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Dec 12 10 11:28 AM

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*Events in the case up to and including the trial will be posted here.

Dorice "Dee Dee" Moore scammed and embezzled money and property
assets from lottery winner Abraham Shakespeare. She is accused of his
murder and burial on a property she owned.

Moore was arrested in February of 2010 on charges of murder.

                                    DORICE MOORE'S CLAIMS

2010 - December - From behind jail house bars -  Dorice Moore continues to claim
                             her innocence, her intentions were to help Abraham Shakespeare,
                             that others were threatening the life of her son.
Dorice Moore has written a stack letters (with photos included) to FOX 13.

In those letters Dorice Moore claims:

"I'm a "human pin cushion." "Somebody's trying to stick the 99th pin into me."
"I'm being unfairly treated in jail.
Moore included 2 of her jail requests for medical treatment.
In the jail requests, Moore complains about memory loss and chest pains.
They're saying that I took a gun, put it up and killed another human being.
And I would never, ever, ever do that." "
"Why would I "bury him in my own yard," "use my own gun and keep it," and kill him
in "only carpeted room in the house."

Moore claims to be writing a book "One Step Closer to Crazy" (she included excerpts)
"I believed the hole behind my house was being dug to bury money. He (Abraham
Shakespeare) was so tired of people begging him for money, he planned to burn the
rest of his winnings -- or bury it all. So when two guys (one whose name was Ronald)
began digging behind the house, I thought they were helping Abraham, and didn't think
"I was forced to make statements to investigators, and gave different versions of events
because I was afraid. "Someone" was threatening to kill my son." 

                                  SHERIFF'S OFFICE STATEMENT
"We are relying on evidence in this case, not rumors. If Moore has issues with the
 investigation or her treatment in jail, she should discuss it with her attorney, not the

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#1 [url]

Dec 12 10 11:50 AM

More than 20 discs containing photos, videos and other documents are released.
Among evidence released:
"Gruesome" closeup photos of Abraham Shakespeare's mummified body;
Crime scene photos: details of Moore's properties and items contained within.
Records regarding the home belonging to Moore where Abraham Shakespeare
was buried, and the concrete grave in which he was buried behind the home;
Videotaped interview(s):
James Moore (Dorice Moore's ex-husband)
In the interview James Moore explains that in April 2009, Dorice called him and
asked him to "dig a hole on her property with a backhoe so she could hide chunks
of concrete from a building inspector."
"She called me one afternoon, wanted me to come dig that hole, she told me she was
going to put the concrete and stuff in it. I left, she called me back later asked me to
come and fill it and that's what I did."

"I knew nothing about Shakespeare's murder or her relationship with Shakespeare.
I've never met the man. I've never seen the man I never put no body in a hole."

                                   SHAKESPEARE'S POWER OF ATTORNEY

Abraham Shakespeare assigned Judith Haggins as his power of attorney April 3, 2009.
Polk County Sheriff's Office has a record of Shakespeare's signature in front of a notary
public. Haggins claims to have become suspicious of Dorice Moore.

Judith "Judy" Haggins (longtime friend (15 years) of Abraham Shakespeare
                                    & holder of his power of attorney)

Judith Haggins, during a meeting with Gregory Todd Smith (informant in case):
 "Abraham used to come to me and say, 'Now you know that white woman got my
money, she can do anything to me.' I said, 'Abraham, you can go get your money."

"When Abraham got ready to go to the bank one day to see about his money,
(Moore) immediately called me on the phone. "You've got to stall him, Judy.
He can't go to the bank."
"I received money from Shakespeare's account to pay me  for my services. It was
a little bit of money for me. (Moore) felt like Abraham should pay me to take his mama."

As the investigation heated up:

"I'm trying to get me some money out of her now because the simple fact, they are
coming to get Dee." 

"Dee tried to get me to lie to investigators."   "Moore is a liar."
"Dee forgot she need to be on my team. I'm ... the one she told all this ... too.
Once these people start putting all this stuff together, they'll build a case against
her. I said why ... does Abraham got me as power of attorney and he don't talk to
me. That don't look right."
                                   INMATE INTERVIEW

2010 - June 10 - Angelina Marshall (Moore's cellmate at Orient Road Jail) tells detective
                        of conversations with Dorice Moore.

"Moore told me she had been given power of attorney for Shakespeare in January 2009
"when she obtained houses, car and money but she got a little upset when she found
out that he gave a lady named Judy power of attorney of his money."

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Dec 28 11 6:07 PM

2011 - December 12 -  COURT HEARING

"A judge denied Dorice "DeeDee" Moore's request Monday to reclaim jewelry and
other items seized by detectives investigating the killing of Lakeland lottery winner
Abraham Shakespeare. Moore, who faces a first-degree murder charge in
Shakespeare's death, cried while testifying at an afternoon hearing in Tampa that
jewelry, including a Rolex watch, and other items were her personal property. She
also asked Hillsborough Circuit Judge Ronald Ficarrotta to return financial documents
taken by investigators. She said she needed the records to show when she bought
some items."

"She insisted that she "didn't steal a dime," and money in her various bank accounts
 from Shakespeare was given to her. "That is not illegal or anything," she said

"The judge denied Moore's request to have records and property returned to her.
He concluded that the documents were part of her criminal case, and Shakespeare's
estate is suing for ownership of the jewelry and other items."

2011 - December 21 - COURT HEARING

 (Updated photo of Dorice "Dee Dee" Moore at link - left side of page)

"A judge ruled Wednesday that Dorice "DeeDee" Moore's civil lawyer intentionally
disobeyed court orders by trying to take control of the house where slain Lakeland
lottery winner Abraham Shakespeare lived. After a brief hearing, Circuit Judge J. Dale
Durrance concluded Randall O. Reder, a Tampa lawyer, committed misconduct and
should be held in contempt of court. The judge could have put Reder into jail.
Instead, Durrance ordered that Reder repay certain expenses, in cluding lawyer fees,
to Shakespeare's estate. Durrance scolded Reder for going against his order, which
denied Moore's request to take possession of Shakespeare's home as a lawsuit is
pending over who owns it."


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