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Leslie Paredes Silva, a young Peruvian woman, decides to end her relationship with her
foreign boyfriend, who is in prison, and tell him face to face. Their short meeting turns violent....
and deadly.

                                            Leslie Paredes Silva
2009 - May - Dutch National Jason Staling Conquet is imprisoned in Peru, within the
                   notorious Lurigancho Prison, for a variety of drug trafficking charges.

                                          Jason Staling Conquet

The prison was originally built to hold a maxium capacity of 2,000 prisoners.
It now holds violent, dangerous prisoners totaling over 8,000.

                        Lurigancho Prison (top of mountain)

Prison officials
"There are at least 14,000 people a day passing through the prison and it's impossible
for the guards to properly monitor and control."

2010 - August - Visitation - Leslie Paredes Silva visits her boyfriend Jason Conquet who
                                         is incarcerated inside Lurigancho Prison.

Wilson Hernadez (National Penitentiary Institute Chief)
"Prison warders constantly monitor cells to ensure that unauthorised people do not
remain after visits.But no-one noticed Paredes did not leave the jail back in August."

                                                 Leslie Paredes Silva

After an argument, Jason Conquet strangles Leslie Paredes Silva. To hide
his cowardly deed, he wraps her body into a blanket and hides her under
his bed in his cell.
As her body begins decomposing, Conquet decides to permanently hide
his crimes of murder, abuse of a corpse, covering up a murder. He commits
another crime by stealing brick and mortar from a prison construction project. 
Conquet entombs Leslie Paredes Silva's remains into a home made concrete
bench inside his cell.
Despite his efforts, a smell of decomposition continues to emit from his cell.
Prison officials search and discover Leslie Paredes Silva's remains.

                                        Jason Conquet

Jason Conquet
"She said she wanted to end our relationship."

Wilson Hernadez (National Penitentiary Institute Chief)
"Conquet confessed to strangling Leslie Paredes."

                                    CRIME SCENE PHOTO

                   Body of Leslie Paredes Silva discovered concreted into prison cell
                      Photo credit: Daily Mail

                                     MOST NOTORIOUS PRISONER

Jason Conquet has been denoted as Peru's "Most Notorious Prisoner."
He's likely also the most hated by his fellow prisoners. It was his actions
in murdering Leslie Pardes and hiding her body in his cell that brought
down authorities upon their heads.

                                    PRISON RAID

After finding the entombed, decaying corpse of Leslie Paredes Silva, authorities stage
a raid within the prison.

Peruvian Police flooded Lurigancho prison, searching cells, other areas and prisoners.
Retrieved: a large cache of knives, machetes, cell phones, drugs and other contraband
Government officials pledge another 150 officers to get the prison under control.
Miguel Hidalgo (Peru Interior Minister)
"We are here with the police to implement, improve, and reinforce security."