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Nov 20 10 9:35 PM

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Marcia Teresa Johnson (45) - a larger than life woman who's smile lit up 
the room, owner of a big heart. Marcia is looking forward to retirment from 
her supervisory job of 20 years at Continental Airlines at Norfolk International.

  Marcia Teresa Johnson

A loving mother of three children, two sons and a daughter, she's a family oriented
person, close with her family. Her plans for the future, relocation to Arizona, a new
career in the hotel industry, are abruptly ended. Indeed, her life is ended.
By another family member...her husband.

Jimmie Britt (Friend)
She worked her job with dedication. Everybody at Norfolk Airport is stunned.
She just celebrated her 45th birthday. I just can not believe something would
happen to a person like that, but domestic abuse happens. This is really a

Dwight Freeman
"She was one of those people that you met that had a big heart. She had a smile
that lit up a room. S
he looked forward to retiring. She talked to me about moving

to Arizona and showed me pictures of the house she was getting ready to purchase.
Marcia talked to me about ending the relationship (with her husband)."

"When you knew you were getting ready to have a bad flight having her come out
with a smile, you know how some people can disarm you when you're mad? You

feel better, still mad but feel better. She was one of those individuals who could
disarm you with her smile and her smile will be missed."

Spokesperson (Continental Airlines)
"Our thoughts go out to the family, loved ones and co-workers."

2010 - November 13 - Saturday -  Marcia Johnson and her daughter are walking
                                 down the street together when a mercedes drives directly
                                 at them. The drive does not stop or waver to avoid them.

                                  Instead he hits them.

"Marcia's daughter hid behind a tree, forced to watch as her mother is stabbed
to death."

The driver exits the vehicle and observers note that he is completely nude.
Much to their shock he has a knife and begins to stab repeatedly one of the
two women. Afterwards, trying to flee, he crashes the vehicle in a ditch and
runs from the scene.

David Ward (Witness)
"He just came and hit them with the car and after he hit them with the car he
went into that little ditch right here and got out of the car and he was completely

nude and he just started stabbing the lady."

"It was the worst thing I have ever seen in my life. It was horrible."
                                    POLICE CALLED

9:30 P.M. - Police were called to the 2300 block of Gilmerton Road on a car-crash

                 A few minutes later police are called back to the same block for a reported

                Marcia Johnson is transported to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital.

                     Marcia Johnson dies of her injuries in the morning hours.

                                   SWAT RESPONDS

Chesapeake police
"SWAT teams took over the neighborhood searching for him, but he'd already
driven his wife's van to Suffolk.

"The man went into a home at the corner of Gilmerton and Geneva Avenue.
 SWAT surrounded the house and when officers entered the home he wasn't
 there. Police say he was somehow able to get to Suffolk.
"That's where he called police and turned himself in."

Benjamin Johnson (50), husband of Marcia Johnson, is arrested and charged with
First Degree Murder. He is being held without bond.
                                                        Benjamin Johnson
Mike Pope (Neighbor)
"Benjamin shared the home with Marcia and her three children.
Ben Johnson has been a friend of mine for the last four years and
he never showed any violence of that nature."

2010 - November 15 -
Johnson is arraigned Monday morning in Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court,
                                    PRELIMINARY HEARING SCHEDULED
2011 - February - Benjamin Johnson is due in court.

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#1 [url]

Mar 2 11 9:28 PM

2011 - February 25 -  BOND DENIED


Benjamin Johnson, previously convicted of felony assault in the late 1990s
is spilling a story that departs widely from the facts of the case in his wife's
murder. He doesn't "remember" or tries to shift the blame to his daughter.

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