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David Camm Murder Case

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Jan 3 11 5:04 PM

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David Camm is facing a third trial for the Murders of his wife and two children. The prosecutor in the second trial, Keith Henderson, has written a book about the murders but the defense is wanting Henderson to be kicked off this case for Conflict of Interest. Should Henderson be able to retry David Camm with a book deal intact?

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Jan 5 11 8:24 PM

IMO, If the Prosecutor has written a book about the case and the accused,
and is scheduled to conduct a third trial on the same case/accused, that is
direct conflict of interest, and should not be allowed. He should voluntarily
remove himself from the case.

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Jan 24 11 9:38 PM

                                   PROSECUTOR TO CONDUCT 3RD TRIAL


"Special Judge Jon A. Dartt of Spencer County rejected Camm’s request to replace

Floyd County Prosecutor Keith Henderson on Friday, saying that a deal Henderson

signed to write a book about the case doesn’t represent an “actual” conflict of interest,

which would be required to replace him."


“We’re disappointed but not discouraged” with the ruling, said Stacy Uliana, one of Camm’s lawyers, adding that the ruling will be appealed. “We’ve had to appeal many unjust orders in this case.”

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Jan 27 11 7:04 PM

                                     CASE BACKGROUND
Georgetown, Indiana
2000 - September 28 -  David Camm arrives home to find his family murdered.
David Camm, (former Indiana State Trooper) was charged in of the murders of
his wife Kimberly "Kim,"  son Bradley "Brad" aged seven, and daughter Jill,
aged five.

2002 -  David Camm is convicted of 3 counts of murder and sentenced to 195 years
           in prison.

2004 - Conviction overturned. Re-tried and found guilty. Appealed.

2009 - June 26 - Indiana Supreme Court overturns the second conviction.

Prosecutor Henderson (for both previous trials) will preside over a third trial.

Book about the case: One Deadly Night by John Glatt
TV: 48 Hours broadcast an episode regarding the case


"Three days later, the community mourned for the Camm family. But just hours
after the memorial service, police arrested their prime suspect, David Camm, for
murdering his wife and two children.

Camm, who claims his innocence, has a very good alibi. Eleven witnesses say they
were with him at the time of the murder."


"On September 28, 2000, after a busy day at work, Dave played basketball at the
Georgetown Community Church with ten other players. The one game he didn't
play he sat on the baseline talking with a church elder. Dave was at the gym from
 6:59PM, when the alarm was disengaged, until the security alarm was set at
 9:22PM, when he and the seven other remaining players left.

Dave's presence in the gym was accounted for by the other players and the church
 elder with whom he was talking. He never left the gym.

After he left the basketball games, Dave drove the two and a half miles to his residence
and then pulled onto the driveway. The garage door was raised and he was presented
with a horrific nightmare that was impossible to comprehend. His wife, missing her
pants, lay on the garage floor with a massive head wound with a blood trail streaming
from her head. His two children were both in the back seat of the family Bronco."


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