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2011 - March 24 -


"Prosecutors charged Lonnie David Franklin Jr. with 10 counts of murder last
July but his case has not reached the preliminary hearing stage.

Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley said Thursday he approached
a grand jury because families of the victims deserve to have the case resolved as
quickly as possible."


"The case against accused serial killer Lonnie David Franklin Jr. was put on an
accelerated track toward trial Thursday, when he was arraigned on a grand jury
indictment charging him with killing 10 women.

Typically, the next step in the legal proceedings would have been for prosecutors
to present evidence against Franklin at a preliminary hearing to convince a judge
 that there was sufficient reason to order Franklin to stand trial. Eight months after
the arrest, however, the date for a preliminary hearing still had not been set. Dist.
Atty. Steve Cooley opted to take a different route, turning instead to a grand jury.
After hearing six days of testimony by 40 witnesses, the jurors found that there
was sufficient evidence against Franklin, who will now proceed directly to a
criminal trial. A trial date was not set."