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In Session coverage of Ohio vs Essa

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Feb 5 11 5:31 PM

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In session ended its replay coverage on TruTV of Ohio vs Essa, Friday Feb. 2011. One man disrupted a whole community. Were there telltale signs that Dr. Essa was a psychopath? Does he have a history of being in trouble in school, during his teenage years, and on into his adult life? 

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Feb 5 11 5:40 PM

Essa is serving his time at the Trumbull Correctional Institution in Leavittsburg, Ohio, where he works as a janitor and in food service. The prison is about an hour from downtown Cleveland.  He has regular visitors, though prison policy prevents them from being identified.  Essa is classified as a Level 3 inmate, falling between medium and maximum security.

Last December he was confined to disciplinary housing for violating prison rules against the “possession, manufacturing, or consumption of an intoxicating substance.” Prison officials would not reveal details about the incident for which he is disciplined.

-Grace Wong, In Session Senior Field Producer

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Feb 5 11 5:44 PM

Dr. Essa could not stay out of trouble in prison. He craves self destruction so he got caught up in drugs in prison. I think he is still trying to appeal his guilty verdict but he still keeps getting caught up in corrupt behaviour while in prison. He is mentally ill and I don't think you can rehabilitate someone who continues to engage in depraved behaiviour. I think he was always engaged in depraved behaviour for most of his life.

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Feb 5 11 6:23 PM

Thank you for the updates polyxena!  Those disciplinary problems are going to be hard
to ignore by any appeals board.

"violating prison rules against the “possession, manufacturing, or consumption of
an intoxicating substance.”
Sounds like he was making pruno, the prisoner's booze.

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