the property."

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#7 [url]

Oct 31 11 6:33 PM

2011 - October 26 -

"A Koochiching County district court judge is expected to consult with a Texas
 judge on a second request by murder suspect Carl Muggli to travel to Texas.

Muggli appeared in court Monday to ask Judge Charles LeDuc to allow him to
travel to Texas to secure and then sell equipment located on another individual’s

LeDuc is expected to rule on the request in the next few days."

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#8 [url]

Dec 18 11 2:31 PM

"Attorney Hawkins indicated he would challenge probable cause in the case as well as
to seek motions to dismiss statements made by Muggli and others, and search warrants
executed in Texas and at Muggli’s residence in Ray."

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#9 [url]

Dec 18 11 2:32 PM

2011 - December 7 -
"An omnibus hearing for the case began Thursday in Koochiching County District Court.
An omnibus hearing allows for a review of evidence and the investigation into the case to
consider if it should proceed. Assistant Minnesota Attorney General Alfred Zdrazil is
assisting Koochiching County Attorney Jeff Naglosky in the prosecution of Muggli.
After more than two hours of discussions in the judge’s chambers, consideration of
evidence gathered by law officers began with testimony provided by staff with the
Koochiching County Sheriff’s Office and the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.
A teleconference is set for 1 p.m. Dec. 14 to further consider whether the defense has
additional challenges."

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#10 [url]

Nov 24 12 9:26 PM


Blogs City Pages

"Aug. 1 2012 at 6:00 AA Koochiching County grand jury believes there's enough evidence to charge Carl Muggli with first-degree murder in connection with his wife's mysterious death.

Muggli, 50, was already facing a second-degree murder charge and the possibility of 40 degree in the slammer; now he faces the possibility of spending the rest of his life behind bars.

MMuggli was charged with second-degree murder in June 2011 and arrested in Stockdale, Texas, where he had moved after his wife's death. It's unclear whether he was living with his "Eveningstar-Bunny-Wife." He bailed himself out of jail, and though he was subject to GPS monitoring and couldn't leave St. Louis or Koochiching Counties, remained free until the first-degree murder indictment was returned last week. Muggli was rearrested last Thursday and was scheduled to make a court appearance yesterday."

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#11 [url]

Jan 9 13 8:14 PM



"The judge in a northern Minnesota murder case has granted a request to reserve a
courtroom large enough to accommodate the alleged murder weapon: a 17-foot totem
pole, according to the International Falls Daily Journal. Koochiching County District
Judge Charles LeDuc, in answer to that request by prosecutors, selected the
courthouse in Bemidji for the trial of Carl Muggli, who is accused of murdering his
wife, Linda, by causing the totem pole they were making to fall on her.

Muggli, 50, is set to go on trial Jan. 14 on charges of first- and second-degree
murder in connection with his 61-year-old wife's death on Nov. 26, 2010..."

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#12 [url]

Mar 25 13 11:33 AM

STAR TRIBUNE    2013 - January 9
"Carl Muggli, 51, pleaded guilty in Koochiching County District Court to killing 61-year-old Linda
Muggli in November 2010 at the couple's home south of International Falls. This whole thing is a
tragic occurrence," defense attorney Charles Hawkins said Wednesday. He explained that his client chose to plead guilty to second-degree unintentional murder because "he did not want to put the family, his family or himself through any more misery."

He remains in the county jail awaiting sentencing on Feb. 4.

Hawkins said Muggli faces a sentence of 12 1/2 to 15 years in prison, with the possibility
of supervised release for the last third of that time."

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