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Nov 18 10 9:49 PM


Thomas Bart Whitaker's appeal does not challenge his conviction.
Whitaker instead, insists that his death sentence isn't proper because his court
records doesn't include a plea offer he made to prosecutors.
In exchange for taking responsibility for the murders, he wanted prosecutors
to remove the possibility of the death pentalty because he was "willing to accept
as many life sentences as the state spare his already victimized
family the ordeal of a trial."
Prosecutors refused Whitaker's offer. 
Whitaker also argued that the Texas death penalty statute is unconstitutional
because it failed to provide a consistent method for determining which cases
merited capital punishment.
Whitaker argued that a recorded phone conversation related to an earlier murder
plot was improperly allowed into evidence. He further argued that some defense
motions were improperly denied by his trial judge.
                                   TEXAS COURT OF CRIMINAL APPEALS
2009 - June 24 -
 Texas Court of Criminal Appeals upholds Bart Whitaker's death sentence.
Thomas Bart Whitaker TX DR Inmate #999522 Denied Habeas Appeal by TCCA
The appeals court wrote:
"The proposed deal was known to jurors and was the subject
of questioning of witnesses, most notably Whitaker's father, who survived a
gunshot wound to the chest and opposed the death penalty for his son.
Whitaker argued the absence of the formal offer in the trial record impaired his ability
to pursue a motion for a new trial. Evidence showed Whitaker walked past his wounded
father, his dying mother and his dead brother so that Brashear could shoot (him) in the
shoulder, as they had planned, in order to direct suspicion away from (his)
involvement in the offense.
The jury heard how (Whitaker) sat across the dinner table from his mother and
brother accepting congratulations and a Rolex watch, all the time knowing they
were about to be killed pursuant to his plan."
Thomas Bart Whitaker's next step will be the Federal District Court for a Federal
Habeas Appeal and then on to the 5th.

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Nov 18 10 10:01 PM

                               Shows, Movies & Books about the case

Forensic Files and 48 Hours both profiled the case.
48 Hours "The Sugar Land Conspiracy" an in-depth look at the murders that
took place back in 2003. 
                                      MURDER BY FAMILY
Author Kent Whitaker
Kent Whitaker has since remarried. He appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show to
speak about his book.
 "The book came about as a result of a suggestion that my grief counselor gave me.
"I've  forgiven my son. I have a very strong faith that God is a good God."

His book contains photos of the night of the murders.  The pictures show Bart
with his family at home and at a restaurant.

"That was the last picture we took as a family."
"As the gunman he'd hired waited for us at home, Bart smiled for the picture.
I don't think he was strong enough, man enough to acknowledge. All of this
could have stopped at any point if he had stepped up and said something,"
I visit my son often on death row. 

"I don't really know what all happened inside of his mind. I'm not trained to
recognize this, but he is so much more open now."
Kent Whitaker's book ends with a message of hope and forgiveness. 
"I'm still praying for my son, hoping somehow his life will be spared."

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Nov 18 10 10:06 PM

 In 2007 - Thomas Bart Whitaker was sentenced to death. He resides on Texas's
              Death Row.

              Chris A. Brashear received a life sentence. He is eligible for parole in 2035.

             Steve Champagne received 15 years for his role as the getaway driver.
             His sentence will be over in the year 2022.

             Will Anthony, Adam Hipp, Justin Peters - all received immunity from prosecution.

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Apr 27 12 4:56 AM

bart you are lucky you do not reside in south africa as here the people who are not happy with the way the police or courts handle very bad family murders such as what you carried out take the law into their own hands and necklace the culprit.What a necklace entails is a petrol filled car rubber tire set alight around the culprits neck and letting him burn to death.You were lucky to be living in the USA as even a lethal injection is too kind for you

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