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true crime books to recommend

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Apr 19 11 12:22 PM

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Hi all, new member here

Have looked through the books Patsy has posted here and I am assuming they are here as they are favourites of the blog founder!

I have read almost all of Ann Rule's books and all of John E Douglas (except the fiction), the FBI criminal profiler, but would love suggestions of what other people have found as good reads.  I am not prone to get current high profile stories that are put together quickly (ie Jon-Benet Ramsey, the blonde girl in Aruba - can't recall her name!) and really enjoy getting insight into the psyche of the perpetrators.

Any suggestions appreciated, with brief explanations if you could!



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Apr 21 11 2:52 PM

Hello and welcome Heather!  I post about the books since they are connected to
real life true crime cases,  Anne Rule is one of my favorites, but there are many
good books out there that have been thoroughly researched. I also don't care to
read those that are thrown together by someone just because a certain crime is

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Dec 15 11 8:02 PM

Hi Heather,

I also am a true crime book hunter/reader. I have read most of Ann Rule as well. I think she is phenomenal. You might try reading the crime novels that were written about Gary Leon Ridgway, the Green River Killer. There are three or four out there that are really well written. I know that the lead investigator wrote one of them. Ann Rule also wrote one.

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Dec 18 11 7:13 PM

True Crime books -
FREEBOOKSPOT  This site has what it says, free books that you can download.
If you want specifically true crime, then search for true crime, forensics,etc.
If you know a specific author's name, search for it. Some of Ann Rule's books
are there. It's a great site for fiction, non-fiction etc. as well.

SHAREBOOK - This site also has free books for downloading. You can search
via author, or for true crime, etc.

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