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Mar 2 11 8:27 PM

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2011 - February 28 - COURT HEARING - Superior Court Michael Pastor presiding.
"Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor told lawyers for the
pop icon’s personal physician that he would impose the fines or other sanctions
Wednesday unless they met their legal obligation to turn over witness statements
and expert reports to prosecutors. “I am extremely distressed about the state of
this case and whether in fact the defense is ready for trial,” Pastor said.

Murray is set to go on trial March 24, but prosecutors have repeatedly asked the judge
 to delay the case, saying the defense is not ready for trial because it has not shared
materials concerning its witnesses.Murray has refused to waive his right to a speedy
trial, as most defendants do, to preserve his right to practice medicine. 

                          DEFENSE ATTORNEYS
"In a pretrial hearing, Judge Michael Pastor warned both the DA's office and the
criminal defense team of Dr. Conrad Murray that he will sanction both sides if
they do not immediately improve giving discovery -- otherwise known as sharing
 evidence -- in the Michael Jackson death case. 

"I want to emphasize I am considering very seriously the imposition of monetary
sanctions at this point," the judge warned. He added that he could fine each
attorney $1,500 and that the sanction could delay the trial's current start date
of March 24.

"I seriously am considering all sorts of responses to the discovery situation,"
the judge said. Another hearing is due Wednesday and the judge ordered lead
defense attorney Ed Chernoff to be there. "I expect a dramatically increased
production of discovery between now and then," he added."

2011 - March 2 - PRE - TRIAL COURT HEARING - Superior Court Michael Pastor
  "A judge Wednesday postponed opening statements in the trial of Michael Jackson’s
doctor for a month to give both sides more time to share information with each other.
Hundreds of prospective jurors will report as scheduled to a downtown courthouse
March 24 to fill out questionnaires regarding Dr. Conrad Murray’s case, but Los
Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor said the final selection of panelists
will not begin until May 4. “Because of the nature and extent of discovery in this case,
counsel wanted a little more time,” Pastor said after a 40-minute closed-door meeting
with attorneys.

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Nov 24 11 2:34 AM

The legal case regarding the death of Michael Jackson ended. The verdict was involuntary manslaughter, and it was in contrast to the death being an act of malpractice. Do you think it was appropriate?

Basically, medical malpractice is negligence committed by a health care professional, whose performance of duties depart from the standard of care of those with similar training and experience. On the contrary, there is certainly a big misconception about medical negligence. This reminds me of the article written by Mr. Haskell. Here it is: Medical Mistakes -- A Primer on the Basics of Medical Malpractice.That will widen your horizons about medical malpractice regarding some medical issues.

On the other hand, involuntary manslaughter's definition is vague. The only certainty attached to it is that it requires more than the ordinary negligence standard in a civil case.

Now, what is really the discrepancy between medical malpractice and involuntary manslaughter? If the physician is found guilty, the physician is punished financially in the first case whilst imprisonment in the second.

To conclude, not all claims connected with clinical practice are MEDICAL MALPRACTICE. There are so called legal aspects that must be considered before concluding the case, that is why Dr. Conrad Murray was going to jail for involuntary manslaughter, and not medical malpractice.

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