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Nov 10 10 11:50 PM

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A "beautiful" person. That's how most describe Dawn Marie Tienhaara Hacheney.
Others deem her an "Angel" who never did a bad thing in her life.

Dawn was considered a bit "reserved" from a young age, but that might have
stemmed from her doing all she could to be her mother's "rock and support"
after her parents separated.

During school, Dawn competes in the Scripps National Spelling bee and meets
President Ronald Regean in the Rose Garden of the White House.

Dawn is also High School Valedicorian. She's smart, a pretty "girl next
door" type who has dreams of how her life should be. But Dawn's life,
will certainly not turn out how she thought, or wanted, it to be.

                                    AN ILL FATED MEETING
Dawn Tienhaara attended Northwest College of the Assemblies of God"
(aka Northwest Bible College) in Kirkland, Washington. That's where she
meets Nick Hacheney, who certainly isn't the best looking guy around.
He is overweight, with a receding hairline. Nick's attitude doesn't endear
him to other students, who deem him "brash, pushy, clueless, and a loser
who tries too hard." 

Nick could spin a good, and believeable story, at least to some women,
one of whom, is Dawn.


                                    MARRIED LIFE
1991 - April 20 - Dawn Tienhaara becomes Mrs. Dawn Hacheney.
                          Wedding Photo

Dawn is employed as a Loan Officer at the Kitsap Federal Credit Union, Silverdale,
Washington. She is the primary breadwinner in their household. Her life insurance
stands at $10,000.

Their family consists of two labradors, Hope and Faith. Although Dawn wants
children, Nick does not. In their household, whatever Nick wants, Nick gets.

Don Tienhaara (Dawn's father)
"I knew she wanted to be a mother, but I guess Nick had other ideas."

Those who know Dawn are appalled as well as surprised that she submerges
her needs or wants for Nick and for Nick's fundamentalist religious beliefs,
especially the tenent that she submit to her husband's sole authority.

Nick ignores Dawn's needs for whatever scheme he has going, or whatever
person he is "helping" or trying to impress.

Nick Hacheney becomes employed as a youth pastor for the Christ Community
Church on Bainbridge Island. For all of his life, Nick Hacheney and his family felt 
he was "called to do what God wanted" from an early age.

Nick Hacheney
"You have no idea what it is like to be handed over to God."

As he grew up, Nick's overweening belief in his calling increased. But so did
his lustful nature. Hacheney was outgoing, a hunter, a counselor, and ultimately
proven to be, a multiple philanderer.

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Nov 10 10 11:59 PM

                                   THE HOME
Nick and Dawn Hacheney move into a house built in 1942 which is in need of
serious updating. The house is Nick's choice. Dawn isn't thrilled by the house
or another move or the remodeling. The Hacheney's have lived in 3 different
houses in 3 years.

                                   THE CHURCH

The church Nick is employed by is a Penecostal Church, the Christ Community
Church, which was built by "Pastor Bob Smith, his wife Adele and their two
daughters. It was their dream and 100 families attend services there. The church
is associated with the Assemblies of God churches.

Robert Bily, wife Pamela and children become members. Bily is of the Apostolic
tenet of faith. At first he teaches children, working his way up to delivering sermons. 
Bily is seriously ambitious, as is his wife. Bily isn't known for empathy or sympathy
by their church members.

Nick Hacheney, as Youth Pastor. is also ambitious, but he has his own idea of
how to "serve God."

It is under Bily's stewardship that "deliverance counseling" is instituted. The
counseling is billed as "helping church members forge stronger relationships
with God" and a method for casting out demons.

The deliverance counseling over time becomes nothing more than a method to
delve out members' fears, secrets, hopes, as a way to control and discipline
church members.

It is also under his stewardship that "predictions" or "prophecies" are 
circulated among the inner circle of members, mostly those close to
the Bily's, Nick Hacheney, Pastor PB Smith and others. These "prophecies"
are revered as if sent directly  from God. The recipients could see whatever
they wished to see in the message and give it credence.

                                     CONTROVERSY IN THE CHURCH

1996 - Members begin leaving the church calling Robert Bily a "false prophet."
          Nick Hacheney isn't well liked either.

The original pastor, PB Smith defends both Bily and Hacheney. He is blinded
by knowledge and friendship of Hacheney since his childhood, and belief that
 Robert Bily is close to God.

                                   SPOUSAL NEGLECT

Dawn Hacheney is increasingly neglected by husband Nick. Nick is involved
in the jostling for position within the hierachy of the church, and pits one
pastor against another, and members against each other.

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Nov 11 10 12:00 AM

Nick Hacheney counsels married couples who are having difficulties.
Although at first Dawn is part of the counseling efforts she is shunted
aside by her husband Nick

Nick "counsels" the women more than the men, focusing on the couple's
intimate and private life. He makes inappropriate comments and advances.
Although he is unsuccessful with some of the women, others are vulnerable,
lonely, and Nick Hacheney takes full advantage of their insecurities.

Dawn is pressed into service and uncomplainingly babysits children of the
troubled couple while Nick "counsels."

Dawn loves the children.

For all his efforts with others, Nick refuses to acknowledge, recognize or
deal with his own marital issues.

Nick Hacheney
"I think when you go to heaven you can have sex with whoever you want."

Robert Bily
"Nick is spending too much time alone with these women. I agree, it is
improper. I'll handle it."

But he doesn't. It's impolitic and in his favor not to interfere.

                                   FINANCIAL DEBT

Nick Hacheney spends their (mostly his wife Dawn's) money, indiscriminately
on whatever his whim is at the time. He's generous to others, but not to his
wife. He pours money into purchasing land for a Christian Youth Camp he
intends to build. Their debt is increasing.

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Nov 11 10 12:00 AM

Nick Hacheney has already formed an intimate relationship with Sandy Glass,
a self proclaimed Prophetess and church secretary.

Sandy Glass
"He was the aggressor, he kissed me first." 

Sandy Glass is seduced by Nick Hacheney's charismatic patter and
sees what she wishes to see - herself and Nick Hacheney and her sons
together. This, despite the fact that both she and Hacheney are married to

Nick Hacheney
"Even if Sandy loved me like a woman loves a man, that would be all right in
His eyes because she might need it rightnow. It might help her really understand
the power of God's love for her."

Sandy Glass
"I got word, God will move me and my boys someplace beautiful and serene
and we'll all serve Him from there."

"God told me."
"Jimmy (my husband) is going to die."

Jimmy Glass isn't informed of this prophecy. And as time goes on, his wife
Sandy will whisper sad words of abuse, neglect to his family and others,
causing them to view Jimmy as the problem in their marriage. His young sons
are told that their father is going to die, and when they cry to their father, he is
quick to reassure them that he isn't going to die. But he wonders just what kind
of "prophesy" his wife has had and just what she's up to. Their relationship isn't
the best, but it deteriorates even further.

Sandy Glass
"God told me Dawn is going to die on December 18. He showed me that Nick
 and I will be together."

Sandy Glass claims that she and Nick spoke of how they'd spend the week after
Dawn died. They planned to spend Christmas with her sons.

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Nov 11 10 12:01 AM

1997 - There is a rift between the hierarchy of the church about the direction of
          the church, and of its association with the Assemblies of God churches.
          PB Smith is being shunted aside because he is "too old fashioned" and
          Robert Bily wants to further promote the apostolic vision he has for the

          Robert Bily becomes the senior pastor of the church.
           False Teachers - Robert Bily

                                       NICK HACHENEY

There are those who increasingly consider Nick Hacheney a "blowhard and
spotlight seeker." Unbeknownst to most in the church, Nick is not only
grooming two other women from the church, he continues making advances
to others.

He binds the two women closer to him, driving wedges in marriages, lying
and spinning lies to gain sympathy... knowingly using them, betraying their
trust, abusing his position, and their faith, to get what he wants.

To hear Nick tell it, the woman are all taking advantage of his "expertise."

Nick Hacheney
"I know I'm spending a lot of time with them. I'm doing what God has told me to
do. What I must do."  "God wants this. God wants this even if it looks wrong.
God is all powerful and He can do whatever He wants."

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Nov 11 10 12:01 AM

Dawn and Nick attend camp. But after camp is over, Dawn tells Sandy Glass
that she hasn't gotten to spend much time with husband Nick and she is upset
about it. 

Jimmy Glass
"It is a groupie-fest. The whole thing is a big freaking Nick groupie-fest."
                                   DIRE COUNSELING

Sandy and Jimmy Glass separate and Jimmy confides in Nick Hacheney.

Jimmy Glass
"Sandy doesn't want to be a wife to me. I don't know if I can live without her.
I don't know if i want to. I feel like jumping off the Tacoma Narrows Bridge."

Nick Hacheney
"You've got to do what you need to do."

                                      OUR NEW DAD

JImmy Glass' children are again upset, and one of them tells his dad
"Mom and Nick told us that after you die, he's going to be our new dad."
Jimmy reassures his son "I'm not dying."

JImmy Glass
I thought, What about Dawn?"

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#6 [url]

Nov 11 10 12:02 AM

Dawn Hacheney is growing deeply unhappy.

Nick is asked what is wrong with Dawn because she "seems down."

Nick Hacheney
"God's plan for her means she'll suffer. The misery she's experiencing right
now is just part of it. This is what God has ordained for her."

                                    WEDDING RINGS

Nick Hacheney obtains money from his and Dawn's accounts and he and
Sandy Glass purchase custom rings.

Sandy purchases a man's gold band with a braided rope (Celtic design) for Nick. 
Nick purchases a gold band with sword design and four small gemstones - a
diamond, a sapphire, an emerald and a ruby for Sandy.

It's their secret.

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Nov 11 10 12:03 AM


1997 - November 25 - Dawn and Nick spend time together on a drive down the
                                 Oregon coast for the holiday. They rent a motel room, have
                                 dinner out and do some Christmas shopping. Dawn purchases
                                 a flannel shirt as a gift for Nick.
                                    INCREASED LIFE INSURANCE
At the credit union where she works, Dawn Hacheney increases her life insurance
from $10,000 to $40,000.
                                      BABY SHOWERS

Dawn Hancheney attends a baby shower and during it two of the women notice
that Dawn seems on the verge of tears. Under their questioning, Dawn shares
her pain.

 Dawn Hacheney
"Things are not so good right now. I'm overwhelmed by everything. Our finances
are a mess. But mostly I'm worried about NIck. I don't think I make him happy.
He's never home. He's gone all the time. I don't know if he wants me anymore."

"I'm trying to be a better wife. I know I let myself go a little, but I'm dieting.
I'm going to lose this extra weight. I'm been taking walks, exercising, trying
to eat low cal. Keep the house cleaner. I'm trying to make him special dinners
you know, to show him that I love him.
"My life isn't what I thought it would be."

Dawn isn't overweight by any means, but her husband Nick is. He's been telling
everyone that Dawn is the breadwinner and that he does the houskeeping and
cooking. In reality, Dawn is doing it all.

The next day, one of the women expresses her concern for Dawn, to Nick.

Nick Hacheney
"I can't do anything about it. Dawn's sorrow is between her and God."


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#8 [url]

Nov 11 10 12:10 AM

                                    FURTHER PROPHECIES
1997 - December 19 - The December 18th date Dawn Hacheney is supposed
                                  to die comes and goes without incident.
Sandy Glass
"Don't do anything. You're being watched. Your hands are tied."

Of course, Sandy shared this prophecy with Nick Hacheney.
At church, Sandy "receives" another prophecy from God.
Sandy Glass
"Your hands are no longer tied." 
That prophesy too, was shared with her lover, Nick Hacheney.
                                     CHRISTMAS EVE & A PREMONITION?

1997 - December 24 - Dawn and Nick are at her family's home with gifts to
                                exchange. She and her brothers crush candy canes
                                for a cookie recipe.

Dawn tells her mother that the season got away from her this year. There was
still a lot to do, cookies to bake, fits to wrap and pass out.

Dawn and her father Don are sitting by the Christmas tree when she shares a
thought with him.

Dawn Hacheney
"You know something? If I were to die tomorrow, it would be all right. I know where
I'm going."

                                     CHRISTMAS DAY & NIGHT
1997 - December 25 -  Dawn and Nick met her family at the ferry. The crossing
                                   would take about an hour.

Nick Hancheney
"Dawn's fighting a cold. She took some medication and she's curled up in
the car trying to get some rest. She wants us to go up without her."

                                    Christmas night Dawn and Nick are present at PB and Adele
                                    Smith's home, staying until almost midnight. During the
                                    festivities, Nick arranges to go duck hunting at first light on
                                    Indian Island, in Jefferson County, with PB & Adele Smith's
                                    daughter Lindsey Smith and Phil Martini.

That night, Nick Hacheney overdoses Dawn with Benadryl. Cruelly, he holds a
plastic bag over Dawn's face, so that she can see him through the plastic and
know what he's doing to her.

Hacheney sets the stage for a space heater "accident" and stays up all night,
with her dead body lying in the bedroom.

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#9 [url]

Nov 11 10 12:11 AM

1997 - December 26 - Early morning darkness.

Phil Martini and Lindsey Smith meet Nick Hacheney at the Hood Canal Bridge
and follow his jeep to where they intended to hunt. Phil Martini separates from
Lindsey and Nick, taking his dog with him. None of them shoot a thing and decide
it's time to leave. They drive away from the hunting area.

                                      THE FIRE
1997 - December 26 - The day after Christmas, Bremerton, Washington.

7:13 A.M.
Jeff Richardson (Contractor) was picking up an employee, Tim Pitts.
As he gets out of his vehicle there is a noise of a window being sucked
in, accompanied by a sound of "whooshing" air, and black smoke pouring
from where the window had been.

The house across the street is on fire.

Amy Pitts telephone 911. So did other neighbors.

Jeff Richardson and Tim Pitts pounds on the door, attempting to rouse anyone
who might be inside. Pitts yelled "Hey! You're on fire!"  The next door neighbor
to the Hacheney's calls out "They're not home." But Pitts sees Dawn's vehicle
sitting in front.

Richardson kicks open the door and he and Pitts attempt to go farther into the
house to see if there was anyone home they could help. The flames, the smoke
and the heat defeat their efforts and they have to withdraw.

Neighbors gather, hoping the Hacheney's were away because of the holidays.
Some worry about the two labradors, hoping they also weren't in the blaze.

7:23 A.M.
Fire Dept. truck arrives along with an aid vehicle.

8:23 A.M.

The fire is out. Although it has damaged other parts of the house, the most
damage is centered in the master bedroom.

Firemen smell death. After entering the master bedroom, they find
the bed has been nearly "sucked into the floor."   In the midst of the rubble,
is a body, limbless. It is Dawn Hacheney.

In the bedroom is a space heater, a collection of mini propane containers close to
Dawn's side of the bed headboard. There is an "abundance of newspapers and
wrapping paper within the room.

9:00 A.M. -  Nick Hacheney, Phil Martini and Lindsey Smith arrive a little after
                  9:00 A.M. at Mitzel's American Kitchen Restaurant in Poulsbo,
                  Washington for breakfast.

After their orders arrive at the table, Nick Hacheney suddenly leaves, stating
"Dawn and I still haven't had time to open our Christmas presents."

9:27 A.M. - Nick Hacheney uses his Visa card to pay for breakfast.
                 He drives the 18 miles (25 minute drive) to his home.

10:00 A.M.
Nick Hacheney and his two labradors arrive home, ostensibly from a hunting trip.

10:15 A.M. - The Chief Deputy Coroner Jane Jermy, (Port Orchard, Kitsap County)
                   informs Nick of his wife's death. The Assistant Coroner escorts Nick
                   Hacheney to the back of a truck, where he sits, seemingly devastated.

Nick Hacheney
"Dawn had been ill and was taking Benadryl. She'd crawled out of bed at 2:00 A.M.
to take another dose. I wonder if she had no tolerance for it, she wasn't much of a
medicine taker."
"I left the house at 5:30 A.M."
Chief Deputy Coroner Jermy makes a note to have  the toxicologist screen Dawn
Hacheney's remains.

Nick Hacheney told investigators that the mini propane containers were "a Christmas
gift from Dawn, and that he used the space heater to heat his yurt in the back yard."

                                   INFORMING THE INLAWS

Nick Hacheney gets Robert Bilys to inform Dawn's family.

At first they are confused and think Dawn's death was a hunting or car accident,
but then come to realize Dawn died in a fire at her home. They are devastated.

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Nov 11 10 12:12 AM

Nick Hacheney phones Sandy Glass saying "I did it."
When she asks him what he means, he says "It's done."
News passes quickly on the prayer chain.

One person who thinks Nick Hacheney had something to do with Dawn's
death is Mary Glass, Jimmy Glass' mother.

Mary Glass
"Dawn's dead. He killed her."
"Notice how no dogs died."
Another was Debbie Glebach, she thought "This is murder."
"He got the dogs out of the house...before the fire."

Both husbands told their wives "if so, the cops will figure it out."

Later that morning a neighbor tells Nick that Tim Pitts and his boss Jeff
Richardson had risked their lives trying to save his wife, Dawn.
Tim Pitts overhears this and sees Nick Hacheney's response.
Nick shrugged his shoulders in reply.

                                    POLICE INTERVIEW & INVESTIGATION
December 26 - Noon - Scott Rappleye (Fire Dept.) Detective Dan Trudeau
                                   (Bremerton Police) meet with Nick Hacheney.

Hacheney hasn't changed from his hunting clothing. They inform him they
believe Dawn's death was an accident.

Detective Trudeau asks
"I need to ask as a matter of course so that I can close out this investigation.
You didn't kill your wife did you?

Nick Hacheney
"No, I did not."
He's asked about his and Dawn's activities the night before and that morning.
Nick Hacheney
Dawn was sick, we'd stayed up late and I had a hunting trip planned for
early morning. I left the house at 5:00 A.M."
"Hunting wasn't good, the weather wasn't good, so we gave up and
went to breakfast. I remembered I forgot something at home, so I
came back."
Safeco Insurance investigators, police investigators, friends, family, Nick told
them all "The heater was on, but there was nothing in front of it that I recall.
We were careful to push the papers from the presents the night before away
from the heater."

                                    ACCIDENTAL DEATH
Because the fire had been ruled accidental, no evidence is collected.
Very few photographs are in the file. The Pathologist rules
it was accidental and the Police and Fire Dept.'s believe the fire that
claimed Dawn's life was a flash fire that sealed her larynx, leaving her
lungs clear of smoke. The fire caused by the propane canisters exploding.
                                  THE MERRY WIDOWER
Holly Kloven's son is having a birthday. She's just heard of Dawn's demise and
phoning Nick, sympathetically, she asks how he's doing.

Nick Hacheney
"I'm okay. This turned out to be such a hard year. I'm sorry if this messes up
Stewart's birthday. But how are you?
Nick Hacheney plays at being the sympathetic figure, tragic and needy.
In reality, life goes on as usual for Nick Hacheney, juggling his time between
three women of the church, trying to take advantage of any opportunity for
advancement within the church, or with other women. He uses biblical
scriptures to justify his actions.

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#11 [url]

Nov 11 10 12:12 AM

Nick Hacheney refuses offers to conduct the eulogy for Dawn.
"It's something God wants me to do."
A friend of Dawn's
"He's acting like this is a wedding, not his wife's funeral."
A church member
"He lingered just a little too long on some of those kisses and hugs."

Nick was full of passion, pain and praise for Dawn and her passing.
He was also hypocritical and self centered in his words, making
it about him instead of solely about Dawn.

Dawn is interred and a private service held at the graveside, Cherry Grove
Memorial Park, Poulsbo, Washington.

                                    NO PAY OUT ON LIFE INSURANCE
Although Dawn had increased her life insurance, it wasn't due to go into effect
until January 1, 1998. Nick Hacheney wouldn't get the $40,000 life insurance

Nick's homeowner's insurance claim with Safeco Insurance isn't moving as fast
as he wishes. "Why are they questioning me about Dawn and what happened?"
Eventually Nick would received death benefits and house insurance checks
totalling all together $110,,286.95. As before, the money is spent like water
flowing through his hands.

                                   AS IF SHE NEVER EXISTED

Nick Hacheney doesn't mention Dawn anymore, not in emails or personal
conversation... unless a mention of her death will get him sympathy or
something else. "Dawn wanted this. Dawn wanted us together."

He elicits help from women of the church to sort out his finances, to deal
with the insurance and to document possessions he'd lost in the fire.

To add to his lustful repertoire, he begins trying to make inroads with Pastor
PB Smith's 19 year old daughter via email, even after she leaves to go to Africa.

                                   A NEW YEAR
1998 - January 4 -  Ron, a church member close to Nick asks Nick if he'd had
                            any idea that Dawn was going to die?

Nick Hacheney
"Well, I knew that something like this was going to happen. I didn't know how
or when or anything like that."

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#12 [url]

Nov 11 10 12:15 AM

1998 - January 11 - Tim and Amy Pitts see Nick Hacheney at the burned out
                              house and Tim takes the opportunity to express their
                              sympathy to Nick. They'd been good neighbors to each
                              other in the past.

Tim Pitts
"I'm sorry about your wife, you know, passing away."

Nick Hacheney stares at his neighbor and without a word walks to his jeep
and drives away.
Nick Hacheney shares information that no one but the investigators, both
police and insurance, with Sandy Glass.

 Dawn didn't have smoke in her lungs because "the propane canisters exploded."

But Sandy knew much, much more that Nick Hacheney had shared with her,
including his affairs with other women, all while he was having one with her.

                                   RECONSTRUCTION OF THE BURNED HOUSE

Nick Hacheney enlists Einar Kloven and Eric Kruse, church members, to
help reconstruct the burned out house so it can be sold.

Kloven observes Nick Hacheney pick up a framed portrait from the blackened
debris on the floor. Nick spins around and drops the portrait into the trash.
Hacheney then looks at Einar Kloven and grins.


1998 - May -  Nick Hacheney hasn't bothered to erect a gravestone over Dawn's
                    gravesite. In fact, even after years go by, he doesn't have one erected.

                     Nick Hacheney seduces Dawn's mother, Diana Tienhaara, who
                     isn't unwilling.

1998 - November - Like another of the women Nick's been juggling, Sandy Glass
                           is also beginning to fall apart, especially after receiving an
                           email from Nick. Nick had clearly chosen one of the women, and
                           it wasn't Sandy, nor Annette, but the third woman, Nicole.

Sandy Glass
"I don't think what I thought was going to happen is going to. What I wanted to
1999 - Sandy Glass, the clean, organized mother has let herself go. The condition
          of her home has deteriorated. Her children fend for themselves except for
          her youngest.

1999 -  December - Annette Anderson also has deteriorated. Her looks, her personality,
           her mental status and most especially, her marriage. Then one day she begins to
           understand how she'd been duped, conned and manipulated. She seeks counseling,
           not at her church through any of the feuding pastors, but through the Poulsbo Alpha    
           Counseling Services. There she unburdens her soul.

           The counselor is familiar with her tale, in fact, he's already counseling several
           other women from the same church who'd had the same experiences, with the
           same pastor... Nick Hacheney. Sandy Glass is also seeing the counselor.

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#13 [url]

Nov 11 10 12:17 AM

2000 - Early in the year - a young police officer attends the church. Pastor Robert
          Bily approaches him and fills him in about Dawn Hacheney's demise, the fire,
          and the feeling among some in the church that Nick Hacheney had committed

           Officer Jason Vertefeuille notifies his supervisor, assuming he'd received the
           note he'd left for him. He hadn't.

                                   THE THREAD THAT UNRAVELS... TO MURDER

2000 - May - Annette and her husband Craig decide to move away from Kitsap

Nick Hacheney assumes he'll still be able to continue to manipulate and use
Annette despite the move. Annette swiftly disabuses him of that notion.

2000 - July - Annette Anderson and her family move away.

                   She confides in a good friend of hers, Julie. Feeling freer in spirt
                   than she has in two years, she phones Sandy Glass and tells her
                   that she's confided in Julie.

2000 - August -  Sandy visits with Annette Anderson, and she confesses to Annette
                         that she too had been having an affair with Nick Hacheney, but her
                         affair began long before and continued after Dawn's death. Before
                         and during Nick's affairs with the other women.
Nick Hacheney
"We'd had sex only one time."                        

2001 - April - Annette Anderson is pregnant and still burdened with her secret.
                      She confesses to her husband Craig the awful truth about Nick
                      Hacheney, and how during the marital counseling he'd begun to
                      twist the scriptures, and how she'd had sex with him, not only
                      her, but Sandy Glass.

Craig Anderson, shocked and upset, decides he'll report Nick Hacheney to
Pastor PB Smith and the church council.

Annette phones Sandy and tells her she'd confessed all to her husband.

Once Sandy realizes that the genie is out of the bottle, she in turn confesses
her affair, and what Nick Hacheney had confessed to her, to a close friend Scott
Nickell, who urges her to speak to police and hire a lawyer. He also asks her
"Did you have a part in Dawn's murder?"
Sandy Glass
"No. I was at home with the boys. I'd already felt that "God has released me" from
being with Nick. The appointed time of the prophecy for Dawn's death had come
and gone."
"I had a hand in the relationship too. I thought he loved me. I thought I loved him."

"He looked into her eyes. He stayed up all night with her after he killed her."

"I kept his secret out of fear. I was afraid, (to report it) I didn't know if I had a
part in this."
Nick Hacheney
 "Do you know what you've done?  Do you know how many people this is
going to hurt? Do you think God would want you to do this?

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#14 [url]

Nov 11 10 12:21 AM

2001 - April 10 - Sandy Glass and her attorney have a meeting with
prosecutors. For her testimony, she would receive immunity from

Nick Hacheney relationship with "Nicole" is in jeopardy. His vague denials
and apologies aren't satisfying her.

Nick Hacheney
"The specifics aren't important. I'm said I was sorry."

                                  HOMICIDE INVESTIGATION

Throughout 2001 the police dept. conducted an investigation, centering around
Nick Hacheney.

Annette Anderson remembers Dawn Hacheney's pourse. He'd wanted to toss
it into the trash, but gave it to her after Dawn's death.


2001 - September 12 -  Nick Hacheney is arrested for First Degree Murder.


"Nick Hacheney committed the murder in order to free himself to be with
other women."

Nick Hacheney
"I did not murder Dawn. There are a lot of things I regret, that I wish I could
take back and undo. I'm sorry for the pain of going through this trial and losing
your daughter. Dawn was kind and beautiful and true. She deserved better than
me. I loved her with all my heart."

Don Tienhaara (Dawn's father)  yelled,
"Then why didn't you even buy a headstone for her?!"

Daric Tienhaara (Dawn's brother)
"You don't know when to give up!"

Judge Laurie "Mr. Tienhaara ..."

Don Tienhaara
"He didn't even buy a headstone, your honor."
2002 - December 26 - Five years to the day of Dawn Hacheney's death,
                                  Nick Hacheney is convicted by a jury.

Sandy Glass, Annette Anderson and many others testify against Hacheney.
He does not testify on his own behalf.

The jury found that Hacheney should receive an "aggravated" sentence because
of the second felony, arson,  for burning the home down.

                        Life in prison without possibility of parole.

2006 - Nicole  and Nick Hacheney are married in prison.

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Nov 11 10 12:22 AM

2007 - Washington Supreme Court strikes down the aggravated stipulation of his
          conviction.    State v. Nicholas Daniel Hacheney


2008 - May 30 -  Nick Hacheney (37) receives a 26-year, eight-month sentence
                         for the murder of Dawn Tienhaara Hacheney.

The  jury concludes Nick Hacheney strangled Dawn with a plastic bag before
setting their East Bremerton home on fire.

Mark Yelish (Attorney for Nick Hacheney)
"Nick Hacheney has been a "model inmate" while behind bars.
We ask the court for a lower end sentence."

 Superior Court Judge Anna M. Laurie (Kitsap County
"I used my "discretion" in sentencing based on "what the jury found.
That Mr. Hacheney killed his wife."
                                   VICTIIM'S IMPACT STATEMENT\
Dennis Tienhaara (Dawn's oldest brother)
"Nick Hacheney's now "inadequate" sentence "sends a dangerous message
to criminals in our state. It also sends a "pathetic message that our courts
no longer value human life. Where is the justice in enabling a cold-hearted,
emotionless killer to live out more years in freedom than the years that we
were blessed to share with Dawn?"

Nick Hacheney is eligible for parole in 2025.

Nick Hacheney is incarcerated in the State Prison, Monroe, Washington

                            A GRAVESTONE FOR DAWN
A victim's rights organization provided the money for a gravestone marker
for Dawn Hacheney's gravesite.
Nick Hacheney continues to protest his innocence.
"I will never confess to something I did not do. As God is my witness,
I am not guilty of this crime."
2009 - Gregg Olsen, a Washington author, writes a book about the case.

           A Twisted Faith "A Minister's obsession and the murder that destroyed
                                      a church."
          To learn much, more about Dawn, Nick Hacheney, the church and
          events leading up to, and after,  Dawn's death:

           A Twisted Faith Gregg Olsen and Crimerant   where Gregg Olsen & others
           involved in the case answer questions.
Information for this entry - A Twisted Faith, as well as local media articles chronicling
Nick Hacheney's trial.

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Nov 14 10 9:27 PM

correction: Dawn's parents did not divorce until after her death.


Thank you for the correction.

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