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Assos Muhammad Nasrullah (45) is an Iraqi-Kurd who came to the U.S. in the late
90's for a better and safer life. For a time, he found that....until the year 2010.

Glendale, Arizona
                                    MURDER MOST BRUTAL

2010 - August 1 - Assos Nasrullah isn't answering his telephone.
          August 2 - Assos still isn't answering the phone.....because he's dead.

         During the time period between the 1st and the 2nd, Assos Nasrullah has
         had deadly, murderous visitors, and one of them is his oldest son.

         Meer Nasrullah (16), his friends, Mustafa Hasan (17), and Ameer Sabih (20),
         are in the home of Assos Nasrullah, Meer's father.
         Assos Nasrullah is brutally stabbed.  Once he's dead, the three murderers
         burglarize the house and Assos' vehicle.
                                     WELFARE CHECK REQUEST
         August 3 - Assos Nasrullah's ex-wife telephones police and asks for a welfare
                         check.She's concerned because Assos isn't answering his telephone.

                                     GRISLY DISCOVERY

Gerald Sydnor (Glendale Police Spokesman)
"When police entered the house at 51st and Orangewood avenues, they found
 Assos Nasrulla's body with multiple stab wounds."
The Medical Examiner's office determines that Assos Nasrullah had been stabbed
over 100 times.
During the intial phases of the investigation, police seek help of the public.
Subsequent investigation leads police investigators to question 16 year old Meer,
and his two friends Mustafa and Ameer.
Meer Nassrullah and Ameer Sabih reportedly confess to killing Assos
as well as stealing from his home, including from his car, to make it appear to
be the scene of a "burglary gone badly."
Meer Nasrullah (16), Mustafa Hasan (17), and Ameer Sabih (20) are indicted
First degree murder
Conspiracy to commit First Degree Murder

Conspiracy to commit burglary
Hindering prosecution
Tampering with physical evidence
Unlawful use of transportation.